February 19, 2010 Road Trip!

It’s road trip time, gang! Every year we go down to Florida to visit my in-laws and this year for the first time we thought it would be fun to drive! I’ll let you know if we were right or not in a couple days. We are taking a few days to get down. Last night we left after work and got to Dayton, Ohio. Today we are driving to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and then on to Georgia. Tomorrow we get to Florida!

Needless to say…. I’ll be away from work for a few days. I am aiming to “unplug” and will only have computer access at hotels. If you are trying to reach edison… I will be answering emails March 1st upon return.

I thought it would be fun to hear about the trip from my girls. Here’s from my 7 year old Madi. Maybe next time Eden will share.

Hi. I’m Madi and I’m on a trip. We are going to Florida. We are driving. It is a big drive to Florida. On the way my tooth was bleeding because it is wiggly. On the car ride we stopped sometimes. My favourite part is listening to audio books and listening to music. The music was mostly “Glee”. I love Glee, how about you? On the trip we went to a hotel. Our hotel room was attached to another and it looked like a Pioneer house. At the hotel I saw a humongous icicle. We are back on the road. Bye.

Thank you to everyone pet sitting and watching our house and such! THANK YOU!

And now – we’re getting back on the road again!

celebrating life and love,


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