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September 26, 2010 Chris and Christa

As a mother, I try to raise my daughters with long term goals in mind… I want to raise them to be confident, kind, loving women. A bonus would be if we can also stay close as they mature. There are days when they say “I don’t like you!” and I simply reply, “Okay, you don’t like me. I still love you and you still have to clean your room. (or whatever the frustration of the moment is with them)” And I know it’s true – I’ll always love them. Always.

When I met with Chris and Christa a couple weeks ago to go over their final timelines and details, I asked who was in the wedding party. Christa told me her mother, Kathy, was her maid of honour. I got a bit choked up right there.

As a mother, to be chosen by your daughter as a friend – not only your mother… is a beautiful gift. To not only be loved, but to be liked. Such an honour. I watched Kathy as she quietly laced up Christa’s dress, helped her prepare, and celebrated with her as both mother and friend. I am reminded there were probably days when as a young girl. Christa also declared she did not like her mom… but Kathy continued to love her… and love her… and love her.

This is a capture Carolynn got as Christa and Kathy went to meet Chris for the “first look”. Completely in sync with each other. Celebrating and supporting. I love it!

cc Chris and Christa

Let’s start chronologically here though….

CHrista had so many great little details… like her hanger with her new name “Mrs. Wilkin”. So cute!

IMG 2569 Chris and Christa

And her cute sweatshirt she made herself…

ContactSheet 001a 15 Chris and Christa

Christa is so beautiful!

IMG 3289 Chris and Christa

ContactSheet 001 43 Chris and Christa

IMG 3323 Chris and Christa

IMG 3353a 1 Chris and Christa

We then headed over to McMaster where Chris and Christa were both students, Christa has worked at and is now doing her PhD at. Lots of memories! We started with the “first look” where Chris and Christa would see each other for the first time. The wedding party all lined up and watched – so much fun! I love this photo as Christa makes her way over to meet Chris… as she’s at a fork in her life and heading down a new path right now.

IMG 2641 Chris and Christa

This next set from the first look… just watch the emotions and reactions!

IMG 3385 Chris and Christa

IMG 0239 Chris and Christa

IMG 2655 Chris and Christa

IMG 3396 Chris and Christa

IMG 2659 Chris and Christa

IMG 3411 Chris and Christa

IMG 3425 Chris and Christa

IMG 3420 Chris and Christa

The beauty of the “first look” is we had lots of time to do photos before the ceremony! And it was such a gorgeous day – crisp Fall day with a bit of wind and overcast skies with just the occasional pop of sun. Perfect!

It was Homecoming weekend at Mac so there were a lot of students around as the football game let out. They were so sweet – yelling out “congratulations” and kind words. A couple of them even lent us their bike…

IMG 3451 Chris and Christa

The weather was perfect for photos!

IMG 2735 Chris and Christa

IMG 2738 Chris and Christa

IMG 2755 1 Chris and Christa

IMG 2764 Chris and Christa

IMG 2856 Chris and Christa

IMG 2906 Chris and Christa

IMG 0307 Chris and Christa

IMG 0288 Chris and Christa

IMG 2933 Chris and Christa

IMG 2950 Chris and Christa

These were the last photos before the ceremony. Chris and Christa were far enough away that we told them if they spoke quietly to each other we couldn’t hear them… and to tae these moments before the ceremony to enjoy. What a great way to head into the ceremony – having been able to be speak into each other’s heart moments before “show time”.

IMG 2957 Chris and Christa

Loved all the Fall colours!

IMG 3591 Chris and Christa

McMaster Faculty Club is a beautiful spot for a wedding with a few different beautiful rooms for ceremony, reception, cocktails… a great venue!

IMG 3103 Chris and Christa

Chris and Christa are avid “Ultimate Frisbee” players – and they surprised everyone by incorporating a bit of their shared love into their vows! So fun!

IMG 3074 Chris and Christa

IMG 3075 Chris and Christa

IMG 3078 Chris and Christa

The beaming happy couple!

IMG 3545 Chris and Christa

Congratulations Chris and Christa… your slideshow will be up shortly! Enjoy your backpacking trip across Europe!

Celebrating life and love,


September 25, 2010 Imagine: Autumn wedding

It’s Friday… so you know what that means… an edition of “Imagine” where we dream up a wedding. And Imagine how we would design a wedding…

Being the first week of Fall and my very favourite season – I had to go with a Fall themed wedding.

The first thing people receive to tell them about your day is the invitation. I loved this idea from my Martha (love Martha Stewart) – including leaves in the incitation with instructions for your guests to write well wishes on it for you. I like this idea because I know for myself, I like to take time to write my thoughts and not rush them while people are lined up waiting to sign the guestbook after me. This is a nice personal touch.

mw0604 sum04 leaf invites xl Imagine: Autumn wedding

One thing I love about Fall is the colours – orange, browns, yellow, burgundy, plum…. divine. I love the idea of allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress… I would simply give them the guidelines of Fall colour, above the knee dress you feel great in. And see what they come up with! ALL of these dresses are from one designer on etsy!

ContactSheet 001 42 Imagine: Autumn wedding

I think I’d tell the girls to wear “brown heels” and then get a matching flower like these ones to add on the shoes – either on the toe or heel – to spice it up.

ContactSheet 001d 3 Imagine: Autumn wedding

And for myself – I picture a clean, simple design of a dress… because there are way too many fun accessories for Fall! I loved this one from J.Crew’s wedding site

erez1 Imagine: Autumn wedding

And then the joy of accessorizing! I know I couldn’t wear all of this – one strong accessory instead of overkill… but here are a few I fell in love with. I think I’m leaning towards that big fun necklace.

ContactSheet 001r 1 Imagine: Autumn wedding

Another idea would be in keeping with my simple dress… change it up… at the cermony wear the dress on it’s own with the big necklace. At the reception add a gorgeous floral belt and some flowers to the strap or top of the dress like these ones. Or getting a little cashmere cardigan to wear at the reception that I’d attach the flowers to.

ContactSheet 0012 Imagine: Autumn wedding

I also love the idea of bright, Fall coloured tights safely hidden under my skirt…

tContactSheet 001 Imagine: Autumn wedding

I couldn’t decide on what to go with for a bouquet… but decided I wanted food somehow incorporated into the bouquet. Seriously. I think it’s so beautiful… and screams “harvest time is here!”

004 web Imagine: Autumn wedding

And my boy can have fun accessorizing with the look of Fall too… how fun is this?

19AUTUMNLEAVES Imagine: Autumn wedding

and these?

ftfall05msw12xlox2 Imagine: Autumn wedding

For the decor I picture…. pumpkins. Don’t worry… not Jack-o-lanterns. But pumpkins. Let me explain…

Pumpkins lighting up the walkways…

make glowing pumpkin path 800X800 Imagine: Autumn wedding

Pumpkin table markers

pumpkin table numbers Imagine: Autumn wedding

weddingpumpkins Imagine: Autumn wedding

Pumpkin centrepieces

ft023 pumpkin15 xl Imagine: Autumn wedding

Pumpkin vases

6a010534b498ed970c010535f59244970b 320wi Imagine: Autumn wedding

Pumpkin for the ring bearer too!

Untitled6 2 Imagine: Autumn wedding

And I love this idea for pumpkin soup (yum!) with roasted pumpkin seeds on top…

rw 0710 taryn brian 1477 xl Imagine: Autumn wedding

If pumpkins aren’t your thing… there are so many great themes you can pull out of Autumn…

Using Fall foliage in decorating…

msw 1209 susan trevor w01000658 xl Imagine: Autumn wedding

or Pincecones between seating cards…

mw1003 fal03 rwda14 xl Imagine: Autumn wedding

or Pomegrantes work too as place card holders!

weddinggtpom124xlrx0 Imagine: Autumn wedding

When I think about Fall, I picture being cozy, warm and relaxed. Why not bring in some cozy chairs and couches (borrow or rent them), some cozy blankets on them, and coffee tables with chess sets ready for action or photo albums to flip through. Create little pockets in the reception area for people to relax. For those who don’t want to dance, they can cuddle in and relax in comfort.

For the favours – yummy candy apples please! Mmmmm….. Maybe with a pack of hot chocolate attached as well. Now I’m drooling… yum.

84574camel apple Imagine: Autumn wedding

3681 d Imagine: Autumn wedding

What would you do for a Fall themed wedding? Any great ideas you’ve seen or suggestions? Share away!

Celebrating life and love,


(I must apologize for not having links to the ideas in this post – my computer shut down and I hadn’t saved the links yet – booooo).

September 24, 2010 Falling for Fall

Today was the official first full day of Fall. And it was perfect. Love this time of year – with the cool, crisp mornings… and warm, sun-filled afternoons. After I got the kids on teh bus, I grabbed my camera and explored…

Fall reminds me each year to “hurry up and slow down”.

What I mean is to hurry up and enjoy this season – this time in life, because tomorrow the leaves might all be off the trees and I’ll have missed it. Fall doesn’t listen to “just give me one more day… one more week… just a little more time and THEN I’ll come enjoy you.” Fall shouts it’s beauty and invites us all to join in the celebration… now. Not tomorrow.

And slow down… once we hurry to take the time to celebrate today – savour it. Fall is not about step outside, look up, notice the trees have changed colours and then go back inside. Fall is about looking for the perfect leaf. Listening to the crunch of leaves under your feet. Feeling the mix of cool air on your face, and warm sun on your back. Slow down… celebrate this moment.

Fall reminds me to “hurry up and slow down” every day of my life and celebrate life and love.

Here are a couple of visual reminders…

ContactSheet 001 41 Falling for Fall

ContactSheet 001a 14 Falling for Fall

IMG 3211 Falling for Fall

IMG 3215 Falling for Fall

IMG 3220 Falling for Fall

ContactSheet 002 26 Falling for Fall

IMG 3207 Falling for Fall

Celebrating life and love,


With Mark and Kate living in North Bay and getting married in Gananoque – most of our conversations were by email or phone. I loved hearing Kate talk about her wedding because she is so enthusiastic. “We’re getting married in Gananoque because I looooooove my cottage and the area there. It’s my favourite place and so important to me….” or “My mom is helping do a lot of the planning – I love my mom so much. She is the best. I just love her!” and it seemed every person, every detail, every vendor in Kate’s day was loved SO much by her. And it was easy to see the feeling was mutual by all.

One detail Kate shared was that her dad was piping her out of the ceremony (because she looooved her dad and his piping of course!). I didn’t realize – he was also piping all the girls as they walked to the ceremony. It was like a parade as people would come out of their homes and cottages to wave and yell congratulations out to Kate. This processional to the ceremony was one of my favourite moments of the day. Kate is surrounded by her sisters, cousin, parents, friends as she “walks” to Mark. I would hardly call what Kate was doing walking – she was practically running to the altar! She was so excited to marry Mark. As she raced to the ceremony with her dad piping the way for us, her mom holding her arm, her maid of honour Heather cuddling in and laughter coming from all the girls… it was a moment to celebrate. Complete joy. As Mark said when I had asked him earlier in the day if her was nervous marrying his girlfriend of 8 years… “Nervous? I’ve had 8 years to be nervous. Not at all.”

Their day was absolutely surrounded by people and things they love – most of all each other.

templatemarkkate Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

But… let’s back up!

The day started with Mark at the Sleepy Hollow Bed and Breakfast in Gananoque. I love old homes and this place was gorgeous!

ContactSheet 001sh Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Mark is in the air force and wore his uniform – love that! Three of the groomsmen are also in the air force and wore uniforms also.

IMG 1719 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

markkate082 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Kate found a lot of great details on etsy (girl after my own heart)… and I just loved these boutonnieres… and the guys I think preferred them to wearing a flower!

ContactSheet 0099 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

The handsome groom himself….

markkate090 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Then it was on to Kate’s family cottage they all refer to as “the Boathouse”… it was so special to have a two page spread in the home section of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper the day of the wedding featuring this amazing cottage!! Kate’s family loving renovated this cottage using local vendors – going no further than Kingston (20minutes away) for anything. Likewise – later in the reception it was shared they did the same with the food. They planned the menu out in advance so that all the food – even the marinades! – could be locally grown and produced. I love this support of their community!!

eContactSheet 001 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

I loved how Kate left the bouquet completely up to the florist as they know best… she simply told her she wanted lots of colour, whatever was in season and no white flowers. Kate admitted she didn’t even know the names of any of the flowers – but she couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

eeContactSheet 001 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Kate made a gorgeous bride in her simple, elegant J.Crew wedding dress…. a timeless beauty!

ffContactSheet 001 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

ContactSheet 005 8 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 1844 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 1870 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Kate’s dad was so nervous – he had practiced and practiced in preparation – and he did a GREAT job! He piped the girls to the ceremony, piped the happy couple out of the ceremony and then piped the whole wedding party back to the cottage!

kjContactSheet 001 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 0113 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Mark and Kate had their ceremony at the lovely Gananoque Inn outside in front of the water. Seems fitting for a couple who met on a 30day, 600km canoe trip.

markkate094 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2079 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 1942 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

The Gananoque Inn is a beautiful old inn… and loved that is also had old vintage bikes for us to use. Mark and Kate both enjoy doing triathlons together, and went to France on a bike trip as an early wedding gift… so bikes definitely had to be part of the day!

IMG 2243 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2256 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2001 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 1991 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

I love this photo as they stroll back to the Boathouse. Kate looks radiant… Mark looks adoringly at her… the groomsmen are being goofs… and Fall colours are brilliant!

IMG 2261 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Back at the BoatHouse we had time for some portraits….

IMG 2047 2 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2038 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

And then it was into Kingston for the reception and some portraits first!

wContactSheet 001 4 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2500 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2493 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

wContactSheet 002 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

Mark had attended the Royal Military College – and the reception at the Radisson looked right across at the college.

IMG 2513 2 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

IMG 2519 4 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

The reception was so full of joy and laughter – a great evening!

IMG 2749 1 Mark and Kate: Gananoque Wedding

And now.. enjoy this slideshow!

Mark and Kate – thank you so much for a wonderful day!

Celebrating life and love,


September 19, 2010 Mark and Kate: Sneak Peek

Had a FABULOUS time at Mark and Kate’s wedding yesterday in Ganonoque… so many great details. But I’m still at my hotel and wifi is hit and miss…. so for now I leave you with two to tempt you to come back and see the rest on Monday!

IMG 2038 Mark and Kate: Sneak Peek

IMG 2243 Mark and Kate: Sneak Peek

Celebrating life and love,


September 18, 2010 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

Today I am shooting Mark and Kate’s wedding in Ganonoque – so excited as I’ve never been here and love traveling to new places to explore!

As I get ready for the day – I wanted to share their guestbook they’ll be using today. Mark and Kate had me design a beautiful 12×8 guestbook of their engagement photos. Here are the layouts of the pages…

PG001 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG002 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG003 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG004 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG005 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG006 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG007 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG008 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG009 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG010 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

PG011 Mark and Kate: Guestbook

Celebrating life and love,


September 17, 2010 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Last Friday I started a new series called “Imagine”…. where I pretend I’m planning a wedding and let you peak into my imaginings. I mean – all those hours I spend pouring through wedding magazines – I need to share! Last week’s wedding I dreamed up was a country, barn, rustic wedding…. this week is completely different. Think elegant. Vintage. Timeless.

Vintage simply means a time period before now. So I should specify I’m not meaning disco era or hippy stage… this time around I’m picturing 1950′s wedding style.

One thing I love about this vintage wedding is that it is easy to include keepsakes and family members…. I’ve often said that is probably my one regret from our wedding almost 14 years ago. i wish I had made more opportunities to honour family parents and grandparents. A vintage wedding like this has countless ways to do so! But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

When I was dreaming for this wedding, it all started with this fantastic bridesmaid dress you can find here. Depending when your parents or grandparents were married… you might even be able to have a seamstress replicate their bridesmaid dresses.

Untitled7 1 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Then I found this necklace here that I loved… gorgeous to tie the bride’s look into the bridesmaid colour scheme. Another idea would be to wear a family necklace. I know when my Grandma passed away a couple years ago my mom and her sisters held on to her pearl necklace.. I think it would be just lovely if one day my girls or one of the other great grandchildren wore it in GG’s memory.

Untitled6 1 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

I was really stumped on what sort of bride’s dress would work. But I kept coming back to the short tea length wedding dress as what I would want to wear. A few fun accessories…

Untitled 1 3 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

And I love these time piece accessories… lace tights, lace kid gloves, and a pill box hat veil. I remember my mom telling me about wearing these sort of accessories – and I’ve seen pictures of her as a bridesmaid with just such a look.

wUntitled 1gcopy Imagine: Vintage Wedding

One thing I love is when you can change your look from ceremony to reception. I’d wear the pillbox hat for the ceremony… and then at the reception I’d remove it to show a simple updo like this… definitely with the brooch. Notice the brooch repeatedly through this post. A great piece of jewlery that most grandmothers (or grandma-in-law-to-be) would love to lend their beloved granddaughter…

8312L1020899JPGresize Imagine: Vintage Wedding

I was stumped on the bouquet… I have a full blog post coming up on alternative bouquets but for this wedding I think this feather bouquet is what I would choose.

emplumenonfloral1 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

And then the groom. I envision a black and white movie star type elegance to his tuxedo. Naturally it would be a bowtie like this tuxedo from the J.Crew Wedding site I adore. And I’ve always had a weakness for wingtip shoes. They may be a bit bold for this wedding… but I cave on some things. Like in the country wedding… where Mark would have to have his Chucks. Here, I could picture Mark loving these beauties.

Untitled k Imagine: Vintage Wedding

I’d carry the brooch theme throughout the whole wedding. Wedding cake

3425653569 db69c1f185 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Favour boxes….

pearl favour box Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Or you could pin the brooch on your dress, bouquet or shoes.

I’ve enjoyed seeing more couples having a table with their parents and grandparents wedding photos featured. I know I have this in my home – I’ve trie dto get wedding photos of all our family and have them hanging in our dining room. I’m such a sap… I’d want to explore taking this idea further I think…

-I picture in place of pew bows, vintage photo frames hanging with photos of family weddings all in black and white. As you walk down the aisle you are walking alongside those who have gone before… the reason you’re there today
-I would blow these vintage photos up poster size, frame them in a big ornate frame and hang these as people enter the reception.
-I would also have a vintage themed engagement photo session done so that the engagement photos could be utilized throughout the decor alongside the family wedding photos.

oldweddingphotos0005 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Other ways to honour family… A wedding I shot last year was near the parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. The bride and her siblings surprised their parents by having a special wedding cake replicated like their original one for them to cut. Another wedding I was at, the couple surprised the parent’s by playing “their song” and letting them have a special dance together.

I like the idea of the invitation being the first introduction to our wedding look and feel. I love letterpress – and fell in love with vintage postcards. I would carry this theme into the wedding, having vintage postcards made up (with the vintage themed engagement photos on them), an old-fashioned typewriter where guests can type you a message before slipping it into the antique mailbox.

Untitled 1h Imagine: Vintage Wedding

For the reception I would want lace… again, I would approach all mine and Mark’s relatives and borrow their lace doilies and runners and pieces…. I would also search the second hand stores to find pieces. Each table setting would then be unique. And special.

hipster wedding philadelphia10 Imagine: Vintage Wedding

And the music… I picture a jazz band. Live dinner music leading right into the evening. A couple years ago I shot a wedding where the couple had learned swing dancing for their first dance. Then, they had their swing dance instructors come and teach the guests how to dance. This was so fun!! I would want to find music and dance instructor’s to match the era – makes the dance fun for everyone then!

I would also want to find some way to suggest to guests to join in the attire matching the era. Have some fun with it! I photographed a red carpet old movie themed wedding one New Year’s Eve and it was so fun to see some of the guests come in themed attire. Really sets the mood!

The last thing I would do would be to pick an amazing going away outfit. I loved the photos of my parent’s in their matching Centennial plaid outfits (they got married Canada’s centennial year – 1967). I think a fabulous dress and vintage suitcase in hand is the perfect way to complete a perfect day.

il 430xN159058802copy Imagine: Vintage Wedding

Any special vintage touches you would suggest? Want to plan a wedding to be included in one of our Friday “Imaginings” (it’s highly addictive – I’ll forewarn you). Chat with me!

Celebrating life and love,


September 11, 2010 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Last year, Tracy came and photographed our family (link) and it took us almost a year… but it was finally time to return the favour! Tracy and Ronny have a beautiful family – you can see the outward beauty easily but it’s their genuine, kind hearts that really shines through. It was fun to spend a bit of time today with Ronny, Tracy, Evie, Elijah and Eden. I don’t see Tracy very often – but she’s someone you can’t help but like!

They came out to my place and when I saw pops of yellow my heart was happy. Think I may make it a requirement that everyone has to wear Edison yellow for their shoots.

IMG 9598 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9626 1 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9704 Ronny and Tracy's Family

ContactSheet 001 37 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1551 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1558 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9682 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9685 Ronny and Tracy's Family

This next image is my favourite… I love the interaction between Ronny and Evie, and Tracy’s protective, loving mama bear glance at her wee ones.

IMG 9693 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Here’s Evie… a beautiful young lady who’s almost 8. She’s like my Madi – a little bit quiet and shy. Such a beauty!

IMG 9752 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9753 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9740 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Then there’s Elijah at age 5. He’s thinking all the time – and gets this quiet little smirks on his face making me so curious to know what he’s thinking!

IMG 9794 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1507 Ronny and Tracy's Family

And then there’s 2 year old Eden. Like my own Eden, she’s full of mischief and spunk.

IMG 1472 2 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9791 1 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9776 Ronny and Tracy's Family

She may or may not have had her fingers up her nose just before they went in her mouth here….

IMG 9772 1 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9786 1 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Three years ago I photographed Tracy sister Melanie and her husband for their 15th wedding anniversary (link). Now it’s Tracy and Ronny’s turn to celebrate 15 years. Maybe I can work through documenting all her siblings 15th wedding anniversaries if I’m lucky…

These two are just gorgeous to photograph! Happy 15th!!

IMG 9661 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Vintage Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1543 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1519 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1530 1 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 1516 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9726 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9718 Ronny and Tracy's Family

IMG 9721 Ronny and Tracy's Family

Thank you so much for making the trek to our place again! It was great to see you all!

Celebrating life and love,


September 10, 2010 Imagine: Country Wedding

Today I’m starting a new feature on the blog I plan to have on Fridays… please let me know what you think. I’ll tell you what I think… it’s fun to do!

Here’s the background… I have two daughters with vivid imaginations. Today Eden walked in the kitchen and said “This stool is a hoodoo, and the table is a cave and the woodstove is a big hill and…. ” Every day they can close their eyes and slip into a castle, or a different country, or an era gone by. They slip into and out of their dressup clothes all day long.

I love to play “imagine” games too – and my favourite is “What would my wedding be like if I planned it today?” Mark and I were young when we got married, we had a two month engagement and although the wedding was fun… I would love to have incorporated some of the amazing ideas you see in weddings today. I read a lot of wedding magazines and I’ll mark pages of something I love and would want to do. Don’t get me wrong – I’m keeping my hubby! Although next December (2011) will be 15 years for us… and I sometimes imagine a big ol’ wedding like party to celebrate.

So starting today, on Fridays I’ll share some of my wedding imaginings with you. Let me know your thoughts – and if you have any imaginings you want to share. I’ll pick a theme of a wedding or an idea for a wedding I like and share the links and pictures I find on the good ol’ world wide web. (Seriously – how did I plan a wedding without the internet? Miraculous).

Today’s wedding imaginings is one of my favourites. And will likely surface periodically in different formats. It’s the country wedding. I live in the hicks and simply adore the country!!

I have always thought barn weddings are so fun! Especially when it looks like this… can’t you picture having a barn dance in there complete with a caller (like a square dance)?

Untitled1 Imagine: Country Wedding

I love how something as simple as white lights – a LOT of them – can transform a barn into a magical place. I think white lights pretty much anywhere are magical.

(these images are found HERE)

Untitled3 Imagine: Country Wedding

Untitled2 Imagine: Country Wedding

Untitled4 Imagine: Country Wedding

And I fell in love with these moss and birch series of ringbearer cushions, baskets and more from Etsy from this shop

80 Imagine: Country Wedding

And I love this country style invitation from HERE

Untitled5 Imagine: Country Wedding

And this is such a cool idea… a poster with all your wedding info on it that you can later frame as artwork in your home. Truth be told – I’m thinking of ordering us one from HERE. I love it.

Untitled8 Imagine: Country Wedding

I also think for a country-fied wedding you need….

Untitled11 Imagine: Country Wedding

-chalkboards everywhere… for kids at the reception, pointing the way to the ceremony, as centrepieces, at the guestbook table, etc. etc.
-rustic wooden signs – wither with arrows and your names on it, or things such as “just married”
-mason jars everywhere. With candles in them. With cookies in them. WIth candies. With flowers. With just about anything! Have a lemonade stand with them!
-have I mentioned white lights? White lights or candles everywhere.

As far as what to wear…

I’m picturing for Mark (even in my imaginings it’s still my Marky as the groom)…. something casual like this vest from the JCrew wedding site… I picture a cute bowtie in a fun colour…. and it wouldn’t be Mark without his Chucks. I’ve known Mark for 17 years and he has always worn Chuck Taylor hightops.

Untitled 1 2 Imagine: Country Wedding

For me… I picture a fun dress I can dance in (from HERE). Probably cowboy boots. And a loose hairstyle. For the girls… I love the idea of cowboy boots…. but would they? (these gals did)!

Untitled 1a 1 Imagine: Country Wedding

One thing I adore is lanterns and lights – big paper lanterns! But then I came across this DIY (oh! how I Love DIY stuff) paper lantern garland you can personalize. Looks do-able by these instructions.

Untitled9 Imagine: Country Wedding

And lastly… years ago I was a bridesmaid at my good friend Monica’s wedding. They had a Ceilidh which was an awesome choice! Like a square dance with the caller and so much fun! At the end of the night the caller had Tim and Monica come in the circle and everyone form the circle around them. Tim and Monica danced with each parent, saying their good-byes and words of thanks. The caller then had us all form two rows and link arms. Tim and Monica would stop at each pair, we’d put our arms around them, and say our congratulations before they went to the next person. At the end of the rows… they were danced right out of the hall. They had time to talk to every single person, and were out of the reception at a decent time. It was great!

This isn’t from their wedding – but this is how a wedding should end – with this jubilant feeling! (and/or with sparklers and fireworks!)

vashon island wedding photography Seattle 32 Imagine: Country Wedding

So… what do you think? Do you have other suggestions you’d add to this country wedding theme? I have some other fun weddings planned out in my imaginings in the Fridays to come – check back!

Celebrating life and love,


September 7, 2010 Here we go….

The last few days have been bittersweet… looking forward to the girls going back to school and routines again, but so sad about the end of summer and their time at home. It has been a great summer – with our trip across Canada as well as countless days of just letting the kids be kids. Running free, playing in the treefort, making crafts, reading books, picking flowers, catching frogs and snakes… and just being.

I’m reminded how we all need to take time to rejuvenate. As the girls ended school, they were tired and done with the early mornings and homework. This morning they couldn’t have been more excited waking an hour before the alarm and waiting for the bus 25minutes before it was due. The break was good for them.

And now, I head into a new phase of life. Both my girls are in school full time for the first time as Eden is in grade one now, and Madison in grade three. All day every day without kids. I think this may be my time to rejuvenate.

A few pics from this morning.

The walk down our driveway to the bus…

IMG 1341a Here we go....

Madi somehow is entering grade three. I think I missed a year somewhere.

ContactSheet 002 24 Here we go....

And my baby is “all day every day” as Eden was chanting today. Grade one won’t know what hit it.

ContactSheet 001 36 Here we go....

I love my girls.

IMG 1367a Here we go....

IMG 1364a Here we go....

I have jokingly “banned” Madi for saying she’s going into grade three as it’s just too grown up too fast. Here’s Eden trying to help enforce the ban.

IMG 1391a Here we go....

My beautiful third grader….

IMG 1380a Here we go....

Eden cracking up…

IMG 1395a Here we go....

Lots of cuddles.

IMG 1377a Here we go....

IMG 1379a Here we go....

IMG 1372a Here we go....

And away they go!!

IMG 1406a Here we go....

Celebrating life and love,


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