August 25, 2010 Spencer and Kaley

When I met with Kaley a couple days before her wedding to talk through the details of her day… I fell in love with her details.

The day was perfect… sunshine, beuatiful decor, grogeous couple… but what I especially loved was the way Spencer and Kaley loved people. Just watching them for a few minutes you can see they embrace life and those in their lives. They laugh big, hug bigger and cry easily. They love their family so much it’s clearly visible in their interactions.

But back to their detaisl… what I loved was, their love for the people in their lives flowed into their details.

Their were two bouquets of flowers hanging where they did their ceremony, to represent loved ones who had passed away.
Kaley not only created he chalkboards that were used for all the table numbers and at the favour table, but she designed special chalkboards and gift bags for all the children at the wedding as a surprise at their seats.
Kaley’s dad made a wood ring box for the ringbearer to carry the rings, and her mom cross-stitched the top of it.
Kaley wore her Grandmother’s wedding ring on her right hand.
And I think my favourite, was the use of mason jars they found at SPencer’s late Grandfather’s home that they used for candle holders.

I lvoe how they found ways to honour loved ones throughout their day. So beautiful!

kaley Spencer and Kaley

Let’s start at the beginning though….

Lindsay Palmer was shooting with me for this wedding (thanks Lindsay!)… and Lindsay and I arrived at the guy’s house to find them tackling bow ties. Real bow ties. Spencer had thought that if you wouldn’t wear a clip on tie, why would you wear a pre-tied bowtie? So the fun of learning to tie bowties (not even the people at the tuxedo shop knew how) began…

ContactSheet 001 32 Spencer and Kaley

I think he did pretty good!

SpencerKaley047 Spencer and Kaley

From there we went on to the Ancaster Old Mill to meet up with Kaley and the girls.

ContactSheet 002 23 Spencer and Kaley

Always love the moments with mom.

SpencerKaley074 Spencer and Kaley

Kaley had her headpiece custom designed by Leah C. Couture Millinery in New York. When she gave me the website – let’s just say I drooled. And then – she had custom pieces made for each bridesmaid as a gift. Aren’t these gorgeous?

SpencerKaley134 Spencer and Kaley

Kaley is such a gorgeous bride…

SpencerKaley103 Spencer and Kaley

I love this moment in the ceremony. Always makes me think of a poem my dad wrote me at my wedding about another man in my life now. The exchange of dad’s arm escorting you up the aisle to your new husband’s arm escorting you down the aisle. Okay… I’m getting choked up now.

SpencerKaley249 Spencer and Kaley

I love how these two look at each other.

SpencerKaley265 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley253 Spencer and Kaley

MARRIED!!! Could tehy be any happier?

SpencerKaley331 Spencer and Kaley

I love this image – how it’s like they’re the only two people as they step out of the ceremony here… a tad magical.

SpencerKaley336 Spencer and Kaley

And let’s just enjoy some of this beauty now….

SpencerKaley430 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley532 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley561 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley563 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley590 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley595 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley577 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley609 Spencer and Kaley

And as a mom, I love this image. The family photos were done and we were doing the wedding party photos. Lindsay had slipped in to the reception room to start taking a few detail photos of the room and she caught mom just sitting, admiring her girls from the window. Something so sweet and tender in this moment.

SpencerKaley490 Spencer and Kaley

But let’s leave you with one really sweet image… cupcakes galore! I loved how there was every kind under the sun and all had beautiful descriptions to tempt you with.

aContactSheet 001 6 Spencer and Kaley

And here’s the slideshow… enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. krista says:

    Thanks so much everyone! They really are a gorgeous couple – and had a beautiful day!

    Lynne – it’s at the Ancaster Old Mill.

  2. Lynne says:

    I love this wedding venue! Where was this wedding held? You’re photos are beautiful; I especially like the pregnancy ones of Lindsay! ( she’s a friend, that’s how I found your blog!)


  3. Kaley and Spencer,

    I am so excited to be able to share your BEAUTIFUL wedding day. Happiness is seeing both of your faces.


    Suzanne Langman

  4. Betty says:

    So excited to see the beautiful pictures. :) Spencer & Kaley, we had a great time! So happy for you! :)

  5. tina says:

    goose bumps!! amazing day and pictures

  6. Lana says:

    Absolutely amazing! You are so talented Krista! This pics are incredible!

  7. Elaine says:

    Beautiful shots. I love the candidness. Spencer and Kaley will enjoy looking at these many years from now; in fact we all will.

  8. Joanne says:

    Hey Krista…
    I was lucky enought to be at Spencer and Kaleys wedding and I must say…you did a fabulous job at recreating the moments through your photos!! Gorgeous!!

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