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August 16, 2010 Spencer and Kaley

Had an amazing time at Spencer and Kaley’s wedding this past weekend… lots of photos to come but for now… here’s just a couple!

Love this look during the ceremony….

IMG 9194 Spencer and Kaley

Just a gorgeous couple!

IMG 8637 Spencer and Kaley

IMG 9603 Spencer and Kaley

Celebrating life and love,


Sneak peek from Toni’s Trash the Dress session here in Cape Breton… can’t wait until I have time to blog everything from the trip and wedding!

IMG 8447 Sneak Peek Trash the Dress

Celebrating life and love,


Had an amazing day today at Pete & Toni’s wedding here on Cape Breton Island – had to share one sneak peek image! Enjoy!

IMG 7947 Cape Breton Sneak Peek

Celebrating life and love,


August 5, 2010 Kent and Chantelle

I love when couple’s have a “first look”. Before the ceremony and the chaos of the day… they take time to see each other without the distractions of loved ones and details. For months Kent and Chantelle had planned their wedding… now was the moment of the Big Reveal. We got Kent in place to wait with his back turned to Chantelle. And to wait. She made the walk up just beaming at her husband-to-be… and finally reached him to tap him on the shoulder.

This image is the next moment. I love it. Reminds me of when my kids give me a handful of flowers they’ve picked. They know I’ll love it, but still they look away almost bashfully. Just for a moment.

Chantelle looking down – almost a bit bashful. Kent beaming at his wife-to-be. In every image in this series from the first look he simply can’t take his eyes off of her.

The wait was so worth it.

kent Kent and Chantelle

But let’s back up a smidge to the start of the day….

Actually – I have to share just one form the day before. Chantelle adores the colour pink… how cute was she at the rehearsal?

ContactSheet 002 19 Kent and Chantelle

But now we fast forward to the pink on the Big Day at the beautiful Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna.

Untitled 1 1 Kent and Chantelle

And the beautiful bride getting ready….

IMG 4016 1 Kent and Chantelle

ContactSheet 002d Kent and Chantelle

ContactSheet 003 13 Kent and Chantelle

wContactSheet 003 Kent and Chantelle

Chantelle explained she never liked lockets because the photos in them are so small… but she liked the look of them. So instead – she put a piece of her dress and Kent’s tuxedo inside the locket. Cute idea!

IMG 0061 Kent and Chantelle

Chantelle’s crinolin was a bit too poofy… doing adjustments made me nervous!

IMG 3983 Kent and Chantelle

End result was perfection.

IMG 4008 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4018 1 Kent and Chantelle

And it was fun to have Mark second shooting – he was down the hall of the Hotel Eldorado with the boys…

ContactSheet 001 28 Kent and Chantelle

And I grabbed this one of Kent with his Papa’s watch that he had just given him.

IMG 4153 Kent and Chantelle

Time for them both to get their shoes on… and head over to the Okanagan Lavender farm for their First Look!

ContactSheet 001d 1 Kent and Chantelle

I love First Looks.

kContactSheet 001 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4053 1 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 0107 Kent and Chantelle

Kent showing Chantelle the vows he wrote – love how he can’t take his eyes off of her….

IMG 4085 1 Kent and Chantelle

Love these two together.

IMG 4172 Kent and Chantelle

11ContactSheet 001 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4207 Kent and Chantelle
And it’s time for the ceremony!

And the cutest historical church ever! Benvoulin Church in Kelowna.

1ContactSheet 003 Kent and Chantelle

Mark snapped this one of the girls praying before the ceremony….

IMG 0160 1 Kent and Chantelle

Not knowing I was on the other side of the church getting this one of the guys praying….

IMG 4165 1 Kent and Chantelle

These two just beamed the entire ceremony.

IMG 4375 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4339 Kent and Chantelle

And right out the door! Kent is an RCMP and it was great to have some of his colleagues there as ushers – and a fun touch on the day!

IMG 4203 1 Kent and Chantelle

aContactSheet 002 Kent and Chantelle

Chantelle loves sweets. You would never know it by looking at her… but I think every conversation I’ve ever y had with her by email or in person she has brought candy, chocolate, cake, ice cream… int the conversation. Love her. She had an awesome surprise waiting for all the wedding guests on this hot wedding day… Ice Cream sundaes at the church by Marble Slab Creamery! MMmmmmmm…..

ContactSheet 001q 1 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4530 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4508 Kent and Chantelle

After re-fueling on ice cream (yum!) it was off to do some portraits!

IMG 4839 Kent and Chantelle

ContactSheet 005 5 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4789 1 Kent and Chantelle

ContactSheet 004 7 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4861 1 Kent and Chantelle

wContactSheet 001 2 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4656 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4867 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4884 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4887 1 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4885 1 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4860 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4725 1 Kent and Chantelle

IMG 4854 Kent and Chantelle

Now I showed off the awesome bowler trailer Kent refinished in their engagement session (LINK)… now I have to brag about this amazing candy bar cart he made – even sewed the awning. This is perfect!!

Untitled 1a Kent and Chantelle

And lots of pink details!

fContactSheet 001 3 Kent and Chantelle

dContactSheet 001d 1 Kent and Chantelle

The reception was full of laughs…

IMG 5062 Kent and Chantelle

And a FUN dance!

IMG 5119 1 Kent and Chantelle

Kent and Chantelle – you two are awesome! Hope you are having a great time road tripping and exploring!

IMG 5124 Kent and Chantelle

Celebrating life and love,


August 1, 2010 Story Beneath

I must apologize for my lack of blogging – we are traveling from BC to Cape Breton.. across this big, beautiful country of ours – and loving it! As I find internet I will try to update a bit.

One place I was so excited to visit was Nestor Falls.

Nestor Falls is one of those little tiny stops on the highway that if you blink, you’ll miss it. It’s also where my memories of my grandparents and loads of childhood fishing, swimming, and exploring existed.

Going to Nestor Falls was bittersweet… with my grandparents both passed away now, I have no one to visit here. My Grandma outlived most of her friends and so there aren’t that many people around who I know now. I will admit to crying a bit. As we drove through the town – I tried to share with my girls some of my memories and why this place is so special to me.

Nestor Falls appears to be a little fishing town with nothing happening… but I know there are stories abounding here. I grew up with tales of the town and it’s surroundings – my Grandparents days working the traplines, bush piloting and fishing. I came here and felt welcomed and loved. The people and their stories made this town.

And I was reminded of all the many, many, many towns we pass on our trip. A quick drive by and you think “this town has nothing” or “why would anyone live here?’ but underneath the surface are people who live there, who love and are loved and stories abound.

Just like the people we pass everyday. We can pass a person without a second glance – not realizing they too have stories, emotions and the need to love and and be loved.

Today share in someone’s story!

A couple quick photos….

The road to Grandma’s house in Nestor Falls….

IMG 6702 Story Beneath

And then, as I was mulling over this concept.. we pulled into the big town of Wawa. One of those towns I’ve always turned up my nose at. Take a picture at the giant goose and leave. But this time we pulled into the Tourist Bureau for a washroom break and all these doors of women welcomed me. I asked the staff about them. they are called “Grandma doors”… a few years ago they started it with people painting doors and telling the stories of women in the area, or who had ties to the area. None of the bios I read were particularly fascinating tales of drama and novel-worthy intrigue…. but they were stories of women who lived and loved. A great reminder that each and every one of us has a story. They said the first year they did this – they had over 200 doors. I wonder what would be on my door if my girls were to do one some day? I’m going to try to live in a way that my door is a sign of love, joy and a life well lived.

IMG 6895 Story Beneath

ContactSheet 001 27 Story Beneath

Celebrating life and love,


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