February 10, 2010 Good Advice

I like to read people’s blogs… and tonight I was reading Jasmine Star‘s latest post ca;;ed “Just Because” and it reminded me of a story I have to share!

When Mark and I were really newly married.. I’m talking a couple weeks… maybe a month – we finally went to the bank to open a joined account. I was on my lunch break and in a hurry – we met at the bank, signed papers and then I had to boot it. It was an older woman serving us at the bank. I asked her if I was done as I really had to get going… and was relieved when I got the “go ahead”. I threw Mark a “Bye Mark!” over my shoulder as I started to leave.

This nice bank clerk called me back.

I don’t know why – bank clerks are like police officers to me. I know I’ve done nothing wrong, but I still feel like they could get me in trouble. I felt like a kid going to face the principal.

“How long have you been married?” she asked me. She was obviously a little upset and I was worried what I forgot to sign on the forms.

“A month” I replied.

“And you didn’t kiss your husband goodbye?”

I sat there with mouth open – this was not the response I was expecting from her. She went on…

“Every time I leave my husband, I make sure to give him a kiss goodbye. I never know if that is the last chance I will have to do so. I have been married a long time, honey, and I still kiss him good bye every single time. Now get back here and give your husband a kiss goodbye.”

That was 13 years ago… and I have never forgotten her words.

Here’s my boy…

IMG 2586a Good Advice

IMG 2582a Good Advice

Celebrating life, love and my hubby,


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