February 7, 2010 Lacie & Angela

Back in December I had the privilege of shooting Laszlo (Lacie) and Angela‘s wedding in Budapest. These two are so full of life it’s unbelievable. They love life and love and everyone they come in contact with. It’s beautiful and powerful to observe.

Yesterday was their Ontario reception. My good friend – the lovely and hilarious Nataschia came with me to shoot and we had a great day! We started off at Angela’s parents farm in Stouffville. It was fun to see the gang from Budapest on Canadian soil!

One of the first introductions that was offered – was to Angela’s grandparents. I think I’m in love and may consider quitting wedding photography just to photograph them from now on. I love them.

ContactSheet 001 30 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5117 Lacie & Angela

After getting dressed in their wedding attire – Lacie and Angela braved the cold for a moment alone.

IMG 5106 Lacie & Angela

We did family photos outdoors – brrr…. and then Angela said “I’m running now!” and grabbed Lacie’s hand and was off!

IMG 5194 Lacie & Angela

I. Love. These. Two. Crazy. Kids.

IMG 5235 Lacie & Angela

ContactSheet 002 19 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5221 Lacie & Angela

After we went inside for a couple of minutes to thaw… Angela’s aunt gave her fur coat to Angela to wear. So fun!

IMG 5277 Lacie & Angela

I love the contrast of the formal fur with the cows and the barn.

IMG 5335 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5337 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5345 Lacie & Angela

Mmmmmmm…. hello gorgeous light.

IMG 5361 Lacie & Angela

And we’re off to the reception!

IMG 5372 Lacie & Angela

It was so fun to take a big yellow school bus to the reception!

IMG 5405 Lacie & Angela

Lacie having grown up ni Hungary had never ridden on a school bus before. For him and his sister – this was a “first”!

IMG 5450 Lacie & Angela

The gang was all singing and then Angela’s dad brought out hs harmonica – so fun!!!

IMG 5506 Lacie & Angela

Cutest thing ever.

IMG 5522 Lacie & Angela

The reception was stunningly beautiful… but the real beauty was Lacie and Angela. As she said in her “speech” – our love is magic! She reminded guests that the night was about celebrating love – not just the love of the newlyweds… but the love between whoever you were with that night.

IMG 0051 Lacie & Angela

IMG 0061 Lacie & Angela

And dance they did. I would not be surprised if they were still there partying right now.

IMG 0256 Lacie & Angela

I can not begin to describe how much I laughed last night watching all this joy in one room. My face hurts from smiling.

Lacie & Angela – thank you.

Celebrating life and love,


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