September 26, 2010 Chris and Christa

As a mother, I try to raise my daughters with long term goals in mind… I want to raise them to be confident, kind, loving women. A bonus would be if we can also stay close as they mature. There are days when they say “I don’t like you!” and I simply reply, “Okay, you don’t like me. I still love you and you still have to clean your room. (or whatever the frustration of the moment is with them)” And I know it’s true – I’ll always love them. Always.

When I met with Chris and Christa a couple weeks ago to go over their final timelines and details, I asked who was in the wedding party. Christa told me her mother, Kathy, was her maid of honour. I got a bit choked up right there.

As a mother, to be chosen by your daughter as a friend – not only your mother… is a beautiful gift. To not only be loved, but to be liked. Such an honour. I watched Kathy as she quietly laced up Christa’s dress, helped her prepare, and celebrated with her as both mother and friend. I am reminded there were probably days when as a young girl. Christa also declared she did not like her mom… but Kathy continued to love her… and love her… and love her.

This is a capture Carolynn got as Christa and Kathy went to meet Chris for the “first look”. Completely in sync with each other. Celebrating and supporting. I love it!

cc Chris and Christa

Let’s start chronologically here though….

CHrista had so many great little details… like her hanger with her new name “Mrs. Wilkin”. So cute!

IMG 2569 Chris and Christa

And her cute sweatshirt she made herself…

ContactSheet 001a 15 Chris and Christa

Christa is so beautiful!

IMG 3289 Chris and Christa

ContactSheet 001 43 Chris and Christa

IMG 3323 Chris and Christa

IMG 3353a 1 Chris and Christa

We then headed over to McMaster where Chris and Christa were both students, Christa has worked at and is now doing her PhD at. Lots of memories! We started with the “first look” where Chris and Christa would see each other for the first time. The wedding party all lined up and watched – so much fun! I love this photo as Christa makes her way over to meet Chris… as she’s at a fork in her life and heading down a new path right now.

IMG 2641 Chris and Christa

This next set from the first look… just watch the emotions and reactions!

IMG 3385 Chris and Christa

IMG 0239 Chris and Christa

IMG 2655 Chris and Christa

IMG 3396 Chris and Christa

IMG 2659 Chris and Christa

IMG 3411 Chris and Christa

IMG 3425 Chris and Christa

IMG 3420 Chris and Christa

The beauty of the “first look” is we had lots of time to do photos before the ceremony! And it was such a gorgeous day – crisp Fall day with a bit of wind and overcast skies with just the occasional pop of sun. Perfect!

It was Homecoming weekend at Mac so there were a lot of students around as the football game let out. They were so sweet – yelling out “congratulations” and kind words. A couple of them even lent us their bike…

IMG 3451 Chris and Christa

The weather was perfect for photos!

IMG 2735 Chris and Christa

IMG 2738 Chris and Christa

IMG 2755 1 Chris and Christa

IMG 2764 Chris and Christa

IMG 2856 Chris and Christa

IMG 2906 Chris and Christa

IMG 0307 Chris and Christa

IMG 0288 Chris and Christa

IMG 2933 Chris and Christa

IMG 2950 Chris and Christa

These were the last photos before the ceremony. Chris and Christa were far enough away that we told them if they spoke quietly to each other we couldn’t hear them… and to tae these moments before the ceremony to enjoy. What a great way to head into the ceremony – having been able to be speak into each other’s heart moments before “show time”.

IMG 2957 Chris and Christa

Loved all the Fall colours!

IMG 3591 Chris and Christa

McMaster Faculty Club is a beautiful spot for a wedding with a few different beautiful rooms for ceremony, reception, cocktails… a great venue!

IMG 3103 Chris and Christa

Chris and Christa are avid “Ultimate Frisbee” players – and they surprised everyone by incorporating a bit of their shared love into their vows! So fun!

IMG 3074 Chris and Christa

IMG 3075 Chris and Christa

IMG 3078 Chris and Christa

The beaming happy couple!

IMG 3545 Chris and Christa

Congratulations Chris and Christa… your slideshow will be up shortly! Enjoy your backpacking trip across Europe!

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Christa Wilkin says:

    Thank you so very much Krista. You and Carolynn did a fantastic job and you were such a pleasure to work with. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures :)!

    Chris and Christa

  2. Cathy Wilkinson says:

    You have done a FABULOUS job Krista. GREAT photography. You really captured the moments.

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