November 12, 2009 Paul & Becca

This post and the next two to follow (Dana’s family and Chase & Reese), were all shot here at my house. Got to say I am loving shooting at home. And not just because of the convenience. I love the feel of being home as it seems to relax people. To come in before or after the shoot, hang out in my kitchen with the chaos of life and my crazy kids & dog running around and my quiet hubby somewhere nearby… helps us to connect. I love how many people move from the cold “c” word (clients) to friends. So, thanks for making the trek to the boonies to come and play!

Now… the real reason we’ve gathered here isn’t me. No, these two I’m about to introduce are way cuter than me and you’ll much rather look at their photos! Paul and Becca are wonderful together… I love their playfulness! They’ll be enjoying this nice romantic moment, and the next second Paul has Becca up on his shoulders without a moment’s warning. But these two aren’t all looks and silliness… as they’re both crazy busy completing Medical School this year.

I loved photographing these two – got to love people who will climb fences, hike through fields, lay in the long grass… anything! Can’t wait to enjoy their wedding next Spring!

ContactSheet 003 5 Paul & Becca

IMG 1710 Paul & Becca

IMG 1730 Paul & Becca

IMG 1763 Paul & Becca

IMG 1832 Paul & Becca

IMG 1258 Paul & Becca

IMG 1912 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 004 4 Paul & Becca

IMG 1834 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 002 4 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 005 2 Paul & Becca

Here Becca is getting Paul with this milkweed….

IMG 1944 Paul & Becca

And then as she gets lined up to get him again – Paul beat her to it. So funny to watch!

IMG 1956 Paul & Becca

IMG 1957 Paul & Becca

IMG 1388 Paul & Becca

IMG 2003 Paul & Becca

IMG 1395 Paul & Becca

IMG 1398 Paul & Becca

IMG 2015 Paul & Becca

As we were wrapping up, I asked if there was anything else they’d like to do. I was surprised by Becca’s quick response: “Climb a tree”.

IMG 1419 Paul & Becca

IMG 1422 Paul & Becca

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Christa Talarowski says:

    These are superb, Krista. My fav is the last one in the tree. You rule.

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