March 7, 2010 Print Competition

I’ve been coming to WPPI for 4 years… and every year I say I’m going to enter the print competition. Every year I procrastinate or chicken out. This year I missed the cutoff. But… then they extended the deadline and I decided I HAVE to do this!! So, I decided I only had time to get one photo ready, printed, matted and shipped.

Entering the room for print competition I felt ill. Nauseous. These are international print judges from the UK, Australia and across the US. Multi-award winning judges looking at my photo? It seemed Like two separate worlds of mine colliding. The world where I read magazines and blogs of these award-winning photographers and drool over their images. And me sitting at home in Ontario at my computer editing, sending emails, ordering prints and working away. We spent a couple hours of watching the print competition – learning so much from their critiques. SO much.

Well, when my two worlds collided these are the words I heard….

“Photography standard”

“It’s art I would hang in my home”

“Great black and white”

“Beautiful, timeless pose”


“it looks real and not over photoshopped”

IMG 0397 1 Print Competition

It was a great experience and now I’m eager to up my game and enter more next year.

And then I logged on to Facebook, and found this new review on the edison page from Angela (the bride in this image):

“The depth of a beautiful photo is just a reflection of the depth of the artist behind the camera. I don’t know how she does it, but when you look at Krista’s photos you recall what you were thinking in the moment. She will bring out things you thought were only knowable from the inside. Her photos aren’t simply pictures, they’re diary entries.”

Celebrating life and love,


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