January 13, 2010 Showing Off

As we left the girl’s piano lessons tonight I happened to glance in my rearview mirror. Behind us was the most amazing sunset I have seen in months. (I was starting to think there were no colourful sunsets in winter this year) The colours were so vibrant and the whole sky behind me was pink, and purple and blue and… amazing. I got the girls to turn and look.

How can I go home and cook and set the table and do homework duty with this sky calling my name to stop. To pause.

So, I turned the car around and the girls and I chased over hills and past farms until we found a good farmer’s field to stop. To pause.

We sang. Quietly at first in awe. Then Madi rolled down her window and jubilantly sang out!

We drove on and as we headed home we looked over a group of trees and the sky was filled with black birds. The treetops were full and the sky looked like it was showered with a confetti of birds. Amazing.

“What’s that?” Eden asked.

“That’s God showing off” I answered off the cuff. Then we started a game… where else can we see God showing off?

All the way home the girls would yell “stop! There He is again!” as they would point to a field of untouched snow, a forest, a crooked tree or some other piece of God’s artistry.

My kids often frustrate me, wear me out… but more often than not they inspire me. To stop. To pause.

You may notice no photos. This was one of those moments I just needed to savour with my eyes, heart and memory.

May you take time today to stop and pause… enjoy the artistry around you!

Celebrating life and love,


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