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January 11, 2010 Photographer Playdate

Once a month, fellow photographers Kathy, Nataschia and I get together to gab, encourage, share, connect and laugh. Love our times together. This month, Nataschia proposed the idea we “play” – get some models, come to my house and do a shoot for fun. Sounded great to me! Photography started out as a hobby we love for each of us – and now that it is also our job (that we adore) we need to continue to shoot for the sheer love of it to keep creativity alive. So, I threw out the theme idea of “Old Hollywood Glamour” – a vintage themed shoot. Suddenly we had too many models so we invited a few more photographers and had an amazing day of playing! Because really – who doesn’t enjoy playing dress-up… at any age!?

Now – I must admit when a group of us get together, I talk more than I shoot. And I observe – loved watching how others directed, posed, lit and took their photos. And since it was out here at my house I also ran around with that role. But next time – I’m definitely shooting more!

Started with the lovely Jaime – who when not modeling, is an amazing wedding coordinator.

000 2699 Photographer Playdate

ContactSheet 001b 2 Photographer Playdate

Jaime had brought along an amazing vintage dress – fit her perfectly!

ContactSheet 001a 11 Photographer Playdate

000 2779 Photographer Playdate

000 2767a Photographer Playdate

000 2808 Photographer Playdate

The next two sets of models – I got one or two shots of each. That’s it. tsk tsk.

This is Becky – mother of FOUR. Craziness.

000 2724 Photographer Playdate

And Mark and Beth – who are also photographers and the pastor at my new church.

000 2845 Photographer Playdate

000 2849 Photographer Playdate

Next came Miss Emma Jean….

000 2842 Photographer Playdate

000 2851 Photographer Playdate

000 2866 Photographer Playdate

And the lovely Australian Emma – only in Canada a couple days… why not throw into modeling out in the snow!

000 2892 Photographer Playdate

000 2898 Photographer Playdate

000 2899 Photographer Playdate

000 2944a Photographer Playdate

000 2974 Photographer Playdate

000 2981 Photographer Playdate

ContactSheet 002a 1 Photographer Playdate

It was definitely a fun day and can’t wait for another playdate soon!

Celebrating life and love,


January 7, 2010 The Bride's Project

Okay – I’m a big believer in giving back and love when people find creative ways to do so.

I met with a great couple tonight who’s wedding I’ll be shooting in September – can’t wait! – and the bride mentioned she had an appointment at “The Bride’s Project“. I had never heard of this so was intrigued. It is a place where brides can buy dresses at great prices that have been donated by both corporations and previous brides… and money goes towards helping kids with cancer. Love it.

If you are a bride-to-be… check them out!

If you are a past bride (and not super sentimental like me who could never part with my wedding dress even though I have no clue where it is…) and wondering what to do with your dress… you may want to consider this (after we do a fun post wedding photo shoot of course! ha ha).

And because I loved their Top 10 list – I’ve included it here for your enjoyment. Quirky people make me so happy.

Here’s our Top 10 List of Things To Expect: (LINK) (I laughed at #7 – I remember wedding dress shopping when me and my friends were all getting married and how some sales staff would give NO privacy and just un-do your bra for you…. eeks!)

1) Nutty staff, often sporting strange headpieces, feather boas, or other accessories.

2) FUN. We want you to have fun here. Why? Because we’re all volunteers, and WE want to have fun too! NB. This is a house. If you and your bridal party would like to bring a bottle of bubbly to enjoy in the kitchen (obviously not around dresses), just let us know! We’ll try not to drink it all before you get to it.

3) The unexpected. I have yet to have a client come in and say, “oh, this is what I figured it would be like…”

4) Cat toys on the stairs. Yes, there are cats on the property who are not permitted in gown rooms, and carefully sequestered during business hours when the gown rooms are open. If you think you see a mouse, trust me, it’s a toy. However, they perform a very essential function in ensuring the mouse you see IS indeed a toy. And other cuddling duties as required.

5) Honesty. Okay, let’s face it, if the dress really doesn’t flatter you, don’t you want to know? We don’t want our brides looking anything but their BEST, so we will be honest. Nicely so.

6) Colour and toys. Yes, being in a sea of white can be tiresome. Helen is rather child-like in her tastes in decor, and you will see odd and colourful objects scattered throughout the house.

7) PRIVACY!!! We don’t get any special thrill out of chasing around half-naked women as they try on dresses. You can close the door and have all the privacy you want… or all the help you would like! Let our staff know what you’d prefer.

8) The ‘ghost’. This is a castle after all, and most definitely haunted. We suspect that Rapunzel was trapped in the turret and Rumpelstiltskin or whoever that was didn’t know what rapini is. It’s a nice ghost though, so no worries there.

9) Great prices. ‘nuf said?

10) An experience for your wedding day that you’ll remember because it was so enjoyable. We’ve met brides driven to tears, we’ve heard about pressure sales, and our staff is ALL newlyweds or soon-to-be weds. Women who know how important it is, that this is one part of your journey that you should enjoy and celebrate. Come and celebrate with us!

I just love the Bride’s Project!

Celebrating life and love,


January 6, 2010 John & Julie part 2

When I first photographed John and Julie at their engagement photos – I quickly learned how important people are to them. John would get so excited as he talked about the wedding – not so much about the details but about the people who would be there and be involved. It was never “our minister” it would be “our minister, who use to be a cop….” and a story included. Or not just “my sister is home for the wedding” but “my sister who has been away and is recently engaged….” People and their lives were clearly of importance to these two.

When we met shortly before the wedding day to go over wedding details, I asked them about what family was included in photos… and asked if there were any additional people they wanted photographed. “Oh – we need our work friends… and we need John’s friends from back home… and we need…”

On the day of the wedding again it was apparent just how important the people in their lives are to John and Julie. They were never too busy or preoccupied to stop and chat, give a hug and really listen to each person. As we did the family photos – it seemed each person that passed by, John or Julie would ask if it would be okay if we could do “one more” photo as they just HAD to have a photo with this person.

I love that.

Weddings are a celebration of love – yes, a love between the couple but also between all their loved ones and the couple. People take time from their busy lives to come and spend a day celebrating John and Julie… and I loved how John and Julie also took time to celebrate each guest.

Here is a photo of Julie and her mom before the ceremony. I just love the connection between them.

julie John & Julie part 2

And I shared some of my favourites before HERE but now – here is the much anticipated slideshow! Enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


January 4, 2010 J'Adore Paris

I have taken time off over the holidays to be simply “Krista” – mom, wife, friend, person… and it’s been good. But my poor blog has been crying for attention. And I have lots to blog – the rest of John and Julie’s wedding, personal photos, things I’m working on for 2010 and more but first…

So, it has been brought to my attention I forgot to do a full entry on Paris from my stop there in December! What?! We can not forget our beloved Paris…

To back up a smidge, I will re-cap in case you’re new here (“hi! welcome!”). I was in Budapest to shoot a wedding, and since there were no direct flights to Budapest I asked my travel agent to book me a flight with a stopover each way somewhere in Europe. Didn’t really care where. So on the way there I got a full 24hr. in Switzerland, and on the way home I got a full day in Paris. Perfect!

By the time I got to Paris, I was tired and missing home and wondered if I had made a mistake in extending my trip another day. Then I stepped out of the subway and could cry with the beauty I saw! Mark and I had visited Paris years ago but we had no clue where to go, what to see… this time a Parisian guest at the wedding had given me lots of great tips. Perfect!

My first tip was to go to the old part of Paris and get lost wandering the streets.

IMG 0989 J'Adore Paris

Where but Paris do you see street vendors selling antique books? As a book lover, I was drooling! I was tempted to search for a copy of Les Miserables… it is my favourite musical and last year I read the book for the first time. The book was amazing and made me fall in love with this beautiful tale of grace all over again.

IMG 0996 J'Adore Paris

ContactSheet 001a 10 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1001 1 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1004 J'Adore Paris

Scenes around old Paris…

IMG 1055 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1059 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1056 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1063 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1018 J'Adore Paris

Again bikes everywhere…

IMG 1017 J'Adore Paris

The french make everything look fashionable – even Parkas. And it really is a city of love – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many couples, and men heading home from work on the subway with flowers… sigh.

IMG 1034 J'Adore Paris

I then began to look for Notre Dame… it’s around here some place. Ta da!

IMG 1068 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1072 J'Adore Paris

While there, mass started. Although a woman of faith – I’m not catholic nor French so I had no clue what was being said. But it still made me cry with the beauty.

IMG 1108 1 J'Adore Paris

I then hopped on the subway to find the Eiffel tower… it was freezing cold out so I was doing a whirlwind tour at this point!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

IMG 1119 1 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1141 1 J'Adore Paris

My favourite photo of the Eiffel tower

IMG 1179 2 J'Adore Paris

Just as I was walking away from the Eiffel Tower I heard some loud music – I turned around to see the light show set to music on the tower. Amazing.

ContactSheet 001b 1 J'Adore Paris

Could you imagine anything more romantic than ice skating with the Eiffel tower as a backdrop? sigh.

IMG 1193 1 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1228 1 J'Adore Paris

Completely frozen by this point I did the fastest visit to the Arc de Triomphe!

IMG 1233 2 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1240 1 J'Adore Paris

IMG 1252 1 J'Adore Paris

All and all, I was glad I Went! I can’t believe I had debated skipping Paris. I debated going on my own… but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go. Mark agreed. I can’t wait to go back!

Celebrating life and love,


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