February 13, 2010 Facebook

I remember when I joined Facebook it was to stop getting the annoying “friend requests” from old friends. And then suddenly I found another friend I hadn’t seen in ages and ages… and oh! I love that photographer’s work… and hey! my bride next week is on here…. and……

We all know how it goes.

Sudden;y phrases like “I Facebooked her” make sense. Or “talking” with a friend often means chatting on Facebook chat. We recognize people in the mall that we’ve never met because they’re in a mutual friend’s photo albums.

Today I was snapping a picture of Madi playing with our dog Olivia… and Madi said to Olivia “Oh… mommy will put your picture on Fcebook for you…” Weird.

Anywho, why this Fcebook chatter? I have a pet peeve.

I’m listed on Facebook as “Krista Hall Jefferson” (look me up – holla!). That way if people knew me as “Krista Hall” they can search and find me – or if they know me by my married name. My pet peeve is this….

-if I list my name as “Krista Jefferson” all my friends from high school days who don’t know my married name… tough luck. Can’t find me. I had a good friend I was eager to find as we had lost touch over the years… but I didn’t know her husband’s last name. SO frustrating!

-if you hyphenate your maiden name and last name (“Hall-Jefferson”) then it does not work to search for Krista Jefferson. It reads it as one whole last name. So then only people knowing my maiden name find me.

-if you have a favourite nickname… say I liked being called “Kris” and used that… again, people can’t find me!

Phew. I feel better now having venting on that. I don’t know – I could be way off… these are just a couple things I’ve observed. Happy for your feedback though.

And while you’re on Facebook – why not join our Edison Page!

Celebrating life and love,


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