October 31, 2010 Baby Desmond

It is always fun to document a family through their life’s moments. So to come back and visit with Andrew, Marnie and Violet as they introduced me to 9 day old baby Desmond was a real treat!

When I got there I found Violet playing with her toy baby that looked so real I thought it was Desmond… and Echo standing guard. Such a sweet everyday moment.

IMG 9045 Baby Desmond

Violet just love’s Des…. you’ll see she does need the occasional reminder about how much love is too much for a newborn….

IMG 9337 Baby Desmond

IMG 9328 Baby Desmond

All three of the kids – Violet, Des and Echo.

IMG 9319 Baby Desmond

Lots of love between Echo and Violet…..

ContactSheet 001a 20 Baby Desmond

IMG 9324 Baby Desmond

IMG 9351 1 Baby Desmond

I think Des look like a little woodland creature – so sweet!

IMG 9112 Baby Desmond

IMG 9115 Baby Desmond

IMG 9113 Baby Desmond

IMG 9086 Baby Desmond

Someone else also thought he looked sweet….

IMG 9104 Baby Desmond

IMG 9103 Baby Desmond

IMG 9102 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9106 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9122 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9121 1 Baby Desmond

Violet and Echo we saw love each other. Des and Echo… still have some bonding to do.

IMG 9134 Baby Desmond

I think Des is saying here “I thought someone said something about Brad and Angelina… you mean YOU’RE my parents?”

IMG 9159 Baby Desmond

Marnie made this great teepee for Violet – I think I may have to make one for my girls!

IMG 9353 Baby Desmond

ContactSheet 001 58 Baby Desmond

Two kids in diapers – adorable!

IMG 9369 Baby Desmond

IMG 9371 Baby Desmond

IMG 9372 Baby Desmond

Desmond – you are an absolute doll!

IMG 9390 Baby Desmond

We ended with a favourite shot from Violet’s baby photos….

IMG 9392 1 Baby Desmond

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Jodi Klassen says:

    love this last shot Krista. Gorgeous.

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