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March 28, 2010 Baby Max

One joy of the many joys of my job is to re-connect with old friends. Natalie and I were friends in high school and got hadn’t seen each other much over the last few years unfortunately. Finding each other on Facebook lead me to photographing her daughter’s first birthday a couple years ago – so fun! And this weekend I headed into Toronto to their beautiful home to meet the newest addition to their family – baby Max. SO sweet. Max was the best baby possible yesterday – awake and alert at first, then drifted into the most sound sleep possible. Love this little guy. As does his Big Sister Zadie!! She is so much like Eden in personality – a lot of fun! Zadie told me “she’s a little bit mysterious”. Too cute!

Meet 4 week old Max. Could he be any cuter? Answer – NO!

webIMG 3134 Baby Max

webIMG 3256 Baby Max

Zadie simply adores him.

webIMG 3232copy Baby Max

And so do mom and dad.

webIMG 3209 Baby Max

This picture of dad touching Zadie’s cheek chokes me up a bit. Such a tender moment.

webIMG 3289 Baby Max

I always forget how small kids start out. I love when they just cuddle in to you!

webaContactSheet 001 Baby Max

Max fell asleep – so we decided where all we could put him in the house. ha ha.

webIMG 3316 Baby Max

webIMG 3305 Baby Max

webIMG 3326 Baby Max

And since mom and dad are avid readers and lover of books – thought this was a fitting pose!

webIMG 3357 Baby Max

Natalie – so good to reconnect! I love your family!

Celebrating life and love,


March 26, 2010

The other day Eden and I went to the beach for the afternoon. We spent an hour throwing rocks into the water. I grabbed a big rock and said “do you think I can throw this one?” I loved her response….

“Yeah, I think you can. Besides, you’re my mom. You can do anything…. except fly. Only Peter Pan and fairies can fly.”

Conversation with Eden today. She was being a grouch and kept saying “no!” when I was trying to get her to eat her lunch.

Me… “Eden you can’t say that word anymore.”
Eden.. “What word? ‘No’?”
Me… “Yes, that word. “
Eden… “ha ha – I just said it”
Me… “Okay not again though”
Eden “So I can’t say ‘no’ anymore?”
Me… “That’s right”
Eden… “ha ha… I said it again!”

March Break is over. As much as I adored having my girlies home…. my patience is running out. Mark was away most of the week at a conference in Georgia and I never sleep as well when he’s not home. Lack of sleep = even less patience.

Most of March Break I was in love with having the girls to myself. By Saturday they started to get on each other’s nerves. By Sunday they were on my nerves.

Today Madi went back to school. (Eden goes every other day so she’s back tomorrow). Tonight Mark comes home. Yay!! Tomorrow I have the house to myself and plan to pump out albums!

And because every post needs a photo… here’s one of Mark and I in a few years. One can always dream….

IMG 1590 Patience is running out....

Celebrating life and love,


March 22, 2010 Beautiful Mistakes

One of my goals is to always be learning, stretching and staying creatively awake. I need to shoot for myself and my enjoyment in order to be the best photographer I can be for others.

Back in the Fall I bought a Holga camera to experiment with. I Was headed to Puerto Rico that week to shoot a wedding and thought I’d bring it along. I’m not use to film anymore… did you know you actually have to take it in and get it processed? Crazy but true. icon smile Beautiful Mistakes And did you know you can’t snap thousands of photos – my film roll was only 12 frames.

So, I just got my pictures back this week. The lady at the lab told me they didn’t really work out… which wasn’t too surprising to me as it was my first attempt. As I sat in the car and riped open the envelope I found a surprise.

In my early days of working, I had a boss who encouraged mistakes. Well, not mistakes… but his theory was if you’re not making the occasional mistake – you’re not taking risks, and not growing. That lesson has stuck with me.

So, I present to you my surprise I found… also known as my mistakes.

I found a few images that I liked – errors and all. When I look at them I’m reminded mistakes can be beautiful.

These are all straight from camera (mistakes and all!)

000014 Beautiful Mistakes

000013 Beautiful Mistakes

000012 Beautiful Mistakes

000011 Beautiful Mistakes

000010 Beautiful Mistakes

Celebrating life, love and mistakes,


A few years ago I read an article that has stuck with me. We celebrate so many firsts throughout our lives…

first steps
first laugh
first birthday
first day of school
first lost tooth
first baseball game
first date
first car
first kiss
first day of university
first job

But we don’t celebrate the lasts because we simply don’t know when it will be our last. But often they are more of a milestone but go by unnoticed.

Last car ride with the entire family in the car
Last time a child holds their parents hand
Last day Eden wears a princess dress in public
Last night Madi asks for cuddles and a bedtime story

Today for some reason this whole idea was going through my mind. And it reminded me yet again, to celebrate each moment. To make a conscious decision to celebrate.

To celebrate when Eden wants to be near me all day long – even going as far as to bring her colouring onto the island while I cook supper. One day she will likely want to be as far from me as possible instead.

IMG 3121 Celebrating the Last Time

To celebrate when Madi offers a song and dance performance. Who knows when her last impromptu performance she offers me will be.

ContactSheet 001 40 Celebrating the Last Time

To celebrate when Eden colours the frog peeing… no, it’s not male anatomy. She already did that earier in the day. Got to love 5 year old humour.

IMG 3100 Celebrating the Last Time

To celebrate when Madi sneaks inside to surprise me with setting the table – complete with wine glasses, kleenex box, pussy willows and a card.

IMG 3097 Celebrating the Last Time

ContactSheet 001k 2 Celebrating the Last Time

To celebrate when Madi’s imagination includes a winter coat, scarf, boots, hat, lantern, flower…. instead of instantly hollering at her to put things away.

ContactSheet 002 26 Celebrating the Last Time

May you find reasons in the mundane today to celebrate – the firsts and the lasts and everything in between!

Celebrating life and love,


March 19, 2010 Baby Gina

Three years ago I photographed adorable Lukas and his family out at his family’s Greenhouse business. At that time he was an only child….

Fast forward three years and Lukas is now a big brother to baby sister Gina!

Gina’s mom contacted me while still in the hospital… she was a tad excited I think! So, I headed out to meet 6 day old Gina… what a sweetheart! With her full head of gorgeous, black hair and great disposition… I can see why the family is so smitten!

We started off at the family home….

Since their parents own Greenhouses, there were fresh flowers everywhere – beautiful!

IMG 2774 1 Baby Gina

Gina’s mom made this gorgeous quilt!

IMG 2891 Baby Gina

Big brother Lukas is so sweet with her…

IMG 2881 Baby Gina

I took this photo of Gina, and afterwards noticed Lukas in the background. Love the protective big brother!

IMG 2867 Baby Gina

Gina needed to relax after all that posing – and so she just chilled in her bedroom…

ContactSheet 001 39 Baby Gina

Gina is destined to have a love affair with shoes….

IMG 2953 Baby Gina

As we headed out to the car, we popped over to the orchard to take some more photos.

IMG 0078 Baby Gina

IMG 0076 Baby Gina

We then headed to Stitch - an amazing store where Gina’s mom works and loves to be at. The store is called “A Sanctuary for Knitters, Quilters, & Needle Artists”…. I haven’t ever knitted or crocheted or anything and it’s been 15 years since I made my one and only quilt… but you step foot in here and you want to create. You imagine all that you could make and you start drooling over wool and needles and material that you have no idea how to use. I could visualize the book “The Friday Night Knitting Club” after being in this new location. Joslyn, the owner, is a calming presence… I think being around her I could just learn to knit through osmosis. A few years ago I was able to photograph her own family at her previous store location – seriously, I’m in love with this woman’s decorating taste.

IMG 3011 Baby Gina

Gina was suppose to be a planned c-section for St. Patrick’s Day so she had a green dress all ready… but Gina had other plans and came 5 days early. But we still had to honour the green!

IMG 3023 Baby Gina

This photo was actually an accident – I was getting ready to snap as soon as Gina was calmed by dad’s hand… so I snapped while he soothed her to make sure everything was ready to go. But when I looked through the photos I was drawn to this “accident”. I don’t generally name my images but for me this one is called “Time Flies”

IMG 3032 Baby Gina

Since Gina’s mom is a quilter, we had to add some photos of Gina in the quilt material…

IMG 3074 Baby Gina

She was loving the camera! She was fussy, and then as soon as I would click – she’d stop and visibly calm down. I think we have a future model on our hands.

IMG 3087 Baby Gina

Thank you for the honour of photographing your new daughter… she is beautiful! I love looking at the meanings if names, and I looked up “Gina” and see it means “Queen”. Perfect name for this little regal beauty!

Celebrating life and love,


March 19, 2010 Home Sweet Home

I realize I haven’t blogged since Vegas… so I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to….

I went from enjoying the lights of Vegas….

IMG 9578 1 Home Sweet Home

To the lights of home….

IMG 2751 Home Sweet Home

The strip of Vegas…

IMG 2426 1 Home Sweet Home

To the strip at home…

IMG 9573 Home Sweet Home

Walking nightly with friends….

IMG 2336 Home Sweet Home

To walking nightly with my family…

IMG 2741 Home Sweet Home

I’m always amazed how at one moment I can be surrounded by the buzz of the city and lights of Vegas…. and a few hours later I can be sitting in my hammock in the middle of no where. As much as I adore travelling, coming home is always the best feeling!

Celebrating life and love,


March 10, 2010 Marie + girls

The second night we were here we went to the Hard Rock cafe for a nice quiet dinner… it didn’t happen. Instead we fell in love with the staff as they had us laughing until we cried and our stomachs hurt. So we went back the next night … and the next night….

In that time we met Marie. She is the sweetest person!! In one of our chats we heard a bit of her story – she had a rough couple of months. And you know what – you have a decision when bad things happen. You can get bitter or you can get stronger and move on changed. Marie cut her hair, started working out and has an awesome attitude on life. We had to wait until Tuesday afternoon to photograph her and her daughters because she was building a house with Habitat for Humanity. You know – what most single moms who is actively involved in her daughters’ lives while working a full time job does. I love Marie.

So, we wanted to give her something. And the best thing we can offer her was some memories of this time in her life – where she could choose bitterness or love… and she chose to love. Just look at how her entire face beams. Love.

IMG 9795 2 Marie + girls

IMG 9810 1 Marie + girls

IMG 9892 1 Marie + girls

Meet 9 year old Brianna – she loves to read fantasy books. She is a helper – getting up early to help make breakfast and school lunches. She loves her sister – even when she’s a brat. She is poised and confident – at supper someone came over to our table, and Brianna held out her hand to shake and said “Hello. I’m Brianna.” with so much confidence – you would think she was 25. Brianna also loves fashion and modeling. Watch out world!

IMG 9770 Marie + girls

IMG 9904 Marie + girls

And meet 7 year old MacKenzie. Like my 7 year old Madison she fell in love at SeaWorld and wants to be a dolphin trainer. She’s a little munchkin who probably did 100 cartwheels in our time together. She giggles easily. She doesn’t sit still because there is a run, cartwheel or spin just waiting to bust out.

IMG 9782 2 Marie + girls

IMG 9906 Marie + girls

Sisters – one minute loving… the next fighting. Got to love it.

IMG 9928 Marie + girls

IMG 9862 1 Marie + girls

ContactSheet 002 24 Marie + girls

Marie, Brianna and MacKenzie – it has been an honour getting to know your family. Thank you for supper and for many laughs.

Celebrating life and love,


This is my fourth year coming down to WPPI. Every year Sunday is my favourite. Usually there are not as many classes or activities on Sundays – and so we take the day off, rent a car and go exploring!! It’s become a tradition that I love.

I’m not much of a city gal – so I love to get away from the glitz, lights and noise (and smoke! Is this the last place on earth you can smoke in a building?) and just re-focus. When Mark and I travel – we’re the same. I remember when we were in Europe – our highlights definitely were when we rented a car and just explored the countryside and small unknown towns.

In past years at WPPI we’ve gone to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Ghost Towns… but every year I return to my favourite place. Valley of Fire.

So this year we took a minivan AND a car of all of us Canadian gals (where are all the guys this year? The women are representing!) and off we went…

We shoot each other as models each year – great practice for photographers to be shot and be reminded what it’s like to be on the other side of the lens. Look how ridiculously excited we get…. ha ha.

IMG 2581 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Kathy just wanting to snap!

IMG 2579 WPPI   Valley of Fire

The other constant in my WPPI travels is Sandra… every year she and I have made this trek together!

IMG 2577 WPPI   Valley of Fire

And the last two years Nataschia has joined our travels

IMG 2587 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Finally we keep going and get to the Valley of Fire. It’s an hours drive at most out of Vegas – and so gorgeous!

IMG 2593 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 9316 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Oh! And look who else is at the Valley today…

IMG 2599 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2600 WPPI   Valley of Fire

ANd then the fun begins. Oh – did I mention it was RAINING all day? Raining in the desert. Strange.

IMG 2607 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2617 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2638 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2634 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2655 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 9327 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 2693 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Funniest moment ever… Nataschia spinning, spinning… and crashing into the bushes!! Feet right up in the air!

IMG 2716 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Look! A smiling elephant!

IMG 9374 WPPI   Valley of Fire

The one thing I always feel when I go to somewhere like here or Grand Canyon – is how small I am. A reminder that as huge as my problems may seem – in perspective… they’re a drop in the big wide ocean.

IMG 9389 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 9401 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Then we drove home a different way along Lake MEad – stunningly beautiful. But a visual reminder to drive safe – eeks!

IMG 9435 WPPI   Valley of Fire

One of my favourite places here I haven’t visited since my first year here – love it!

IMG 9449 1 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 9500 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Self-Timer photos never grow old….

IMG 9503 WPPI   Valley of Fire

The drive home – every corner was more beautiful than the last.

IMG 9550 1 WPPI   Valley of Fire

Then all of a sudden we saw a glow… Vegas!

IMG 9565 WPPI   Valley of Fire

IMG 9578 1 WPPI   Valley of Fire

A great day!!!

So much more to blog – stay tuned!

Celebrating life and love,


March 7, 2010 Print Competition

I’ve been coming to WPPI for 4 years… and every year I say I’m going to enter the print competition. Every year I procrastinate or chicken out. This year I missed the cutoff. But… then they extended the deadline and I decided I HAVE to do this!! So, I decided I only had time to get one photo ready, printed, matted and shipped.

Entering the room for print competition I felt ill. Nauseous. These are international print judges from the UK, Australia and across the US. Multi-award winning judges looking at my photo? It seemed Like two separate worlds of mine colliding. The world where I read magazines and blogs of these award-winning photographers and drool over their images. And me sitting at home in Ontario at my computer editing, sending emails, ordering prints and working away. We spent a couple hours of watching the print competition – learning so much from their critiques. SO much.

Well, when my two worlds collided these are the words I heard….

“Photography standard”

“It’s art I would hang in my home”

“Great black and white”

“Beautiful, timeless pose”


“it looks real and not over photoshopped”

IMG 0397 1 Print Competition

It was a great experience and now I’m eager to up my game and enter more next year.

And then I logged on to Facebook, and found this new review on the edison page from Angela (the bride in this image):

“The depth of a beautiful photo is just a reflection of the depth of the artist behind the camera. I don’t know how she does it, but when you look at Krista’s photos you recall what you were thinking in the moment. She will bring out things you thought were only knowable from the inside. Her photos aren’t simply pictures, they’re diary entries.”

Celebrating life and love,


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