October 25, 2010 Paul and Andrea

As Andrea slipped into her dress, she shared the story of how she knew it was “the” dress.

Like many, it was the first dressed she had tried on. The Pronovias dress was elegant, timeless and gorgeous. But…. to make sure she tried on lots of other dresses. One day while dress shopping again, she went back to the first dress. The one she had fallen in love with at first glance. In the dress shop the radio had been playing the usual pop music in the background. As Andrea slipped into this dress and stepped up on the platform to admire herself in the mirror the radio played a new song. Not another pop song this time but the beautiful “Ava Maria”. Her Grandma’s favourite song. It was like a confirmation and a blessing from Grandma watching her granddaughter.

It was definitely “the” dress for her. Grandma said so.

andrea Paul and Andrea

Let’s start at the beginning of the day…

I love hands – they tell such stories. They can show stress, nervousness, love, joy… I thought these two images of both Paul and Andrea’s hands prior to the ceremony spoke volumes.

IMG 8468 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8515 Paul and Andrea

Andrea had gorgeous details for her day – I have to share some of them!

Loved her “something blue”….

sIMG 8536 Paul and Andrea

And her “something borrowed” (Grandma’s diamond watch) and “something old” (a hankie made from her Christening gown)

lIMG 6858 Paul and Andrea

Her flowers from “My Bouquet” were absolutely gorgeous! I loved the bouquet locket too! One of her many great finds on etsy!

hContactSheet 001 1 Paul and Andrea

Andrea’s mom and her best friend both had daughters just months apart. Now these two are best friends – and were each others maid of honour! Here are the four of them getting Andrea ready – such a special bond!

IMG 8588 Paul and Andrea

Mom watching Andrea with the finishing touches. Always such an emotional day for parents!

IMG 8489 Paul and Andrea

The finished look…. stunning!

ContactSheet 001 55 Paul and Andrea

Andrea hadn’t showed her dad her dress… so it was a special moment when he saw his girl all ready to go!

IMG 8505 Paul and Andrea

I love old churches – and St. Paul’s United Church in Dundas was beautiful.

IMG 8660 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8671 Paul and Andrea

ContactSheet 002 32 Paul and Andrea

Well – maybe it wasn’t as exciting to some…. ha ha. Always such a long day for flower girls!

IMG 8641 Paul and Andrea

I love this moment in the ceremony – always such a joyous walk!

IMG 8725 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8728 Paul and Andrea

As they reached the back of the church – we discovered it was raining. No pouring! Andrea was laid back and we had some fun around the church while we waited for it to clear…

IMG 8765 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8775 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8746 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8749 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8738 Paul and Andrea

While the ringbearer and flowergirls also relaxed inside…

IMG 7027 Paul and Andrea

Then Andrea and Paul agreed they didn’t mind a little rain – so we went out and wandered around Dundas a bit!

IMG 8846 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8806 1 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8800 Paul and Andrea

jContactSheet 001 2 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8798 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8803 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8835 2 Paul and Andrea

And did we mention the cute shoes? Love.

IMG 8842 Paul and Andrea

Then it was on to the Hamilton Golf and Country Club – and the decor by Simply Beautiful Decor was exquisite!

Glidewell Press did a beautiful job on all the yummy paper goods – the menu, place cards, and cards throughout the venue were all beautifully done! The labels on the jam (made by Andrea’s mom!) were adorable and from GersonCurse on etsy. And I loved the idea of the luminaries from IlLUMIEnate for table numbers – just lovely!

eContactSheet 001 3 Paul and Andrea

hjContactSheet 001 Paul and Andrea

The first dance was just beautiful – loved how they looked at each other!

IMG 9128 Paul and Andrea

IMG 9123 Paul and Andrea

ContactSheet 004 16 Paul and Andrea

And sometimes it’s hard to choose just one cake isn’t it? How about a whole table of cakes from Criveller Cakes! Yum!!

2c13aac3 Paul and Andrea

Stay tuned for the slideshow later this week!

Paul and Andrea – thank you for letting me be a part of your Big Day! Hope you are having an amazing time in Portugal and France!

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Paul and Andrea”

  1. Bill Eluchok says:

    Superb photography, creatively set! We’ve come a long way since the line-’em-up-against-the-wall days. What bride and groom couldn’t be pleased with your efforts? Congratulations.

  2. The Ottawa Tuttle's says:

    Wow, great pictures to follow a wonderful wedding. It was trully special to be a part of this day with you two.

  3. The Wicketts says:

    The pictures are just gorgeous and as mentioned above, they brought back some special memories of a fantastic wedding. Thank you for having the girls apart of your day. And we are all so happy for you both.

  4. Just viewing the photos, it brings back the wonderful day and night we spent with you both on the most special day of your lives! Thank you for including us, we were made to feel special from start to finish! You two are the epitomy of two people in love! Never lose that look or feeling!
    Congratulations! Waiting for the photos of the honeymoon!

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