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December 29, 2009 Life is Beautiful

As a kid I didn’t like to try new food. Ever. I know what I like. Give me meat and potatoes and I’m happy. Slowly as I grew older I started to try new things – and shockingly… found out I like a lot of other foods besides my chicken fingers & fries or spaghetti!

I have to remind myself of this lesson often. Try it – and then form an opinion.

A few years back, a group of us girls were going to go see a movie. One suggested we see “Life is Beautiful”. I was adamant I wouldn’t like a foreign film with subtitles. How can I read and watch a movie at the same time?

I was so wrong.

This is my all-time favourite movie. I saw it in the theatre three times and it is one of the few movies I just had to own (the other being my beloved Pride & Prejudice).

The other night Mark and I wanted to watch a movie – and found a box of our old videos we hadn’t unpacked yet. We hadn’t watched “Life is Beautiful” in years – and sat back to enjoy it. I laughed out loud, I blubbered and cried like a baby… it really is amazing. I can not recommend it enough if you haven’t seen it! (don’t watch the dubbed version – has to be with the subtitles!) And it’s always better to watch it not knowing anything about it – except that it’s amazing.

If you have not seen the Oscar acceptance speech of Roberto Benigni watch it HERE – it captures the essence of his message… about love and celebrating life in reckless abandon! I love when he basically stands on Steven Speilberg’s head.

And because a post is better with a photo… here is a photo from this morning of Madi living life to the max. We got snow – not much but snow nonetheless – and Madi was sledding in our backyard before breakfast. Just threw her coat and skipants on over her PJ’s and went! Somehow, I know if Roberto Benigni was here visiting he’d be right behind her – ha ha!

IMG 2486 Life is Beautiful

Celebrating life is beautiful,


December 24, 2009 Merry Christmas!

I will be taking time off (back to work on January 4!) to celebrate Christmas and my birthday with my loved ones. Praying each of you have a wonderful holiday and take time to celebrate life and love…..

Our Christmas card this year:

FRONT Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009 Olympic Torch

The other day we took the girls to see the Olympic Torch. Some info I read: “The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay route will be the longest domestic torch relay in Olympic history, stretching over 45,000 kilometres within Canada. Upon its conclusion, the Olympic Flame will have been welcomed in over 1,000 communities and passed within a one-hour drive of more than 90 per cent of the Canadian population.” That’s cool! As we told the girls – this is history!!

Madi waiting….

IMG 2105 Olympic Torch

People lining the streets to watch…

IMG 2108 Olympic Torch

Here are three generations watching and cheering for the Olympic Torch… my parents, sister, niece and daughters…

IMG 2121 Olympic Torch

Looking very happy!

IMG 2122 Olympic Torch

IMG 2125 Olympic Torch

My mom brought along the flag and all the people involved in the relay noticed and made comments… the girls loved this!

IMG 2127 Olympic Torch

IMG 2130 Olympic Torch

A great experience!

IMG 2141 Olympic Torch

Our patriotic girls! So fun to share this moment in history with them!

IMG 2184 Olympic Torch

Celebrating life and love,


December 24, 2009 Christmas Concert Fun

December 23, 2009 John & Julie

On Saturday, I had the joy of photographing John & Julie’s wedding. I just loooove December weddings – maybe why I got married in December also. With the craziness of the holidays and Christmas commitments the slideshow and story will be up next week – for now I didn’t want to leave you hanging…. enjoy some of my favourite images from their gorgeous wedding!

The lovely Julie getting ready

000 0859 John & Julie

000 0894 John & Julie

She is just gorgeous!

ContactSheet 001 19 John & Julie

This one says “Hello, Hollywood… I’m here for the red carpet…”

000 0930 John & Julie

Chat with mom before the ceremony begins

000 0973 John & Julie

And I love the perspectives.. here is my perspective of Julie’s dad and her

000 1037 John & Julie

000 1042 John & Julie

And Carolynn’s perspective from the balcony

000 1333 John & Julie

000 1335 John & Julie

Such a beautiful church – and you could not find a sweeter couple – these two were just beaming!

000 1403 John & Julie


000 1470 John & Julie

I love the colours in this one…

000 1616 John & Julie

000 1623 John & Julie

ContactSheet 002 13 John & Julie

And I’ll sign off with this stunning image of Julie!

000 1140 John & Julie

Watch for more in the next week….

Celebrating life and love,


December 19, 2009 Guests

Through the stages of a couple getting married I get to know them really well – consults, engagements, wedding day, and loads of emails and calls in between and after! Lots of my couples I also enjoy chatting iwth as friends on Facebook and connecting with on a personal level.

At Laszlo and Angela’s wedding last weekend there were only 33 guests in attendance and so you got to know everyone! It was more like a family reunion then a group of strangers. Over teh course of teh night different people would ask for their photos to be taken – so much fun! Here are a few of the guests….

Angela’s mom and dad from Ontario….

IMG 0132 Guests

Laszlo’s sister (from Budapest) and brand new husband (from Turkey)

IMG 0169 1 Guests

IMG 0172 1 Guests

Angela’s girlfiend who is studying in Barcelona

IMG 0434 1 Guests

And with her boyfriend from Paris

IMG 0443 1a Guests

IMG 0439 1 Guests

Friends from Budapest

IMG 0479 Guests

And with their son Isthvan

IMG 0472 Guests

IMG 0502 Guests

Angela’s sister from Ontario and her cousin now teaching in Italy

IMG 0578 Guests

IMG 0261a Guests

IMG 0289 Guests

IMG 0270 Guests

IMG 0279 Guests

And “the boys” from Germany

IMG 0547 Guests

Celebrating life and love,


I blogged about Laszlo and Angela’s engagement and wedding photos in Budapest… now here’s the slideshow. Enjoy!!!

Celebrating life and love,


December 15, 2009 Nataschia and Sandra

When I got to Paris yesterday I logged on to Facebook and both Nataschia and Sandra were online!!! It was so nice to chat with friends from home. As I headed out, Nataschia gave me a “challenge”. I should explain….

When we went to Vegas together last year we had a three hour layover in some airport – so we would do photo challenges to entertain ourselves. “Circles… go!” “The colour blue…. start!” It was so fun!

My challenge from Nataschia was to find something that screamed “Nataschia!!!” and then Sandra echoed the challenge. Something that said “Nataschia” and “Sandra” in Paris… go!

I started with something obvious… Nataschia’s business colours are turquoise – mine are yellow. Here we are together.

IMG 1045 Nataschia and Sandra

Nah. Not what I wanted.

Then I thought I’d post this… both Nataschia and Sandra have masses of children (N has 4, S has 5) and thought this was fitting. (sorry for my warped sense of humour – ha ha ha)

IMG 1046 Nataschia and Sandra

But then this happened. This is for both of my gals.

I saw this moment and wasn’t sure I could capture it. But these two women are like us. Completely lost in conversation. They are probably still there chatting a day later. You can see the one has bags of shopping, the other on her bike has somewhere to go… but first they need a good heart-to-heart. The traffic, shopping, and duties of life can wait. At this moment there is only two kindred spirits connecting.

Reminds me of my girls – my sanity. Nataschia and Sandra.

We will have deadlines and sick children and houses to clean and photos and a to do list a mile long. Our energy level has plummeted. And then, a phone call or a chat or better yet – coffee in person! – and suddenly the world stops. We connect. At that moment, we’re just kindred spirits connecting.

We leave energized, inspired and ready to take on the world.

IMG 1036 1 Nataschia and Sandra

This photo is dedicated to all my girls – Nataschia, Sandra, Kathy, Monica, Margie, Leanne, Carolynn, Cherie, Marcie, Beth, Jen…. and I’m fortunate enough to say the list goes on (and I’m dreading who I forgot in the rush to post this before my plane leaves!). You ladies, inspire and energize me. The world stops when we connect – the craziness of life is put on hold while we recharge our batteries together. You’re each a gift to me. Thank you.

Celebrating life and love,


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December 15, 2009 paris

I had a wonderful day in Paris yesterday… but I have a plane to catch. Watch back soon for photos. For now….

IMG 1179 1 paris

When I think about Laszlo (Laci) and Angela, I think about celebration. They live life with such force and beauty – it’s wonderful to watch. They laugh and cry and dance as if each moment counts. Because it does.

When I asked about their plans for the wedding in an email before I arrived, Angela was very vague – simply saying “it is what it is”. But now I understand. They are not bound by agendas and tradition, they simply want to celebrate.

Laci had seen her wedding dress before the ceremony and even came in and out while she was getting ready. They experienced the preparation time together.

They were suppose to start the ceremony at 3pm and get married outdoors…. but they are of the mindset it’ll happen when it’s suppose to. Don’t rush, don’t stress. Enjoy each moment. All the guests (33 of them) were happy with cocktails and appetizers. By 4pm, it was getting dark and cool so the ceremony was indoors.

There was no DJ saying “now it’s time to dance”. After dessert, Angela and her dad got up beside the table and started dancing to the string quartet.

There were no scheduled speeches – but if someone had something to say, please stand up and share.

Laci and Angela simply celebrated with gusto. I love this photo as it is very “them”. Angela spinning and dancing with full abandon, while Laci is to the left kicking up his heels looking on adoringly. All their guests and friends alongside them. The phrase that comes to mind when I see this photo and when I think of these two is simply the slogan of my company here: “Celebrating life and love.”

budapest Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

Let’s back up to the beginning first. 6 weeks ago I got an email from Angela asking if I’d consider coming to Budapest… ahhhh YES!

You have to love their outfits. Laci designed his outfit – chose the fabric, style, everything! – and had it custom made. Angela did not see it until it was completely done as she was in Canada at the time. As she said – she might have thought it was a bit too lavish and over the top had she had seen it before completed and she might have tried to change it…. but the completed outfit was perfect. It was perfect for their venue and style of the day.

IMG 9926 1 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

Laci told me a cute story… when Angela returned from Canada to Budapest with her wedding dress, they were both so excited they got all dressed in their wedding attire and just stood in front of the mirror dressed as bride and groom.

ContactSheet 001 18 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

Angela’s sister Anna helped with her makeup and did her hair.

IMG 0140 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0162 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

The ceremony was full of laughs, cries and emotion.

IMG 0193 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0005 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0219 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

A few photos outside before the sun was completely gone.

IMG 0092copy Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0101 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0312 1 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0315 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0337 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0342 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0345 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0352 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

And on to the reception! They got married in a castle and the ambiance was beautiful.

Between each course, they had someone come and teach about the wine – how to drink it appropriately with that food and why it was chosen for this course. It was very interesting!

IMG 0107 1 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0590 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

A few more portraits between courses. Angela and I had so much fun playing with these photos!

IMG 0390 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0423 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

ContactSheet 003 9 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

Laci couldn’t be left out and asked for a turn too!

IMG 0258 1 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

IMG 0250 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

And then outside with the boys for a celebratory cigar….

IMG 0535 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

And then the dancing began…. and continued for several more hours!

IMG 0620 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

They have a tradition in Hungary where a hat is passed around, and if someone contributes money, then they get to dance with the bride. This modified version had a covered pot – so no one knew how much a guest contributed. Lac’s cousin Simon banged the pot and cheered on the ground while Angela danced a lively jig with each guest.

IMG 0737 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

The dance continued into the wee hours and was a perfect end to a great day!

IMG 0714 Laszlo and Angela's Budapest Wedding

(Watch for their slideshow to follow… Internet is too slow here to do until I get home. )

Celebrating life and love,


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