June 30, 2010 Jon and Jennifer

Jon and Jennifer asked me if I would be able to come out to Forest Cliff Camp… a bit of a trek but it had a lot of meaning for them. That statement is an understatement… every corner we turned had another story or significant meaning. I’m sentimental – so it was a perfect evening for me with two people completely smitten and stories around every corner. Let me share a few…

Jon and Jen met at this camp…. Jon was a special needs counselor and Jen was the camp nurse.

IMG 9468 Jon and Jennifer

They were both too shy to pursue things… until one day Jon came by the nurse’s station on the golf cart and Jen’s friend pushed her aboard. They talked and talked… and now they’re “Almost Married”!

IMG 9644 1 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9401 1 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9407 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9403 Jon and Jennifer

Found these fun hoses hanging behind the maintenance shed. Loved the colours!

cContactSheet 001 Jon and Jennifer

I asked Jon and Jen to sit on these oak leaves. I heard one of them mention “Oak leaves! Perfect!” And when I asked why and heard their story, I couldn’t agree more. Perfect setting.

Jon’s dad passed away a few years ago. While sick, he was telling Jon one day how proud he was of who Jon had become. Jon worried he wasn’t there yet… so much growth still to do in life. (Don’t we all feel the same?) Jon’s dad shared how an Oak tree takes years, and years, and years to reach it’s full potential. The same is true with Jon he reminded him. Love this message. So, to include Jon’s dad in the wedding they are using Oak leaves throughout their Fall celebration.

ContactSheet 003 6 Jon and Jennifer

ContactSheet 002 11 Jon and Jennifer

aContactSheet 001 3 Jon and Jennifer

We went over to the horses… so beautiful!

ContactSheet 004 3 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9694 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9672 Jon and Jennifer

I pointed out a rainbow peeking out from behind the tree… Again Jon and Jen had a perfect story to share. The night Jon’s dad passed away, he went outside and for the first time in his life saw the complete arc of a rainbow. It gave him some comfort as a rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise. This night, it was as if someone was smiling down on these two.

IMG 9709 1 Jon and Jennifer

Jon and Jen showed me these great chairs on the nurse’s cabin porch. They talked about sitting out on the porch and rocking (they’re the coolest rocking chairs!) for hours….

IMG 9748 Jon and Jennifer

Then Jon casually mentioned – his dad actually built this porch they were sitting on now. Did I not say there was meaning around every corner?

ContactSheet 006 2 Jon and Jennifer

These two – and this light – just make me happy.

ContactSheet 007 1 Jon and Jennifer

Off we headed to the beach. Lake Huron has the most amazing sunsets. This sky photo is straight out of the camera. It was an amazing night.

IMG 9852 1 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9947 1 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9822 Jon and Jennifer

ContactSheet 008 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9785 Jon and Jennifer

If you look close… can you see some of Jen’s blowing hair forms a perfect heart shape?

IMG 9817 Jon and Jennifer

They climbed up the lifeguard stand for this cute photo….

IMG 9869 Jon and Jennifer

Jen had on these great antique earrings – I asked about them. They were her late Grandmother’s. Her Grandma left her these earrings as Jen was the only one in the family with green eyes and had to be the one to wear them. Jen will also be wearing her Grandma’s pearls on her wedding day. Beautiful!

IMG 9932 Jon and Jennifer

IMG 9942 Jon and Jennifer

These two are just happiness personified.

ContactSheet 009 Jon and Jennifer

Jon and Jen – thank you so much for sharing so many of your memories with me! Can’t wait for October!

Celebrating life and love,


8 Responses to “Jon and Jennifer”

  1. Melissa MacDonald says:

    As I am patiently waiting for the wedding pics to arrive I decided to go through these pictures again. I absolutly LOVE the heart in Jenn’s hair, it’s incredible! God is so GOOD! I feel love radiating from these two whenever I’m around them.

    <3 Missy

  2. Carol (Hairnet) says:

    I worked with both Jon (Moose!)& Jen at Forest Cliff Camp a few summers ago………these pictures are awesome!! (brings tears to my eyes!!)
    Congratulations and God Bless!!

  3. Sarah Stone says:

    Beautiful Pics Krista breathtaking!!!!

  4. Doug says:

    I spent a great partial summer there as a teenager, and many times at Forest Cliff as a child. It was fun to see pictures of the place again. And the ‘heart in the hair’? Ridiculously stunning. I don’t know how you capture these gems, Krista.

  5. Jenn says:


    The pictures are fantastic! Thank you so much for traveling to the camp and being so much fun :) Definitely look forward to October so much more.

  6. JoAnn Eastman says:

    I am Speechless and Blubbering like a Mom. My baby is all grown up.I wish him Love and Happiness.

  7. Jon says:


    I am absolutely speechless. These are far better than I could ever imagine. Thank you so much for coming to the camp with us. I would say I have a favorite one but each one is more beautiful than the last.

    Thanks again :)

  8. Rachel says:

    Beautiful as always Krista.

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