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February 19, 2010 Road Trip!

It’s road trip time, gang! Every year we go down to Florida to visit my in-laws and this year for the first time we thought it would be fun to drive! I’ll let you know if we were right or not in a couple days. We are taking a few days to get down. Last night we left after work and got to Dayton, Ohio. Today we are driving to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and then on to Georgia. Tomorrow we get to Florida!

Needless to say…. I’ll be away from work for a few days. I am aiming to “unplug” and will only have computer access at hotels. If you are trying to reach edison… I will be answering emails March 1st upon return.

I thought it would be fun to hear about the trip from my girls. Here’s from my 7 year old Madi. Maybe next time Eden will share.

Hi. I’m Madi and I’m on a trip. We are going to Florida. We are driving. It is a big drive to Florida. On the way my tooth was bleeding because it is wiggly. On the car ride we stopped sometimes. My favourite part is listening to audio books and listening to music. The music was mostly “Glee”. I love Glee, how about you? On the trip we went to a hotel. Our hotel room was attached to another and it looked like a Pioneer house. At the hotel I saw a humongous icicle. We are back on the road. Bye.

Thank you to everyone pet sitting and watching our house and such! THANK YOU!

And now – we’re getting back on the road again!

celebrating life and love,


February 15, 2010 Family Day

Last week for SuperBowl we were at a party at Nataschia and Mike’s house. Nataschia’s brother-in-law had compiled a competition for SuperBowl… each person had to fill out a sheet before the game started with their predictions… length of national anthem, songs song at Half Time as well as actual Football stats (to which I’m clueless). It was so fun with everyone egging each other on and the fun competitiveness.

So when came home and looked on the calendar and saw Family Day was a week away – I had an idea! Let’s start an annual Family winter games competition for Family Day. I contacted my family and was surprised to find everyone was available. YAY! So yesterday afternoon, the games began.

First we divided into our two teams – and came up with team names and songs. Our team was the “Glowing Hearts” and the other team was the “Make Beleafs”. The songs were hilarious.. .and the games were off! Here’s Madi in her competition gear – she is hands down the most competitive person I’ve ever seen. Had to ban trash talk after awhile…

ContactSheet 001a 14 Family Day

First game was each team had to pick a team member (kid) to get ready for outside. The first team to have their team member dressed in snow pants, jacket, boots, hat, mitts, and scarf won. The catch was – each team member had to put on one article of clothing for the participant… so they couldn’t just pull it all on themselves.

After we all got bundled, we went outside for our first game.

Each team was given a spoon – we did a relay to see who could fill the bucket the most in a timed race. Our team won… might have had something to do with my brother dragging his feet and kicking the snow into the bucket instead of just the spoonful he was suppose to. hee hee.

ContactSheet 001m 2 Family Day

IMG 0974 Family Day

IMG 0984 1 Family Day

IMG 0989 1 Family Day

The next game was an ice cube on a spoon relay race. Around the tree and back to the start.

The rule was “whatever happened behind the tree – stayed behind the tree” – my brother Dave and Mark tried to knock off each other’s ice cubes… boys will be boys.

IMG 1016 Family Day

Or you can use the spoons toe at snow – ewwww…. gross.

IMG 0991 Family Day

Then it was on to the sledding races. There were races for speed – two people going at once trying to be the first to the bottom – and for distance.

ContactSheet 001l Family Day

IMG 1033 Family Day

IMG 1023 Family Day

IMG 1059 1 Family Day

Dad marking Kirsten’s distance

IMG 1047 Family Day

And some of the pairs… me and my sister

IMG 1063 1 Family Day

My brother and his wife…

IMG 1100 Family Day

And just pure winter fun…

IMG 1161 Family Day

IMG 1138 1 Family Day

IMG 1070 Family Day

IMG 1086 Family Day

The last game was throwing snowballs through the tire swing. My niece Kirsten kicked all of our butts!! Eden continually walked up and threw handfuls of snow through the tire swing – thinking she was scoring points for us all.

IMG 1168 Family Day

Kirsten beat us all at the throwing through the tire swing game!

IMG 1173 Family Day

At the end, the score was tallied and sad to say… The Make BeLeafs won. This year.

IMG 1654 Family Day

A very fun day – and can’t wait for next year when we win the trophy back form them!

Introducing the Make BeLeafs – Mark, Kirsten, Mason, Melissa, Madison, Marcie, Dad

IMG 1664 Family Day

and the Glowing Hearts – Mom, Hannah, Cohen, Dave, Eden, Me (Me and my mom are so much alike!)

IMG 1668 Family Day

Hope however you spent Family Day… you took time out to celebrate the loved ones in your life!

Celebrating life and love,


February 15, 2010 Love Day

Since we moved out to the country, we have found a great church community we have really connected with. I love that they’re real, unpolished, spontaneous and full of love.

So, when a couple in the church hoped to get married but things were a bit tight… our church threw them a wedding. Forget Sunday morning service – what better “sermon illustration” on Valentine’s Day than a wedding! People pulled together and in a few weeks of planning… Dale & Angie had a beautiful wedding. This couple who just adore each other – and the church’s support of them are awesome examples of Love.

I signed up to second shoot – the church is blessed with a few photographers! Bethany from Sweet Media was the main photographer, and Sarah and I assisted. I love second shooting.

Anyways.. here are a few of the morning!

Angie was so nervous before the ceremony. A few moments of quiet is always healthy for any bride’s jitters!

IMG 1350 Love Day

Angie having a chat with her son Kody….

IMG 1297 Love Day

Wait… you need to see Angie’s face. She looked beautiful!

IMG 1331 Love Day

Angie was most nervous about her vows – they had both written their own vows for each other (I always love this!) and here she is moments before the ceremony re-reading them and re-reading them….

IMG 1379 Love Day

Showtime! Angie’s brother walking her down the aisle….

IMG 0545 Love Day

Nerves disappear when the right guy is holding your hand committing to forever.

IMG 0580 Love Day

I love this photo. Dale and Angie are new Christians, and the symbolism of the cross between them and the smiles on their faces is beautiful here.

IMG 0632 Love Day

Hoping the boys don’t lose the rings before they get to Dale and Angie. They played with them over and over….

IMG 0581 Love Day

The happy couple!!!

IMG 0746 1 Love Day

The boys celebrating the new couple – confetti!

IMG 1514 Love Day

Um… I love this flower shot. Thanks to the best man John for helping me find just the right crack in the wall to put the flowers!

IMG 0878 1 Love Day

Thank you wind for being just right for the veil!

IMG 0806 1 Love Day

Handsome Dale….

IMG 0815 1 Love Day

They’re so happy together!

IMG 0837 Love Day

IMG 1556 Love Day

Dale and Angie – for someone who is a visual learner… thank you for being the best sermon illustration ever. icon smile Love Day

Celebrating life and love,


February 13, 2010 Facebook

I remember when I joined Facebook it was to stop getting the annoying “friend requests” from old friends. And then suddenly I found another friend I hadn’t seen in ages and ages… and oh! I love that photographer’s work… and hey! my bride next week is on here…. and……

We all know how it goes.

Sudden;y phrases like “I Facebooked her” make sense. Or “talking” with a friend often means chatting on Facebook chat. We recognize people in the mall that we’ve never met because they’re in a mutual friend’s photo albums.

Today I was snapping a picture of Madi playing with our dog Olivia… and Madi said to Olivia “Oh… mommy will put your picture on Fcebook for you…” Weird.

Anywho, why this Fcebook chatter? I have a pet peeve.

I’m listed on Facebook as “Krista Hall Jefferson” (look me up – holla!). That way if people knew me as “Krista Hall” they can search and find me – or if they know me by my married name. My pet peeve is this….

-if I list my name as “Krista Jefferson” all my friends from high school days who don’t know my married name… tough luck. Can’t find me. I had a good friend I was eager to find as we had lost touch over the years… but I didn’t know her husband’s last name. SO frustrating!

-if you hyphenate your maiden name and last name (“Hall-Jefferson”) then it does not work to search for Krista Jefferson. It reads it as one whole last name. So then only people knowing my maiden name find me.

-if you have a favourite nickname… say I liked being called “Kris” and used that… again, people can’t find me!

Phew. I feel better now having venting on that. I don’t know – I could be way off… these are just a couple things I’ve observed. Happy for your feedback though.

And while you’re on Facebook – why not join our Edison Page!

Celebrating life and love,


February 12, 2010 Be Yorsef

I found “Be Yorsef” scribbled on the back of one of Madi’s homework sheets recently. I got her to translate Madi-Phonics into English for me. “Be Yourself”.

I felt like having it framed.

This is a big message we try to teach our girls. Especially Madi. She can be shy and tends to be swayed easily. I try to reinforce with her all the time to just be who you are. Doesn’t matter what people think. Even though I don’t let my kids watch Glee with me – they adore the soundtrack. So I always take the opportunity to remind them that the message of Glee is that these high school students had the courage to not care what people thought… and do something they loved.

Last week Madi came home from school with one of the most important announcements in a school calendar. The Valentine’s class party was coming up! Then, Madi went on to say she had asked the teacher if she could bring in a bunch of Eden’s dress-up dresses for the girls to wear. (Nice thing about a small country school – there’s only 5 girls in the class). The teacher said “sure” and all week I dreaded it. I envisioned Madi being laughed at and ridiculed. Grade two girls are starting to think they’re a bit too “cool” sometimes. I tried to casually say “you’re sure you want to do this”. Yes. So then I tried a new tactic – “Now, don’t be sad if people don’t want to dress up…” and preparing her this way.

So today she packed a big bag of dress up clothes, put on her tutu over her clothes, her heart headband on and trotted off to school. I waited for the crying heartbroken Madi to arrive home off the bus this afternoon.

Why do I encourage her to be herself and then act shocked when she does and it works out?

Yep. You guessed it. She came happily skipping off the bus. Said all the girls wore the dresses – and that the boys had wanted to… and that it was a great day.

Lesson learned by me: Be Yorsef

ContactSheet 002 20 Be Yorsef

Celebrating life and love,


February 10, 2010 Good Advice

I like to read people’s blogs… and tonight I was reading Jasmine Star‘s latest post ca;;ed “Just Because” and it reminded me of a story I have to share!

When Mark and I were really newly married.. I’m talking a couple weeks… maybe a month – we finally went to the bank to open a joined account. I was on my lunch break and in a hurry – we met at the bank, signed papers and then I had to boot it. It was an older woman serving us at the bank. I asked her if I was done as I really had to get going… and was relieved when I got the “go ahead”. I threw Mark a “Bye Mark!” over my shoulder as I started to leave.

This nice bank clerk called me back.

I don’t know why – bank clerks are like police officers to me. I know I’ve done nothing wrong, but I still feel like they could get me in trouble. I felt like a kid going to face the principal.

“How long have you been married?” she asked me. She was obviously a little upset and I was worried what I forgot to sign on the forms.

“A month” I replied.

“And you didn’t kiss your husband goodbye?”

I sat there with mouth open – this was not the response I was expecting from her. She went on…

“Every time I leave my husband, I make sure to give him a kiss goodbye. I never know if that is the last chance I will have to do so. I have been married a long time, honey, and I still kiss him good bye every single time. Now get back here and give your husband a kiss goodbye.”

That was 13 years ago… and I have never forgotten her words.

Here’s my boy…

IMG 2586a Good Advice

IMG 2582a Good Advice

Celebrating life, love and my hubby,


February 9, 2010 Laughing as we go…

Growing up I remember my mom and her good friend Mrs. M together. It was embarrassing. They’d laugh until they were crying. They’d take us to the local fair and insist on talking in Texas accents. Or would wear clown noses. But always laughing… and laughing… and laughing….

I love my girlfriends. I’ve been blessed with many good friends over the years – and although I don’t see my girls often… I love them. So when an opportunity comes along to spend time with one of my gals… hello! Yes!

This past weekend I was shooting Laszlo & Angela
‘s Ontario portion of their wedding and invited my friend and fellow photographer Nataschia to come along and shoot with me. Since it was a late night we stayed over and came home Sunday afternoon.

Nataschia is one of those friends I’m just stupid with – like Mrs. M. We laugh too much and I’m sure we embarrass our kids.

We got a flat tire on the highway on our way home. So we did what any sane person would do. We laughed.

Then we got out the cameras and snapped the grand event. Laughing as we go…

Here we are completely getting blown away by the cars whizzing by us on the QEW

IMG 5682 Laughing as we go...

Our saviour! After about 6 tow trucks and a police car had stopped… finally the right truck came. Hello CAA!

IMG 5678 Laughing as we go...

Here’s our rescuer in action…

IMG 5676 Laughing as we go...

Um… not sure what Nataschia is doing here. Climbing in the trunk?

IMG 5675 Laughing as we go...

Just another reminder to laugh. To enjoy life. Stressing over a flat tire wold not speed up the process. Making an adventure and laughing about it… makes the whole thing that much more enjoyable!

Celebrating life and love,


February 7, 2010 Lacie & Angela

Back in December I had the privilege of shooting Laszlo (Lacie) and Angela‘s wedding in Budapest. These two are so full of life it’s unbelievable. They love life and love and everyone they come in contact with. It’s beautiful and powerful to observe.

Yesterday was their Ontario reception. My good friend – the lovely and hilarious Nataschia came with me to shoot and we had a great day! We started off at Angela’s parents farm in Stouffville. It was fun to see the gang from Budapest on Canadian soil!

One of the first introductions that was offered – was to Angela’s grandparents. I think I’m in love and may consider quitting wedding photography just to photograph them from now on. I love them.

ContactSheet 001 30 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5117 Lacie & Angela

After getting dressed in their wedding attire – Lacie and Angela braved the cold for a moment alone.

IMG 5106 Lacie & Angela

We did family photos outdoors – brrr…. and then Angela said “I’m running now!” and grabbed Lacie’s hand and was off!

IMG 5194 Lacie & Angela

I. Love. These. Two. Crazy. Kids.

IMG 5235 Lacie & Angela

ContactSheet 002 19 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5221 Lacie & Angela

After we went inside for a couple of minutes to thaw… Angela’s aunt gave her fur coat to Angela to wear. So fun!

IMG 5277 Lacie & Angela

I love the contrast of the formal fur with the cows and the barn.

IMG 5335 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5337 Lacie & Angela

IMG 5345 Lacie & Angela

Mmmmmmm…. hello gorgeous light.

IMG 5361 Lacie & Angela

And we’re off to the reception!

IMG 5372 Lacie & Angela

It was so fun to take a big yellow school bus to the reception!

IMG 5405 Lacie & Angela

Lacie having grown up ni Hungary had never ridden on a school bus before. For him and his sister – this was a “first”!

IMG 5450 Lacie & Angela

The gang was all singing and then Angela’s dad brought out hs harmonica – so fun!!!

IMG 5506 Lacie & Angela

Cutest thing ever.

IMG 5522 Lacie & Angela

The reception was stunningly beautiful… but the real beauty was Lacie and Angela. As she said in her “speech” – our love is magic! She reminded guests that the night was about celebrating love – not just the love of the newlyweds… but the love between whoever you were with that night.

IMG 0051 Lacie & Angela

IMG 0061 Lacie & Angela

And dance they did. I would not be surprised if they were still there partying right now.

IMG 0256 Lacie & Angela

I can not begin to describe how much I laughed last night watching all this joy in one room. My face hurts from smiling.

Lacie & Angela – thank you.

Celebrating life and love,


February 7, 2010 Boogie Man Girls

As a parent, I have a dream of my girls growing up and loving each other. Enjoying being together – maybe even working or living together. Friends will come and go – but you r relationship with your sister is forever. When I see sisters that are grown up and who are tight… makes my heart happy. Gives me hope that my dream for my girls may come to fruition.

Enter Julia and Summer.

Julia loves to write. Summer loves to draw.

They are twin sisters with three younger brothers. Julia wrote some great kid stories with her brother’s in mind, and Summer illustrated them. Now they are being published! Watch for their book about “When I met the Boogie Man” in Chapters soon!

Here are a few photos of the lovely Julia and Summer.

Summer – the illustrator

IMG 4816 2 Boogie Man Girls

Julie – the author

IMG 4851 2 Boogie Man Girls

Sisters. Getting along. My dream….

IMG 4891 Boogie Man Girls

IMG 4998 Boogie Man Girls

IMG 5062 Boogie Man Girls

I love this picture – it shows the contrast of the “little girls” room with these now grown teenagers… who are authors and illustrators!

IMG 5037 Boogie Man Girls

Julia and Summer – can’t wait to read my girls your books!

Celebrating life and love,


February 3, 2010 Random

I just looked at my OLD blog about my kids… I’ve blogged about them since they were babies. It was so fun to look back… here’s a few things that made me laugh out loud:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yesterday driving in the van, Eden says “Let’s pretend this is a boat and the road is water….. Mom, do you know how to drive a boat? And does this boat have any music?!?”

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Madi is diligently praying for purple eyes. Eden is praying for one purple and one red.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yesterday Madi was scratching her butt so I said “What are you doing?” And my daughter (who is so strange) looked at me very seriously and replied “I’m taking an eyeball out of my eye and a light bulb out of my bum.” Huh? She never smiled – just dead serious. She is so bizarre….

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Madi wakes up every morning and just yells some random word or phrase. Today’s was “Not for sale!” Just over and over and over at the top of her lungs until we went in there. After some questioning we found out that “pies” were not for sale.

And here’s a few funny old pics I grabbed to share!

kiss Random

IMG 8264 Random

IMG 4691 Random

IMG 6481 Random

HPIM1116a Random

IMG 5171 Random

IMG 4765 Random

Sigh. It goes way too fast. I think I need to shut the computer off and go hug my girls for the rest of the day.

celebrating life and love,


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