January 13, 2010 Ask Me Anything

I get emailed a lot of photography questions – which I love! But when I saw this “formspring” kicking around people’s blogs and Facebook – thought it seemed like a fun way to answer your questions! So go here and ask me anything – anonymously or logged in. And it doesn’t have to be a photography question – I like random.

And because everyone likes to see pictures…. here’s some of three of my brats.

Look what I found in my freezer the other day.

IMG 3025 Ask Me Anything

My dog and cat are just like siblings – fight, fight, fight…. and then cuddle up and sleep together.

ContactSheet 001 22 Ask Me Anything

And two cute stories. My girl’s always like to tell me their dreams in the morning. Today they both had “really good” dreams.

Madi – “I dreamed I supported a child [through World Vision]. And I bought her a house because she didn’t have one.”

Eden – “I was Sabre Tooth Tiger Girl and saved Canada. I went to where there was a war and people were being hurt who weren’t in the war and said “Why are you picking on them?” and they stopped fighting.”

If only it was that easy…

Celebrating life and love,


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