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October 31, 2010 Baby Desmond

It is always fun to document a family through their life’s moments. So to come back and visit with Andrew, Marnie and Violet as they introduced me to 9 day old baby Desmond was a real treat!

When I got there I found Violet playing with her toy baby that looked so real I thought it was Desmond… and Echo standing guard. Such a sweet everyday moment.

IMG 9045 Baby Desmond

Violet just love’s Des…. you’ll see she does need the occasional reminder about how much love is too much for a newborn….

IMG 9337 Baby Desmond

IMG 9328 Baby Desmond

All three of the kids – Violet, Des and Echo.

IMG 9319 Baby Desmond

Lots of love between Echo and Violet…..

ContactSheet 001a 20 Baby Desmond

IMG 9324 Baby Desmond

IMG 9351 1 Baby Desmond

I think Des look like a little woodland creature – so sweet!

IMG 9112 Baby Desmond

IMG 9115 Baby Desmond

IMG 9113 Baby Desmond

IMG 9086 Baby Desmond

Someone else also thought he looked sweet….

IMG 9104 Baby Desmond

IMG 9103 Baby Desmond

IMG 9102 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9106 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9122 1 Baby Desmond

IMG 9121 1 Baby Desmond

Violet and Echo we saw love each other. Des and Echo… still have some bonding to do.

IMG 9134 Baby Desmond

I think Des is saying here “I thought someone said something about Brad and Angelina… you mean YOU’RE my parents?”

IMG 9159 Baby Desmond

Marnie made this great teepee for Violet – I think I may have to make one for my girls!

IMG 9353 Baby Desmond

ContactSheet 001 58 Baby Desmond

Two kids in diapers – adorable!

IMG 9369 Baby Desmond

IMG 9371 Baby Desmond

IMG 9372 Baby Desmond

Desmond – you are an absolute doll!

IMG 9390 Baby Desmond

We ended with a favourite shot from Violet’s baby photos….

IMG 9392 1 Baby Desmond

Celebrating life and love,


October 31, 2010 Happy Halloween!

A happy Halloween to all of you! Hope you all had a fun night out celebrating good times and candy… mmmm… candy.

ContactSheet 002 33 Happy Halloween!

ContactSheet 001 56 Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


October 29, 2010 Josh, Meg and baby

Josh and Meg I’ve known for years – but being a few years younger than me I’ve never spent a lot of time with them. So, it was a treat to hang out one morning last week and document this new phase in their life. They are so sweet – and I loved seeing Meg’s beautiful belly as they await their first baby! This little guy is sure going to be loved – can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks!

The fall colours were just perfect!

IMG 7817 Josh, Meg and baby

ContactSheet 001r 2 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8341 Josh, Meg and baby

ContactSheet 001t Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8371 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7859 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7861 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7819 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8353 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8349 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8350 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7840 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8318 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7922 Josh, Meg and baby

ContactSheet 001a 19 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 8434 Josh, Meg and baby

We went down by the water and it was so calm. What a beautiful morning!

IMG 8404 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7906 Josh, Meg and baby

Caught Josh watching Meg….

IMG 7882 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7879 Josh, Meg and baby

IMG 7897 Josh, Meg and baby

ContactSheet 001 57 Josh, Meg and baby

Meg – you look so beautiful! You two will make great parents!

Celebrating life and love,


October 25, 2010 Paul and Andrea

As Andrea slipped into her dress, she shared the story of how she knew it was “the” dress.

Like many, it was the first dressed she had tried on. The Pronovias dress was elegant, timeless and gorgeous. But…. to make sure she tried on lots of other dresses. One day while dress shopping again, she went back to the first dress. The one she had fallen in love with at first glance. In the dress shop the radio had been playing the usual pop music in the background. As Andrea slipped into this dress and stepped up on the platform to admire herself in the mirror the radio played a new song. Not another pop song this time but the beautiful “Ava Maria”. Her Grandma’s favourite song. It was like a confirmation and a blessing from Grandma watching her granddaughter.

It was definitely “the” dress for her. Grandma said so.

andrea Paul and Andrea

Let’s start at the beginning of the day…

I love hands – they tell such stories. They can show stress, nervousness, love, joy… I thought these two images of both Paul and Andrea’s hands prior to the ceremony spoke volumes.

IMG 8468 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8515 Paul and Andrea

Andrea had gorgeous details for her day – I have to share some of them!

Loved her “something blue”….

sIMG 8536 Paul and Andrea

And her “something borrowed” (Grandma’s diamond watch) and “something old” (a hankie made from her Christening gown)

lIMG 6858 Paul and Andrea

Her flowers from “My Bouquet” were absolutely gorgeous! I loved the bouquet locket too! One of her many great finds on etsy!

hContactSheet 001 1 Paul and Andrea

Andrea’s mom and her best friend both had daughters just months apart. Now these two are best friends – and were each others maid of honour! Here are the four of them getting Andrea ready – such a special bond!

IMG 8588 Paul and Andrea

Mom watching Andrea with the finishing touches. Always such an emotional day for parents!

IMG 8489 Paul and Andrea

The finished look…. stunning!

ContactSheet 001 55 Paul and Andrea

Andrea hadn’t showed her dad her dress… so it was a special moment when he saw his girl all ready to go!

IMG 8505 Paul and Andrea

I love old churches – and St. Paul’s United Church in Dundas was beautiful.

IMG 8660 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8671 Paul and Andrea

ContactSheet 002 32 Paul and Andrea

Well – maybe it wasn’t as exciting to some…. ha ha. Always such a long day for flower girls!

IMG 8641 Paul and Andrea

I love this moment in the ceremony – always such a joyous walk!

IMG 8725 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8728 Paul and Andrea

As they reached the back of the church – we discovered it was raining. No pouring! Andrea was laid back and we had some fun around the church while we waited for it to clear…

IMG 8765 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8775 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8746 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8749 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8738 Paul and Andrea

While the ringbearer and flowergirls also relaxed inside…

IMG 7027 Paul and Andrea

Then Andrea and Paul agreed they didn’t mind a little rain – so we went out and wandered around Dundas a bit!

IMG 8846 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8806 1 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8800 Paul and Andrea

jContactSheet 001 2 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8798 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8803 Paul and Andrea

IMG 8835 2 Paul and Andrea

And did we mention the cute shoes? Love.

IMG 8842 Paul and Andrea

Then it was on to the Hamilton Golf and Country Club – and the decor by Simply Beautiful Decor was exquisite!

Glidewell Press did a beautiful job on all the yummy paper goods – the menu, place cards, and cards throughout the venue were all beautifully done! The labels on the jam (made by Andrea’s mom!) were adorable and from GersonCurse on etsy. And I loved the idea of the luminaries from IlLUMIEnate for table numbers – just lovely!

eContactSheet 001 3 Paul and Andrea

hjContactSheet 001 Paul and Andrea

The first dance was just beautiful – loved how they looked at each other!

IMG 9128 Paul and Andrea

IMG 9123 Paul and Andrea

ContactSheet 004 16 Paul and Andrea

And sometimes it’s hard to choose just one cake isn’t it? How about a whole table of cakes from Criveller Cakes! Yum!!

2c13aac3 Paul and Andrea

Stay tuned for the slideshow later this week!

Paul and Andrea – thank you for letting me be a part of your Big Day! Hope you are having an amazing time in Portugal and France!

Celebrating life and love,


October 23, 2010 Imagine – Two looks

For this week’s Imagine post… I want to focus on indecision. Really… you have one day to glow as a bride – how do you narrow down your attire and look to just one choice? When I got married wayyyyy back in the 90′s everything was big puff sleeves, lace, beading, and tacky. Basically I went to my dressmaker and said “I want a dress with no beading and no lace.” Done. There wasn’t a lot of choice then – it was big puffed sleeves, or bigger puffed sleeves. Sigh.

But now…. the choices are endless!

What I propose is… two looks. Either two completely different dresses – or if that seems ridiculous to you – two looks.

Let me explain.

Let me introduce you to one of my new loves. Short wedding dresses. They just scream confidence! I absolutely love them. But….

I know, I know… your mom will freak if you wear a short dress. You’re not sure what your groom will say. You’re not sure what YOU think. Here’s my two cents… one of my favourite things is a two dress bride. Wear a long, gorgeous formal gown to the ceremony and portraits and then…. slip into something you can dance in! The reception is about the party… make a grand entrance in something completely different! Your wedding is your one chance to wear something completely different than you’ll ever wear again – so how can we possibly settle on just one look? A short dress is fun and party-like… which might not be the feel you want for your whole day (but adorable if you do!) but makes a great reception dress. Let me show….

This is what I would pick. Fun and adorable – and something that would be a treat to wear still! I don’t want to blend in as a guest after all!

4855 113302432183 520987183 3204080 565527 n Imagine   Two looks

Or this

297 Imagine   Two looks

Some more fun choices….

4855 113298717183 520987183 3204018 431493 n Imagine   Two looks

Picture9 Imagine   Two looks

Picture10 Imagine   Two looks

And some dresses are specifically designed to convert from long to short – warning… some are extremely tacky. Here’s a couple I thought were sweet though….

david tutera for faviana 1 Imagine   Two looks

I really love this option below – two totally different looks… one dress. So fun!

martina liana Imagine   Two looks

But – if changing your dress isn’t in the books for you – it’s also fun to change your accessories! Some fun ways to do so are…

Little jackets or sweaters for over your dress (your bridesmaids could wear them too! Make a great bridesmaid gift…). I ALWAYS come back to this designer on Etsy… love these!

il 570xN77177215 Imagine   Two looks

il 570xN165588773 Imagine   Two looks

The lace is so pretty….

lacey bridal bolero 2 Imagine   Two looks

And I love this dainty little cardigan option!

bolero kurt iswarieko brides2 Imagine   Two looks

Another trend I love is the bridal sashes – fun way to tie in your colours of your day! You (and again – bridesmaids could do this also!) can quickly tie one on before entering the reception.

il 570xN177576789 Imagine   Two looks

il 570xN165770174 Imagine   Two looks

ossai sash Imagine   Two looks

Maybe you love the bold, fun birdcage veils, feathers and hairpieces that are in style now… but aren’t ready to commit to that for the entire day. Try on one of these beauties for the reception!

il 570xN62880298 Imagine   Two looks

il 570xN172351785 Imagine   Two looks

il 570xN177982563 Imagine   Two looks

Or again – tie in your wedding colours! Also can clip the flower on your dress… or have the bride clip one in her hair and bridesmaids on their dresses….

il 570xN153094878 Imagine   Two looks

Or maybe change from Grandma’s heirloom pearls – to a show-stopping one of a kind necklace!

il 570xN180233006 Imagine   Two looks

il 570xN153753500 Imagine   Two looks

And don’t forget your boy! Maybe he can lose the suit jacket and go with a vest or suspenders instead at the reception. Or change his tie to a fun bowtie. Dress shoes for Chucks.

il 570xN184367995 Imagine   Two looks

Whatever it is you do… have fun, and express yourself! You want to feel beautiful on your wedding. My good friend Monica tells the story of just before I was to walk down the aisle, Monica as one of my bridesmaids looked at me and said “I’ve never seen you look more beautiful.” To which I replied (with the little tact I have) “Well I hope not!” And taht’s just it… you want to feel beautiful on your day… because it’s just that. Your Day! Have some fun with it!

What other ways can one change up their look from ceremony to reception? Did you do this at your wedding or have you seen it done?

Celebrating life and love,


October 22, 2010 Goal Setting

In my family, I am the youngest of three. My brother is four years older and my sister is six years older. I could never understand why I couldn’t do the same things and have the same responsibilities as they did – at the same time. The concept of an age difference never registered with me.

Fast forward a few years… to Eden. She gets so frustrated if she can’t read the same books, and do the same math problems as Madi is doing in school. She wants to go to the same birthday parties as Madi and do everything she does.

Like losing teeth.

Madi has lost her teeth and got her new ones… and still Eden waits. And waits. And waits. Eden has started to be the one to put Madi’s tooth under her pillow and check for the letter from the tooth fairy for Madi. She gets more excited than Madi.

After months and months of waiting – she got her first wiggly tooth. She has been wiggling and wiggling it. We’ve been giving her apples and carrots to eat. Wednesday night at supper her tooth was barely hanging on…. so we all wrote down bets on when it would come out.

Eden voted for Thursday at school. Guess who pulled their tooth out… Thursday at school? Yep. You know what they say – state your goal if you want to achieve it. Go Eden!

Eden came off the bus with the biggest smirk and couldn’t wait to unbutton her coat to reveal her necklace! If they lose a tooth at school they get a necklace that holds their tooth. Which is why Eden REALLY wanted to lose it at school.

ContactSheet 001 54 Goal Setting

She was so, so, so excited!

ContactSheet 001a 18 Goal Setting

My BIG girl!

IMG 8249 Goal Setting

I just love these mini-celebrations in the kid’s lives. Eden really wanted a party. With kids, a pinata and a pool. We settled on playing Wii after supper instead. And by playing Wii – I mean Eden made countless “Mii”s. That’s how she chose to celebrate her big moment.

Celebrating life and love,


October 21, 2010 Living love.

Last week, a young girl in our church – just days away from her 15th birthday committed suicide. Although I didn’t personally know Kristina, this hit us all hard. And I have been thinking about it since I heard the news… and I had to share my thoughts. My thoughts can be summed up as such:


Active and intentional love.

If I have learned anything through this crisis, this is it. This is what I am being challenged with in my daily life. Each person I come in contact with is just that – a person. A person that needs love, encouragement and to be built up. I am guilty of becoming so busy and self-absorbed I forget to intentionally “be” with the people around me – be it in person, online or on the phone.

I may not know who is hurting – so why not love recklessly? Spread cheer, joy and encouragement lavishly.

I want to be a person of Love.

Although this post started on a tragic note – my prayer is you read and are encouraged to live a life of love. That you read this and are encouraged. Be it a random act of kindness, an encouraging word, a hug, a listening ear… may I encourage you (and me!) to love wildly today.

I saw this video awhile back at our old church… I love it. I love watching the diversity of the respondents. As I watch I wonder when some of them were hugged last. Why not give a free hug today.

Celebrating LIFE and LOVE!!!


October 21, 2010 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Jon and Jenn had completely won me over at their engagement shoot. If you haven’t seen these images – you should look HERE. Every corner held new significance, a story, and meaning. I’m a sap for this. So for their wedding story – I am going to re-tell one I told in their engagement blog because I loved it so much.

During their engagement session…. “I asked Jon and Jen to sit on these oak leaves. I heard one of them mention “Oak leaves! Perfect!” And when I asked why and heard their story, I couldn’t agree more. Perfect setting.

Jon’s dad passed away a few years ago. While sick, he was telling Jon one day how proud he was of who Jon had become. Jon worried he wasn’t there yet… so much growth still to do in life. (Don’t we all feel the same?) Jon’s dad shared how an Oak tree takes years, and years, and years to reach it’s full potential. The same is true with Jon he reminded him. Love this message. So, to include Jon’s dad in the wedding they are using Oak leaves throughout their Fall celebration.”

As you’ll see in the details of the wedding in the slideshow – their was an oak theme throughout the whole day – the “thank you tags” were oak shaped, so were the cookies inside the boxes. The programs had oak leaves. The back of the table numbers had a poem on the Oak Tree. And so on. And of course when we stopped to take photos in the woods – they were surrounded by Oak leaves.

jj2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Let’s start at the beginning….

Jenn has an incredible infectious smile – that didn’t leave her face the entire day. So beautiful!

IMG 6408 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6156 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

I love the timeless feel to this big mirror and stool here.

IMG 6411 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6425 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6390 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Jon was SO nervous… but I think one look at his beautiful bride calmed him down. Loved how Jon met Jenn in the aisle to walk in together.

ContactSheet 001 53 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Sarnia’s Riding Club is a gorgeous setting for a wedding!

IMG 6536 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6540 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6353 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Man and wife! Always such an exciting walk….

IMG 6550 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

The Riding Club offered so much beauty for photos – the big ivy covered wall, the beach, the hammock… love it!

IMG 6566 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6577 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6637 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6656 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6656 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

Louise from Exquisitely Designed did such a great job with all the flowers and decor!

IMG 6664 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6657 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

We went for a short drive and found some beautiful spots!

Jon and Jenn had gotten to know each other over playing cards. At the engagement shoot, Jenn had used playing cards to create a banner that said “Almost Married” – so now it was time to change it to “Just Married”!

IMG 6778 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

These two are just so sweet together!

IMG 6851 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6750 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6771 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

And then it was back for the reception – loved all Jenn’s fun Fall details!

I1 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

ContactSheet 001 52 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

ContactSheet 001w 2 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 6483 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

I always get a bit choked up when the bride and groom enter the reception – always such joy and emotion!

IMG 6783 1 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

A beautiful first dance!

IMG 6999 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

IMG 7100 Jon and Jenn's Wedding

And now – please, enjoy the Slideshow!

Jon and Jenn – thank you for letting me be a part of your Big Day!

Celebrating life and love,


October 18, 2010 Jon and Jen

I know a few of you are waiting anxiously for Jon and Jen’s photos…. they’re coming!! Here’s one more to enjoy for the time being….

IMG 6463 1 Jon and Jen

Celebrating life and love,


October 17, 2010 Jon and Jen

Yesterday was an amazing day for Jon and Jen’s wedding and I can’t wait to share! However – I’m headed into Toronto today for another wedding… so for now I will leave you with a couple to tease you until you can come back for more on Monday!

IMG 6691 2 Jon and Jen

IMG 6858 Jon and Jen

IMG 6806 Jon and Jen

celebrating life and love,