January 31, 2010 Bryan & Andrea

A week before Bryan & Andrea’s wedding – Andrea had a a very special delivery. Bryan arrived home from Afghanistan where he is serving. A week of wedding preparations, family arriving from as far as Hungary, and general busyness of planning a wedding in Hamilton when you now live in Ottawa… didn’t leave Bryan & Andrea much time alone together. After the ceremony, and family photos we went outside (brrrrr…….) to snap a few photos of Bryan & Andrea. When I was taking this photo here, Andrea said “This feels like the first time we’ve been alone since Bryan got home!” This is one reason I love the portrait time at weddings… weddings are all about the couple… but in the busyness leading up to the wedding the couple rarely gets time to just be together. So after the ceremony and such are done – to be able to just get away from the crowd and “be”. No decisions about flowers, seating plans, vows, or food… just be together. When I look at this photo below I’m reminded of the months of Bryan and Andrea’s waiting to see each other… and finally a moment together alone.

bryanandrea1 Bryan & Andrea

Let me share a bit about their beautiful day!

We started at Bryan’s place – great to finally meet Bryan!

000 3418 Bryan & Andrea

000 3485 Bryan & Andrea

IMG 2833 Bryan & Andrea

This made me smile when I saw this at Andrea’s hotel room…

IMG 2841 Bryan & Andrea

000 3494 Bryan & Andrea

Beautiful Andrea getting ready…

ContactSheet 002 16 Bryan & Andrea

000 3535 Bryan & Andrea

000 3528 Bryan & Andrea

What a stunning bride!

ContactSheet 002a 3 Bryan & Andrea

000 3552 Bryan & Andrea

This photo in the elevator was fun as we rode the elevator up and down until we got it…

000 3588 Bryan & Andrea

I love when I get to ride in the limo – makes for great photos! Off to the ceremony with Andrea and the girls…

IMG 2947 Bryan & Andrea

000 3598 Bryan & Andrea

The moment dad “gives away” his little girl… gets me every time.

000 3644 1 Bryan & Andrea

The ceremony was in an absolute stunning church in Hamilton – St. Joseph’s. Gorgeous!

000 3670 Bryan & Andrea

000 3679 Bryan & Andrea

I love these little stolen glances…

000 3707 Bryan & Andrea

Right after the ceremony, the newlyweds were waiting for the wedding party to pile in the limo… instead of standing around freezing, I grabbed them for a minute. ALl we did was cross the street and walk a few feet down Locke Street in Hamilton… and got some of my favourite images of the day.

ContactSheet 003 13 Bryan & Andrea

I loooove this one of Andrea looking back with the blowing veil – seems timeless to me…

000 3783 Bryan & Andrea

The beautiful couple

b9330d88 Bryan & Andrea

This photo has the feel of old film… makes me happy.

000 3931 Bryan & Andrea

IMG 0934 Bryan & Andrea

What a sweet moment of father and daughter….

000 4008 1 Bryan & Andrea

I loved all her purple details!

ContactSheet 001j 1 Bryan & Andrea

Love this bouquet!

000 3862 Bryan & Andrea

I believe my lovely cousin Kathryn who assisted me grabbed this great capture!

000 4079 Bryan & Andrea

Sigh. I love this look of adoration….

IMG 0998 Bryan & Andrea

Without further waiting… here’s their slideshow. Enjoy!

I am in Ottawa where I photographed the second celebration of Bryan & Andrea – watch for that to follow!

For now – thank you Bryan & Andrea… thank you for letting me document this new beginning for you both! I hope this week together is full of good memories before Bryan heads back to Afghanistan!

Celebrating life and love,


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