Something I love to do is blog. I really do enjoy it… but suddenly with being gone for 3 weeks I find myself in a new situation. Behind on blogging! In the next couple weeks watch for lots of blog posts – some may be out of order but they’re all coming!

A couple weeks ago I posted Wes & Alison’s blog post of their beautiful wedding. Today I present to you.. their slideshow! It was so fun for me to re-live their day again, trust you’ll enjoy it too!

And even with a slideshow I think we need a photo, don’t you? I love Alison’s face here during the first dance. Like she’s found home with Wes. SO peaceful.

548 Wes and Alison Slideshow

Celebrating life and love,


3 Responses to “Wes and Alison Slideshow”

  1. Luke says:

    Hi Krista! Alison sent me the link to the slideshow and I must tell you it’s absolutely stunning! I luv your work! You’ve got a great eye! :-)

  2. Aunt Pat says:

    Just lovely. Gobsmacked!!!

  3. Christie says:

    This is amazing!!!!! I’ve watched it 3 times already and can’t get enough. I can’t believe it was a month ago already – thank you for such a beautiful job!

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