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August 31, 2010 A hasty word

I’m a wee bit obsessed with Jane Austen and in particular Pride and Prejudice. After reading and re-reading and re-reading Pride and Prejudice, I decided I should re-read one of her other books for a change of pace. Persuasion is my next favourite of her writings, and I found this passage in it that at some point I had highlighted. It’s been playing in my mind all week now.

My hope is that my words and life may be sincere, that I may even sometimes say a careless or hasty thing….

(to set up this passage… Mr. Elliot is who everyone presumes Anne is interested in and should consider as a suitor).

“Mr. Elliot was rational, discreet, polished, – but he was not open. There was never any burst of feeling, any warmth of indignation or delight, at the evil or good of others. This, to Anne, was a decided imperfection. Her early impressions were incurable. She prized the frank, the open-hearted, the eager character beyond all others. Warmth and enthusiasm did captivate her still. She felt that she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.”

And because you always need an image… here’s one Mark snapped of me. Speaking of looking careless… ha ha!

IMG 1121 A hasty word

Celebrating life and love,


August 31, 2010 Baby Andrew

A little while ago I blogged about Mike and Christa’s maternity session. It has been so exciting to be involved documenting their engagement… wedding… pregnancy.. and now beautiful baby Andrew in their new home.

This was my first view of wee Andrew in the cradle his great Grandpa had made.

IMG 9615 Baby Andrew

For some reason he melted my heart just by looking at this little hand. So tiny.

IMG 9626 Baby Andrew

He’s so loved…

IMG 9638 Baby Andrew

IMG 9633 Baby Andrew

IMG 9683 Baby Andrew

IMG 9676 1 Baby Andrew

Love when their whole head can fit in your palm.

IMG 9684 1 Baby Andrew

So peaceful and happy.

IMG 9659 Baby Andrew

Christa is an artist and created this beautiful art piece over the fireplace. ANd this was her stuffed animal as a baby. So sweet.

ContactSheet 001 35 Baby Andrew

IMG 9706 Baby Andrew

Wide eyed!!

IMG 9771 Baby Andrew

IMG 9708 Baby Andrew

Look at Andrew’s face “What is this thing??”

IMG 9709 2 Baby Andrew

Love these classic black and whites…

ContactSheet 003 17 Baby Andrew

2 Baby Andrew

And this series of snuggles with mom makes me miss these first days…

IMG 9787 1 Baby Andrew

IMG 9791 Baby Andrew

IMG 9793 1 Baby Andrew

And this is how they looked when I left. Love the new family cuddled together.

ContactSheet 004 8 Baby Andrew

IMG 9816 1 Baby Andrew

Celebrating life and love,


August 30, 2010 The reason

Photography is something I adore. But I also love pizza…. People Magazine….. Jane Austen….. Alf….. (yes, I said Alf)…. and I have not made any of these loves into a career.

For me it’s the reason why something is done that matters.

I think back to our wedding (almost 14 years ago) and as we planned, we looked at the flow of the ceremony and asked “why?” for each step. Why do the best man and maid of honour sign the registry? Is there a reason? No. Okay – scrap that and we’ll have our dads sign it instead. (Come to think of it – we never had a best man and maid of honour). Why does there have to be the same number of attendants on each side? Why do we have to say “I do” (we changed it to “with joy I do promise”)… and on and on.

I’m a bit like a two year old. I ask “why” a lot.

In case you are also like me… let me tell you one big answer to “why” there is an Edison Photography.

My goal is to capture that person, that relationship, that story…. to capture it today so that when the baby has grown and changed completely we can remember the moment when their whole being fit into our arms. When that loved one has passed away we can remember that love we shared.

I’ve gone to two funerals this past week, and was reminded I love taking photos for people to cherish after a loved one has passed away.

In the past I’ve had couples email me to tell me of the importance of a photo I took of their grandparent and them at their wedding since their grandparent has now passed on. I’ve had families where a loved one has passed away, and they’re extra grateful for an image to remind them of better days.

As I dug through the images of Poppy, I had to share these few with you from Mark’s sister Aidan’s wedding a few years ago. This is why I create images…..


During the signing of the registry Aidan had a clear view of Poppy. As soon as they got up from the registry table instead of going back to the front of the church as they were suppose to, she snuck over to the other side of the room and stole this moment with Poppy. Then she went back to the front for the announcement of man and wife. Loved this moment.

IMG 0152 2 The reason

And after the ceremony in the receiving line, Poppy and Aidan had another moment.

IMG 1654 The reason

IMG 1642 The reason

IMG 1641 The reason

And I’d love to know what Eden is telling Poppy here…

IMG 1747 The reason

Look at the chaos happening all around. But at this moment there’s only Eden and Poppy.

IMG 1750 1 The reason

IMG 1779 The reason

And after the photos of Chris and Aidan, on the way to the reception we swung by Poppy’s nursing home so Aidan could have a dance with him as he couldn’t attend the reception.

IMG 2115 The reason

This is the “why”. Why there’s an Edison Photography.

And I just have to sign off by sharing one personal story from today.

My girls knew three of their great grandparents – Poppy, GG and Great Grandpa. Tonight after the funeral while Mark was making supper Madi wanted to surprise him. She set the dining room table with her best sense of kid style. Paper napkins opened up as placemats. Wine glasses. For the centrepiece she used flowers from the funeral today and placed photos of her three great grandparents she knew and loved. One each of our plates she put a Bible opened to Psalm 23 which she later read to us. As we sat down to eat, Eden raised her glass and yelled “Cheers for Poppy! And GG! And Great Grandpa!” My girls memories of their great grandparents may fade – and I’m so glad they have images with each one of them to cherish. And I’m so glad I have images of this special gift of a supper setting madison gave us tonight.

ContactSheet 001a 12 The reason

Celebrating life and love,


I met Brad, Karen and Paige and was instantly charmed by 4 year old Paige and her little giggle. SHe is constantly covering her mouth and giggling as only a little girl can do. She is so sweet!!

IMG 9538 1 Brad and Karen's family

ContactSheet 001 33 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9567 1 Brad and Karen's family

ContactSheet 003 16 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9574 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9569 Brad and Karen's family

Did I mention that sweet giggle? You can almost hear it in these images!

IMG 9519 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9513 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9510 Brad and Karen's family

Such a great family!

IMG 9555 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9537 2 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9606 1 Brad and Karen's family

Paige is such a little munchkin!

IMG 9592 1 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9593 1 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9526 Brad and Karen's family

Also must introduce the fourth member of the family… little Bobo. Always surprising what toy a child attaches themselves to!

IMG 9616 2 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9621 Brad and Karen's family

This set of images here are the first ones I took of the day. I don’t generally “name” images but all I can think of when I see this set is the word “Trust”. I love how mom and dad can make a little one feel so safe and protected.

IMG 9497 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9490 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9550 1 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9493 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9496 Brad and Karen's family

IMG 9498 Brad and Karen's family

Thanks for the honour of documenting your family!

Celebrating life and love,


August 25, 2010 Spencer and Kaley

When I met with Kaley a couple days before her wedding to talk through the details of her day… I fell in love with her details.

The day was perfect… sunshine, beuatiful decor, grogeous couple… but what I especially loved was the way Spencer and Kaley loved people. Just watching them for a few minutes you can see they embrace life and those in their lives. They laugh big, hug bigger and cry easily. They love their family so much it’s clearly visible in their interactions.

But back to their detaisl… what I loved was, their love for the people in their lives flowed into their details.

Their were two bouquets of flowers hanging where they did their ceremony, to represent loved ones who had passed away.
Kaley not only created he chalkboards that were used for all the table numbers and at the favour table, but she designed special chalkboards and gift bags for all the children at the wedding as a surprise at their seats.
Kaley’s dad made a wood ring box for the ringbearer to carry the rings, and her mom cross-stitched the top of it.
Kaley wore her Grandmother’s wedding ring on her right hand.
And I think my favourite, was the use of mason jars they found at SPencer’s late Grandfather’s home that they used for candle holders.

I lvoe how they found ways to honour loved ones throughout their day. So beautiful!

kaley Spencer and Kaley

Let’s start at the beginning though….

Lindsay Palmer was shooting with me for this wedding (thanks Lindsay!)… and Lindsay and I arrived at the guy’s house to find them tackling bow ties. Real bow ties. Spencer had thought that if you wouldn’t wear a clip on tie, why would you wear a pre-tied bowtie? So the fun of learning to tie bowties (not even the people at the tuxedo shop knew how) began…

ContactSheet 001 32 Spencer and Kaley

I think he did pretty good!

SpencerKaley047 Spencer and Kaley

From there we went on to the Ancaster Old Mill to meet up with Kaley and the girls.

ContactSheet 002 23 Spencer and Kaley

Always love the moments with mom.

SpencerKaley074 Spencer and Kaley

Kaley had her headpiece custom designed by Leah C. Couture Millinery in New York. When she gave me the website – let’s just say I drooled. And then – she had custom pieces made for each bridesmaid as a gift. Aren’t these gorgeous?

SpencerKaley134 Spencer and Kaley

Kaley is such a gorgeous bride…

SpencerKaley103 Spencer and Kaley

I love this moment in the ceremony. Always makes me think of a poem my dad wrote me at my wedding about another man in my life now. The exchange of dad’s arm escorting you up the aisle to your new husband’s arm escorting you down the aisle. Okay… I’m getting choked up now.

SpencerKaley249 Spencer and Kaley

I love how these two look at each other.

SpencerKaley265 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley253 Spencer and Kaley

MARRIED!!! Could tehy be any happier?

SpencerKaley331 Spencer and Kaley

I love this image – how it’s like they’re the only two people as they step out of the ceremony here… a tad magical.

SpencerKaley336 Spencer and Kaley

And let’s just enjoy some of this beauty now….

SpencerKaley430 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley532 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley561 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley563 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley590 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley595 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley577 Spencer and Kaley

SpencerKaley609 Spencer and Kaley

And as a mom, I love this image. The family photos were done and we were doing the wedding party photos. Lindsay had slipped in to the reception room to start taking a few detail photos of the room and she caught mom just sitting, admiring her girls from the window. Something so sweet and tender in this moment.

SpencerKaley490 Spencer and Kaley

But let’s leave you with one really sweet image… cupcakes galore! I loved how there was every kind under the sun and all had beautiful descriptions to tempt you with.

aContactSheet 001 6 Spencer and Kaley

And here’s the slideshow… enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


August 24, 2010 Toni's trash the dress

When Toni asked me to come to Cape Breton to photograph their wedding she mentioned doing a “Trash the Dress” session as well while we’re out there. She mentioned there was an amazing waterfall not far from her aunt’s cottage. About a half hour hike – a bit of a tricky hike I was told so not one she could (or would want to) do on her wedding day. We agreed to do it the day after their wedding around 6pm – my favourite time of day to shoot for great light!

After I had two flat tires that afternoon in the middle of nowhere, Cape Breton during the day and having to catch a ride with a police car and then a cab and then buy new tires and then…. we were running a little later than planned. We still went for it and I’m so glad we did!

Pete and Toni met me by the side of the road – I was ready for this “tricky” hike I thought. Well…. it’s a good thing I am a sucker for gorgeous waterfalls, photos and adventure…. the tricky hike was in a creek the whole way. At points the water was up to my thighs as we walked for a half hour on the rocky bottom trying hard not to lose our footing with all my gear on my back. And not a calm still creek – but with the current moving against us. We made it and it was so worth it! What a gorgeous location!

First… a story.

Pete, Toni and I made it the whole way until the very last step… just as Pete was going to step onto shore his bad knee gave out and he fell. He hadn’t planned on being in photos and so all was well. He was okay, and he was quick to come offer Toni help as she got ready to change from shorts to wedding gown. Suddenly – after he’d been out of the water ten or fifteen minutes he noticed something.

His one day old wedding ring… was gone. It must have come off in the water. At the point right before the waterfall where he had gotten to shore the water was quite rough. A few people (oh! Did I mention about 20 family members were crazy enough to make the trek and come watch? Apparently the hike to the Falls is a normal family activity!) went back to find the ring – but in the moving water after that amount of time it would take a miracle. Was Toni stressed about her brand new husband losing his ring? This was her reaction…

IMG 8375 Toni's trash the dress

Love her!

Time was short as light was going (and we had to hike back in the water in the dark!) and so we worked quick which was tricky on the terrain but I think we got some great images!!

IMG 8345 Toni's trash the dress

ContactSheet 001 31 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8403 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8424 Toni's trash the dress

ContactSheet 003 15 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8390 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8357 1 Toni's trash the dress

ContactSheet 002 22 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8370 1 Toni's trash the dress

IMG 8447 1 Toni's trash the dress

Oh – and remember that ring? When one of the guys went to look for it, he lost his footing and put his hand down to balance himself. Any guesses what was on his finger when he pulled his hand up??

This is Pete and Toni’s reaction to the news the ring had been found!! It’s a bit blurry as I had to whip around to snap it – but I just had to laugh at these two and their family. When they lost the ring all the family laughed and said it was good luck. When the ring was found they laughed harder and said it was even better luck.

IMG 8385 Toni's trash the dress

Celebrating life and love,


August 24, 2010 Geoff & Pam

The other day at supper we got talking about boys and husbands and such at supper. No idea how the conversation got to this point but it did. I think somehow the story of how mark and I met and knew we wanted to get married was in the conversation mix. I asked the girls what they think their husband would be like someday. Mark rolled his eyes and asked me why I was saying such ridiculous things to a 6 and 8 year old. I told him if the girls are comfortable chatting about boys to us now – hopefully they still will be in 5 years, 10 years… and so on. Eden’s husband description was of his clothing – and it was equal only to Eden’s fashion choices. It was something like blue pants and a purple belt, red shirt, pink hat… we laughed and dinner carried on.

I wonder if Pam – as a 7 year old grade two student told her parents about the boy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles clothes in her class wondering if someday… he might be her Someone.

Pam and Geoff met in grade two – friends for the majority of their lives. In high school the friendship evolved into dating. And now – eight long years later – the kids from the playground are walking down the aisle together. I look at this photo of the two of them running together – just as they might have a thousand other times over the years growing up…. and am reminded that the best base for a marriage is a solid friendship. And I’m also reminded to watch the boys on my girl’s playground a little closer….

pam Geoff & Pam

Pam got ready at her parent’s home in Oakville. I love when mom, Nonna, sisters, friends – the ones who have been there through it all – are there now to help the bride prepare for her Big Day.

136 Geoff & Pam

131 Geoff & Pam

I always love seeing a wedding from the children’s perspective. Everything seems magical. And not to put fear into her parent’s hearts… but I also think about how Emily, the flowergirl, is probably about the age Pam was when she met Geoff…. just saying. icon smile Geoff & Pam

134 Geoff & Pam

Geoff and Pam have been living in Edmonton as Pam finishes up law school. We had not met until their engagement shoot last year when they were home for a visit. I just love Pam’s sense of humour and how incredibly laid back she is. She made a beautiful bride!

138 Geoff & Pam

The shadows in this one made me happy….

144 Geoff & Pam

And what’s a wedding without your best friend?

145 Geoff & Pam

Love this image Carolynn got of Geoff!

149 Geoff & Pam

I love this image from the first dance….

220 Geoff & Pam

And without further ado…. enjoy this slideshow of their beautiful wedding at Liuna Gardens! And planning a wedding from out of province would not have been possible if it wasn’t for a great wedding planner – thanks Susan from Elegant Details!

Celebrating life and love,


It is always such an honour when another photographer hires you… so when Amy ( asked me to photograph her extended family for her parent’s 30th anniversary… I was thrilled. Thanks Amy!

Barry and Joanne have a stunning home and grounds – as they should since he runs an amazing landscaping business ( I have some photos to post of their gorgeous new cabana you will all drool over. Seriously.

For now – I will share a glimpse into this great family! Enjoy!

IMG 8872 Barry and Joanne's family

IMG 0124 Barry and Joanne's family

IMG 8861 Barry and Joanne's family

Grandma and Grandpa with all their munchkins!

IMG 0042 Barry and Joanne's family

IMG 0049 Barry and Joanne's family

And let’s see all the key players of this family – such a beautiful family!

IMG 0063 Barry and Joanne's family

wContactSheet 001 3 Barry and Joanne's family

Love how these two look all lovey dovey…. you’d never know what else was happening – look at the second set of images!

wContactSheet 004 Barry and Joanne's family

wContactSheet 005 Barry and Joanne's family

ContactSheet 001 30 Barry and Joanne's family

ContactSheet 005 6 Barry and Joanne's family

wContactSheet 002 Barry and Joanne's family

wContactSheet 006 Barry and Joanne's family

IMG 0088 Barry and Joanne's family

wContactSheet 003 1 Barry and Joanne's family

ContactSheet 002 21 Barry and Joanne's family

aContactSheet 001 5 Barry and Joanne's family

ContactSheet 003 14 Barry and Joanne's family

And one goofy photo to share – the big pile on Aunt Kathryn!!

IMG 0033 Barry and Joanne's family

Celebrating life and love,


When Toni emailed asking if I’d consider going to Cape Breton Island to photograph their wedding I jumped at the chance. I LOVE the East Coast – and Cape Breton in particular. It is like a whole different culture. As one woman said to me when she found out I was from Ontario, “Oh, you’re from the Outside.” Cape Breton really is so unique that if you’re not from there – you are definitely from the outside!

Looking through Pete and Toni’s images to prepare this blog post a thought kept re-surfacing. I’ve been asked numerous times if I have any regrets from my own wedding. We were young (I was 20). We had a two month engagement. But miraculously – there’s not too much I’d change. Except two things. 1) I’d want a professional photographer! 2) I wish I had taken more time to honour my parents throughout the day. There aren’t many times in life we get to publicly thank our parents for all they have done for us over the years. To take time in front of loved ones and let everyone know that all those years of thank-less parenting did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’d want my mom involved more with getting me ready. I’d do a father-daughter dance (we didn’t as we knew we would just waddle as we’re both non-dancers… but really – who cares!). I’d blubber my words of thanks. I would be more intentional.

Fast forward almost 14 years to Pete and Toni’s wedding. Throughout the day it was apparent how tight the families are. Toni’s family was especially sweet to observe as they are like our family with two daughters. During the father-daughter dance I was able to witness one of my favourite wedding moments to date. As Toni and her dad danced, part way through the song she waved her mom over. The three of them danced – or more like waddled – together. Then, her sister also joined in. The four of them as one unit danced and laughed and held on to each other. And I blubbered at the beauty of it all.

One last comment on this image. In photography, hand placement can make or break a beautiful image. What I love about this image is all you see is a chain of hands each one connected to the other. Beautiful!

toni Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

Now… let’s back up to the start of the day!

I just adore the way Toni’s mom is looking at her here at the salon. She said when the veil went on that now it felt real that her girl was getting married.

ContactSheet 001 29 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

At the salon the girls were discussing their lack of tiny turquoise boxes…. all the while Toni smirked. Afterwards she gave them their beautiful gifts – a Tiffany necklace with their initial.

IMG 7503 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7518 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding
Toni got ready at her aunt and uncle’s beautiful century home. I thought these images had to be in black and white as they have a timeless feel to them….

IMG 7563 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

ContactSheet 002 20 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 5254 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

And can we talk shoes for a moment…. wowza!

IMG 7535 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

Guys are always entertaining in their preparation – in this case kilts were involved… and instructions printed off they had googled! At least they had each other to help out.

IMG 7481 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7466 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

I love Pete’s face as he watches his gorgeous bride approach!

IMG 7626 1 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

And I love how Toni had both parents walk her down the aisle…

IMG 7622 1 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

The happy newlyweds!

ContactSheet 001d 2 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

And in keeping with the honouring of their parents.. the first thing Pete and Toni did after being pronounced man and wife – was go hug their parents!

IMG 7720 1 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

The bagpiper was a perfect touch!

IMG 7612 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

Now this is Cape Breton!

IMG 7945 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7936 1 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7736 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7686 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7730 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

IMG 7748 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

Pete’s nephews were way too cute! When the little one was standing and smiling, I asked his big brother to go over and stand by him “but don’t touch him” I said… (didn’t want him to fall over or burst into tears)… notice the photo on the right? Totally cracks me up how he is “touching” him…. ha ha.

ContactSheet 002a Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

I just love how these two are beaming at each other!

WA port103 Pete and Toni: Cape Breton Wedding

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Slideshow!

Celebrating life and love,


Something I love to do is blog. I really do enjoy it… but suddenly with being gone for 3 weeks I find myself in a new situation. Behind on blogging! In the next couple weeks watch for lots of blog posts – some may be out of order but they’re all coming!

A couple weeks ago I posted Wes & Alison’s blog post of their beautiful wedding. Today I present to you.. their slideshow! It was so fun for me to re-live their day again, trust you’ll enjoy it too!

And even with a slideshow I think we need a photo, don’t you? I love Alison’s face here during the first dance. Like she’s found home with Wes. SO peaceful.

548 Wes and Alison Slideshow

Celebrating life and love,


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