February 12, 2010 Be Yorsef

I found “Be Yorsef” scribbled on the back of one of Madi’s homework sheets recently. I got her to translate Madi-Phonics into English for me. “Be Yourself”.

I felt like having it framed.

This is a big message we try to teach our girls. Especially Madi. She can be shy and tends to be swayed easily. I try to reinforce with her all the time to just be who you are. Doesn’t matter what people think. Even though I don’t let my kids watch Glee with me – they adore the soundtrack. So I always take the opportunity to remind them that the message of Glee is that these high school students had the courage to not care what people thought… and do something they loved.

Last week Madi came home from school with one of the most important announcements in a school calendar. The Valentine’s class party was coming up! Then, Madi went on to say she had asked the teacher if she could bring in a bunch of Eden’s dress-up dresses for the girls to wear. (Nice thing about a small country school – there’s only 5 girls in the class). The teacher said “sure” and all week I dreaded it. I envisioned Madi being laughed at and ridiculed. Grade two girls are starting to think they’re a bit too “cool” sometimes. I tried to casually say “you’re sure you want to do this”. Yes. So then I tried a new tactic – “Now, don’t be sad if people don’t want to dress up…” and preparing her this way.

So today she packed a big bag of dress up clothes, put on her tutu over her clothes, her heart headband on and trotted off to school. I waited for the crying heartbroken Madi to arrive home off the bus this afternoon.

Why do I encourage her to be herself and then act shocked when she does and it works out?

Yep. You guessed it. She came happily skipping off the bus. Said all the girls wore the dresses – and that the boys had wanted to… and that it was a great day.

Lesson learned by me: Be Yorsef

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