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May 31, 2010 Paul & Becca

When I got to the hotel where Becca was getting married, she got nervous. As she said “Having you here, makes it seem more real!” She mentioned how she had seen all the weddings on my blog, and now it was sinking it that it was going to be her wedding this time. This was really happening.

Becca had no question in her mind about marrying Paul – nor would anyone who sees these two together – but she was nervous about having everyone’s eyes on her. Not liking to be the center of attention, Becca wondered how she’d be able to do it. I knew she was nervous when we headed out of the hotel and she asked “Has anyone seen my bouquet?” To which I replied “You’re holding it.”

Fast forward to the ceremony starting and Becca is still nervous. As she walks down the aisle with her dad… something changes. She sees Paul. And you can see the change. She locks eyes with him… and suddenly there are no crowds of on-lookers. There’s a crowd of one waiting for his bride, and she’s ready.

becca Paul & Becca

Let me share a few photos of Paul & Becca’s Big Day….

IMG 5770 Paul & Becca

anContactSheet 001 Paul & Becca

Becca’s “something borrowed” – beautiful antique (a few hundred years old!) earrings lent to her by a bridesmaid’s mother.

IMG 5795 Paul & Becca

jContactSheet 001 Paul & Becca

IMG 8540 Paul & Becca

IMG 8546 1 Paul & Becca

I love this image Carolynn captured….

IMG 5823 1 Paul & Becca

One thing I loved, was how the two families had bonded. Paul and Becca told me about a family cottage weekend they had enjoyed with the two families. And I have to admit, when I heard that Paul’s mom was wearing a sari out of respect for Becca’s family… I got a bit choked up. Just beautiful.

IMG 8334 Paul & Becca

Let’s not forget… Paul was looking quite dapper himself!

hContactSheet 003 Paul & Becca

While Becca got ready, the ring bearer and flower girls popped in for a visit. The ring bearer shared his disgust again about his newly acquired knowledge from the rehearsal… Paul & Becca would have to KISS in front of their parents. ewwwww…… These next two images are him anticipating the big moment, and then the reactions of him and the flower girl….

IMG 8438 Paul & Becca

llContactSheet 001 Paul & Becca

I love this feeling of calm in this image. Paul & Becca not only had the usual craziness of planning a wedding… they did so while finishing up medical school. Two weeks ago Paul & Becca graduated… and are both now doctors. I can not imagine planning a wedding and studying so hard for school. When I met with them prior to the wedding to go over details.. they had graduated two days before. They explained they weren’t use to this calm and lack of deadlines. And being able to sleep and not study all night. Another thing they’ve been busy with? Planning their month long honeymoon of Southeast Asia. A well deserved break before beginning their new roles of doctor this summer.

IMG 6037 Paul & Becca

IMG 9061 Paul & Becca

IMG 9129 Paul & Becca

IMG 6056 Paul & Becca

Such a gorgeous wedding party!

IMG 5957 Paul & Becca

IMG 5977 Paul & Becca

And on to the reception… Liuna Gardens is such a gorgeous location for ceremony and reception!

ContactSheet 001 4 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 002 3 Paul & Becca

The reception was full of fun games, music and lots of hilarious stories and photos. The highlight was definitely when Paul surprised Becca by singing to her right before their first dance. Afterwards, Paul and Becca told me that Paul had first sung to her on a school camping trip a few weeks after meeting and they both agreed that was the turning point in their relationship. And Becca said that’s when she fell for him. The songs Paul sang to her at the wedding was the same song. SIgh. Love it. As soon as the song was over, they went right into their first dance.

IMG 9391 Paul & Becca

And before we left we stepped outside for a couple last minute night photos on a gorgeous evening!

IMG 9273 Paul & Becca

This wedding was so full of joy… as I came home I couldn’t hep but tweet… ” Tonight all I feel is love and happiness.”

Watch back this week for the slideshow to this beautiful day!

Celebrating life and love,


May 30, 2010 Coming Up….

This weekend I was away from Friday morning until Sunday evening… so I haven’t had a chance to blog Friday’s wedding or Saturday’s engagement session. Can’t wait to share these. In the meantime… here is an image from each to tie you over!

Friday’s wedding of Paul and Becca was perfect! Perfect weather, gorgeous venue and a beautiful couple absolutely in love. This image is from one of my favourite moments of the wedding day – when the couple walks for the first time as husband and wife… leaving the ceremony and entering into their new life together. Such joy!

aIMG 8548 1 Coming Up....

And Mark and Kate I met up with on Saturday. Kate was fairly anti-engagement session… but we had so much fun! This sweet older gentleman was sitting on a bench reading, and just as I was going t have Mark and Kate go join him on the other end of the bench, he was joined by this beautiful elderly woman… in the same colour dress as Kate. I just loved the contrast of old and young here….

IMG 9606 Coming Up....

Watch for more to come soon…..

Celebrating life and love,


May 28, 2010 Wedding Day

Today I’m off to shoot Paul & Becca’s wedding… can’t wait. These two are not ony adorable, but so sweet and in love. Should be a beautiful day! We had so much fun at their engagement photos (LINK)…. can’t wait for today!

In preparing for today I was looking over some of my notes from WPPI… and thought I’d share two favourite quotes….

“Take a look at what you’re looking at” Jay Maisel

“A great moment, is a great moment. A great moment with great light makes a great photograph”

Today I plan to look – really look – at what I’m looking at. And to look for great light. Come back soon to see what I find!

ContactSheet 005 2 Wedding Day

Celebrating life and love,


May 26, 2010 Simple Things

It’s the simple things in life. An ice cold glass of water on a hot day. A big belly laugh from a child. The smell of sawdust or freshly cut grass. Beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road. Unexpected surprises. An encouraging email or phone call. Breakfast outside in the sunshine.

Today – may you find the simple things in your life to take sheer delight in. Look around and find the beauty of today!

IMG 8172 Simple Things

May you find reasons upon reasons to celebrate today!

Celebrating life and love,


May 25, 2010

I posted at the start of the weekend I planned to spend the weekend enjoying my family… and it was such a great weekend of connecting with the family and so many people we love! Over the course of the weekend we enjoyed gardening and working on the treefort (more of that to come!). We had friends over for games on Sunday night and a BBQ on Monday night. My cousin Kathryn and her hubby Aaron spent the weekend here. It was a great weekend! Coming off a weekend like this I feel rejuvenated and alive! Although rather exhausted at the same time…..

Here’s a few photos of the weekend fun…

ContactSheet 002 2

IMG 7853

IMG 7948

IMG 7903

IMG 7930

IMG 7993

IMG 7973
IMG 8018

IMG 7990

IMG 7892

IMG 8078

Celebrating life and love,


May 22, 2010 Long Weekend

Hope you all have a great “unofficial start to summer” long weekend!!

I plan to do a lot of this….

webIMG 6334 Long Weekend

webIMG 6328bw Long Weekend

With these two…

webIMG 6320 Long Weekend

And here is a sad attempt at a family photo with a timer. Good reminder why people hire photographers – ha ha.

webIMG 6293 Long Weekend

This is more “us” though…

webIMG 6297 Long Weekend

(We’ll be getting family photos done by a photographer in the near future – watch for these!)

Celebrating life and love,


May 21, 2010 Pete and Toni

Back in January I got an email with three special words as the subject “Cape Breton Wedding”. Yeah, my heart skipped a beat. I love Cape Breton! And when I think of the east coast – I think of warm hearted, fun-loving, laid back, friendly, amazing people. Pete and Toni absolutely fit this description!

After two rained out sessions… yesterday, Pete and Toni made the trek out to my place for their engagement session on a perfect Spring evening. When we started they were so nervous… their embarrassed smiles were so adorable that I’ve decided to set out to continually embarrass them on their wedding. Seems the only proper thing for me to do. icon smile Pete and Toni

IMG 7178 Pete and Toni

IMG 7181 Pete and Toni

These two are always laughing!

IMG 7188 Pete and Toni

IMG 7247 Pete and Toni

I love dreamy evening light….

IMG 7255 Pete and Toni

ContactSheet 003 1 Pete and Toni

ContactSheet 001 2 Pete and Toni

Love the texture here on this old shed…

IMG 7308 Pete and Toni

Story… we had this ugly bush in front of our house. I debated cutting it down. Surprise! This week it flowered. It definitely gets to stay. (Anyone know what kind it is? I’m curious). These two helped bring it to life with their big laughs and those great dimples on Toni. Can’t wait to see her as a bride!

IMG 7377 1 Pete and Toni

IMG 7332 1 Pete and Toni

IMG 7345 1 Pete and Toni

IMG 7361 1 Pete and Toni

A little moment in the barn…

ContactSheet 002 1 Pete and Toni

And then back outside to play!

IMG 7410 Pete and Toni

IMG 7425 Pete and Toni

IMG 7426 1 Pete and Toni

ContactSheet 004 Pete and Toni

This next shot is one of my favourite from the shoot….

IMG 7508 1 Pete and Toni

And then Toni had a request.. she wanted some “goofy” photos. I think these qualify as goofy. Aren’t they so cute, these two?

IMG 7564 Pete and Toni

IMG 7569 Pete and Toni

ContactSheet 006 Pete and Toni

I love these last two….

IMG 7671 Pete and Toni

IMG 7666 Pete and Toni

So looking forward to their wedding in August…

Celebrating life and love,


Tonight Pete and Toni came down to my place for their engagement photos. The weather was divine, and these two are adorable. Here’s one to hold you over…

IMG 7426 Pete & Toni: Teaser

Celebrating life and love,


May 20, 2010 Before and After

The other day I blogged about Olivia’s first birthday. You might have noticed she was a tangled mess of hair in the photos. Olivia has the invisible fence and so she runs wild outside all day long. She does not look like your typical poodle at all. I love the shaggy look – but lately it’s become so tangled that it’s just one huge matt of hair. Took her in to get clipped – they had to shave everything because of how bad it had gotten.

I present the most drastic of Before and Afters I can offer…


IMG 6980 Before and After


IMG 6998 Before and After


IMG 6990 Before and After


IMG 7004 Before and After


Celebrating life and love,


I generally blog …. a lot. I try to do a few blog posts a week. So since I’m always updating the blog… I did something bad. I neglected to update my portfolio on my website. When I sat down to do this one evening a couple weeks ago I had a huge shock. It was very, very, very out of date. Eeeks!! I’ve been spending hours upon hours going through weddings and engagements (portrait site to be updated next) to pull out some of my favourite images. In doing so I realized a couple things about myself and my style I had to share.

One thing I have strived for is to create images that are timeless and that tell the story. I think back to when I got married in the 90′s… there were the set cheesy poses all weddings had. Thankfully these poses and the style of photography has changed. But the moments haven’t. So the photos of the emotions and story of the day… are still in style.

As I looked back over photos from a few years ago… I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t mortified. Why? Because the photos captured emotions… the photo of Amanda and her Grandpa sitting quietly together, of Derek whispering to Loretta during the ceremony, of three generations sharing a laugh together… these are not trends that are here today, and embarrassed of tomorrow.

What I was embarrassed of was a small phase I went through where I fell victim to trendy editing. I had a few photos that had a bit of a “glow” to them that quickly got pulled from the portfolio. You see… I’ve also learned that black and white and true colours also don’t go out of style. I want your grandkids to pull out the photos and see the story of the day – not the trends of the photography industry of the day. I love looking at my parents wedding photos (from 1967!) – majority are in black and white, those that are in colour are the real colours of the wedding. I’m not distracted by the photographer… instead I’m drawn to the subjects. Just like on the wedding day when my goal is to go “unseen” – likewise, I want to be “unseen” in your photos. They should be about you…

The other thing I noticed was how attached I was to these people. As I looked back over the years I remembered each day, each couple, and so many moments. I may go to a lot of weddings… but each one is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. I love how many couples have become friends. I love my clients!!

Please take a minute and go to my website and look through the wedding section images – and tell me what you think! In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos that are all a few years old….

2006… Julie fighting back tears as her dad walks her down the outdoor aisle. I remember it was a beautiful July day… hot and sunny. But the great outdoor venue they had at Canterbury HIlls felt cool with all the trees and was absolutely gorgeous! (Julie and Ryan have since expanded their family by two kids!)

20060701 IMG 3254 2 Through the years....

2006… Derek whispering to Loretta through the service. This wedding was my first Catholic ceremony and also was when my now good friend, Sandra, and I really started to bond as Loretta is her sister-in-law. (They too have expanded by two kids!)

20060722 IMG 6064 Through the years....

2006… One of the best experiences for me as a photographer was when a fellow photographer, Jayme Morrison, hired me to shoot just the candids at her wedding. It was a definite turning point for me as I did not have to focus on the couple… just the story happening all around them. Opened my eyes up for all the other weddings I will ever shoot to remember there is always a story going on behind the couple as well as with them.

20060825 IMG 0798 Through the years....

2007… Chris and Arlene were so beautiful to photograph. They were so intentional and emotional. (And I had so much fun photographing their baby daughter last year!)

chrisarlene 7368 Through the years....

2007… I loved Mike and Vanessa’s wedding. They had such a personalized wedding – beautiful. I love that this bridal portrait that is taken just in the stairwell of their home… is still as lovely as it was 3 years ago. (And Mike and Vanessa also are just about to become parents!)

Untitled 1 Through the years....

2008… Three generations of men in Aaron’s family sharing a laugh. I recall his Grandpa’s memory was going… but here in this photo he looks present and so happy. Generational photos are always favourites for me.

IMG 9102 Through the years....

2008…. Two years later and I still get choked up when I look through the series of photos around this moment here. After the ceremony, all of Mark and Amanda’s guests went outside for photos and a receiving line. It was a hot day, so Grandpa was inside to get some shade. Amanda came in, away from the crowd and the busyness of the day.. and just sat with Grandpa. Not sure who cried more – Amanda, Grandpa or me – as he shared his memories and well wishes with her. In this photo I can still hear him as he’s saying “I can remember when you were just this big”…

IMG 0252 Through the years....

As I look back over the years of photos I feel so blessed with the people who have trusted me with their moments. I trust the images they have from edison photography will be timeless memories for generations…. I’m just getting ready to kick start 2010′s wedding season and I could not be more excited!

Celebrating life and love,


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