June 11, 2010 Wes & Alison

I met Alison a couple years ago as a bridesmaid at a wedding I photographed for Neil and Nicola. Fast forward two years and now it’s her turn! I met with Wes and Alison a few months ago… and now it’s almost time for their wedding at one of my favourite local venues, The Art Gallery of Hamilton. A perfect choice for these two artists… I’m going to do a separate blog entry about their art (LINK) and their centrepieces… so watch back for that! All I have to say is ah-mazing!

We met down at the Grindstone Creek trails in the RBG. 5minutes from downtown Hamilton and you have this gorgeous oasis. This is a favourite place of Wes and Alison’s to hike and watch for birds. I’m sure you’ll see why…

Wes and Alison hanging out on the boardwalk looking fabulous…

IMG 0027 Wes & Alison

IMG 0016 Wes & Alison

Oh wait! They have a visitor!

IMG 0035 Wes & Alison

We made lots of friends…. here’s a few.

ContactSheet 001A 1 Wes & Alison

IMG 0043 Wes & Alison

IMG 0045 Wes & Alison

IMG 0245 Wes & Alison

It was a great place to wander and explore the beauty!

IMG 9918 Wes & Alison

IMG 9965 Wes & Alison

I adore how she looks at Wes!

IMG 9971 Wes & Alison

IMG 9935 Wes & Alison

IMG 9931 Wes & Alison

I love how these images give a feeling of peeking in… they feel so intimate.

IMG 9982 Wes & Alison

IMG 9977 Wes & Alison

And the evening light is seriously magical. Sigh.

ContactSheet 001 7 Wes & Alison

IMG 0294 Wes & Alison

IMG 0306 Wes & Alison

Right after I took these above photos, our friend joined us to say one last good-bye. A great way to finish our time together!

IMG 0314 Wes & Alison

Celebrating life and love,


7 Responses to “Wes & Alison”

  1. Kathy Bauman says:

    I am so happy to see such love and trust and joy in your eyes! Wonderful photos!

  2. Athanasia says:

    Very beautiful pics…so in tune with the surrounding nature…peaceful, natural, happy and harmonius. Congrats!

  3. Aunt Pat says:

    Just lovely. Be happy

  4. Shane says:

    Wow, great pictures! Well done models.

  5. Chris says:

    Wow! I have to agree with Mark. I can see why they chose this place for their engagement pictures.

  6. Mark says:

    What an awesome place to take pictures…and you captured it all so amazingly!

  7. this is beautiful-bird whisperer? magical light indeed… sweet couple!

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