July 18, 2010 Wes and Alison

When we got to Alison’s parent’s home to photograph her and the girls, Alison took me upstairs to see her dress. I love this moment of reveal at each and every wedding. I usually try to guess a style or look I think the dress would be like. I guessed a timeless elegance for Alison – so right. It was the perfect dress. But what I wasn’t expecting was the room.

As I stepped on the dusty rose carpet – I entered Alison’s childhood. It was the perfect girl’s room – you could tell much had been untouched since her days there. Beatrix Potter books on the shelves. Family photos on the walls. And pink. Any girl would love this room. I could picture my girls in here… it’s the sort of room you would want to spend time in dreaming. Dreaming of who you would become, what you would be when you grow up and who you would marry.

I can’t help but imagine the Alison of her childhood smiling upon the Alison of today – a beautiful bride completely in love with her groom. The sort of day little girls dream of.

ali Wes and Alison

Let’s back up the day though…..

We started with the groom, Wes, and the boys. Loved the front entrance of Wes & Alison’s place.

IMG 2219 Wes and Alison

You may remember Wes and Alison’s love of birds from their engagement shoot… so had to sneak this bird into the wedding day photos!

IMG 2494 Wes and Alison

Then over to Alison’s – for Alison and the girls. I wrote a bit about her room above – what I didn’t mention was her parents are downsizing next month – so I really wanted to capture some of Alison’s room and the details for her to remember her family home growing up.

Love this image of Alison’s parent wedding photo along with her wedding dress in behind.

IMG 2551 Wes and Alison

ContactSheet 001k 1 Wes and Alison

jContactSheet 002 Wes and Alison

Loved her bouquet! (And this window)

IMG 2528 Wes and Alison

A couple years ago I photographed Nicola’s wedding where Alison was a bridesmaid – now the roles were reversed. So fun to catch up with Nicola and her husband Neil!

IMG 2226 Wes and Alison

Such a beautiful bride! Love this shot Carolynn captured of the girls peeking in….

IMG 0019 Wes and Alison

And Alison was simply beautiful.

IMG 2582 Wes and Alison

IMG 2614 Wes and Alison

IMG 0035 1 Wes and Alison

The ceremony was beautiful – with the choir singing (loved the harmonies!!) and Alison’s brother playing a “Vibraphone”. So cool. And these two just beaming at each other.

IMG 2377 Wes and Alison

IMG 2445 Wes and Alison

Then we played a little game called “dodge the rain” – we won.

IMG 2519 Wes and Alison

IMG 2715 Wes and Alison

IMG 2722 Wes and Alison

IMG 2740 Wes and Alison

IMG 2744 1 Wes and Alison

Looking good, Wes!

ContactSheet 001 20 Wes and Alison

And not only do I love Alison’s dress… I adore the fact it has pockets!

IMG 2755 Wes and Alison

All girls like bling.

IMG 2682 Wes and Alison

A little Abbey Road to cross the street over to the Art Gallery of Hamilton for the reception.

IMG 2714 Wes and Alison

And Alison had so much fun as all the cars honked and waved. Being a princess is fun.

IMG 0502 Wes and Alison

One thing I always tell my assistants or second shooters is to get a different angle than me and use a different lens. Makes no sense for us to shoot the very same thing. I love this example of Carolynn’s angle and mine. Got to say – I may be a bit jealous of her angle on this one. Thanks Carolynn!

Here’s my close up angle….

IMG 2838 Wes and Alison

And Carolynn’s full body version….

IMG 0512 Wes and Alison

I’ll sign off this post with this image of Alison beaming at her groom…. stay tuned for the slideshow soon!

ContactSheet 002 15 Wes and Alison

Oh – and for all you “techies” out there – this is one of my first weddings I’ve ever shot entirely in RAW. Verdict is still undecided. But man you use a lot of memory cards!!

Celebrating life and love,


7 Responses to “Wes and Alison”

  1. Ann Forbeck says:

    Alison & Wes are a wonderful couple to photograph with their love for one another pouring out for all to witness. However, “kudos” to you ladies for capturing the essence of love and beauty in the photos taken. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all.

  2. Christie Parry says:

    These are so beautiful!!!!! Krista and Carolyn – thank you for your fun spirit during the day. If I ever need photography done, I’m flying you up to Thunder Bay!!!

  3. Mavis and Jeff Price says:

    Congratulations. What wonderful photos to capture a very happy day. They say it all. Love and best wishes

  4. Pat Moore says:

    Congratulations on these fabulous photos! I’m sure they are the best wedding photo’s I’ve ever seen.

  5. Aunt Pat says:

    Just wonderfull. Thanks so much

  6. Amber Rieder says:

    Krista and Allie, these photos are so beautiful :) I have tears in my eyes looking at them, and remembering how beautiful yesterday was! Amazing work Krista!

    Amber (Allie’s choir friend)

  7. Alison says:

    Thank you for capturing yesterday so beautifully. Your work is stunning.

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