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November 12, 2009 Paul & Becca

This post and the next two to follow (Dana’s family and Chase & Reese), were all shot here at my house. Got to say I am loving shooting at home. And not just because of the convenience. I love the feel of being home as it seems to relax people. To come in before or after the shoot, hang out in my kitchen with the chaos of life and my crazy kids & dog running around and my quiet hubby somewhere nearby… helps us to connect. I love how many people move from the cold “c” word (clients) to friends. So, thanks for making the trek to the boonies to come and play!

Now… the real reason we’ve gathered here isn’t me. No, these two I’m about to introduce are way cuter than me and you’ll much rather look at their photos! Paul and Becca are wonderful together… I love their playfulness! They’ll be enjoying this nice romantic moment, and the next second Paul has Becca up on his shoulders without a moment’s warning. But these two aren’t all looks and silliness… as they’re both crazy busy completing Medical School this year.

I loved photographing these two – got to love people who will climb fences, hike through fields, lay in the long grass… anything! Can’t wait to enjoy their wedding next Spring!

ContactSheet 003 5 Paul & Becca

IMG 1710 Paul & Becca

IMG 1730 Paul & Becca

IMG 1763 Paul & Becca

IMG 1832 Paul & Becca

IMG 1258 Paul & Becca

IMG 1912 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 004 4 Paul & Becca

IMG 1834 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 002 4 Paul & Becca

ContactSheet 005 2 Paul & Becca

Here Becca is getting Paul with this milkweed….

IMG 1944 Paul & Becca

And then as she gets lined up to get him again – Paul beat her to it. So funny to watch!

IMG 1956 Paul & Becca

IMG 1957 Paul & Becca

IMG 1388 Paul & Becca

IMG 2003 Paul & Becca

IMG 1395 Paul & Becca

IMG 1398 Paul & Becca

IMG 2015 Paul & Becca

As we were wrapping up, I asked if there was anything else they’d like to do. I was surprised by Becca’s quick response: “Climb a tree”.

IMG 1419 Paul & Becca

IMG 1422 Paul & Becca

Celebrating life and love,


November 10, 2009 Smith Family

Andrea and I know each other from our kids going to school together – and so since we’ve moved we haven’t seen them. It was nice to see some familiar faces again and connect! This time we were photographing Andrea’s husband’s side of the family – and what a perfect day! Last time we photographed it was so muggy – this was perfect!

Kids always respond better when parents are out of ear shot – so me and the kids hung out and got to know each other a bit better. I love that the cousins are so close in age!

IMG 1234 Smith Family

IMG 1245 Smith Family

IMG 1300 Smith Family

IMG 1264 Smith Family

IMG 1277 Smith Family

IMG 1289 Smith Family

ContactSheet 002 3 Smith Family

ContactSheet 003 4 Smith Family

And the whole gang!

IMG 1149 Smith Family

IMG 1352 Smith Family

Got to love grandparents!

IMG 1367 Smith Family

IMG 1439 Smith Family

I love Fall days!

IMG 1144 Smith Family

IMG 1392 Smith Family

ContactSheet 002a Smith Family

And you know you’re done when the kids are done!

ContactSheet 001a 2 Smith Family

Celebrating life and love,


November 10, 2009 Kenny Family

I have been photographing Jacinda’s family over the last few years. It is always so fun to see a family as they grow and change. Jacinda had contacted me to photograph her husband’s side of the family at their farm – so fun!

I’ll start with a story. We had been taking photos and then as we were doing one last group one – Jacinda had asked me to say “Everyone say…. Jacinda’s pregnant!” and to capture reactions. I announced it. People laughed it off. Then in this photo you can see as people start to realize… it’s true!

IMG 0955 Kenny Family

Lots of hugs!

IMG 0958 1 Kenny Family

And then, to add to the surprise… one of the sister-in-laws announced she too is expecting!

IMG 0980 Kenny Family

This family with 5 boy cousins… will hopefully get a girl next year – or maybe two!

IMG 1096 Kenny Family

IMG 1105 1 Kenny Family

When I photograph a large family, we photograph the big group and then individuals of each family. Here are a few from the day….

IMG 0968 Kenny Family

IMG 0994 Kenny Family

IMG 1008 Kenny Family

IMG 1104 Kenny Family

IMG 1030 Kenny Family

IMG 1140 Kenny Family

IMG 1146 Kenny Family

ContactSheet 001 7 Kenny Family

Celebrating life and love,


November 10, 2009 Busy, busy, busy

This last couple of weeks we’ve been extremely busy with finalizing as many albums as possible before this past weekend’s Christmas cutoff date. I haven’t blogged about our albums much – bad Krista. Seriously, these books are a work of art. I custom design each one and so it is unique to you. We have designed these for weddings – but also as guest books, engagement albums, baby albums and family albums. When I get all the MANY albums on order right now in I’ll take some photos for you to drool over. I wish I had a wedding album like this!

Anyways, I thought I would share a couple album layouts for you to enjoy in the meantime! I picked two that are a bit unique showing how each can be different as to your taste. With that being said – we like to keep a clean, timeless style though. We don’t want you to look back in 5 years and regret the trendy editing that’s now gone out of style. We want you to pull the album out on your Golden Anniversary and still love it and the memories.

For Graeme & Julie’s, they wanted to include their vows and readings from their ceremony so they could always remember them. Love this idea! They also had one of the most fun wedding receptions ever – and so wanted lots of pages showcasing this. This is what we did…

And Bryce & Katie’s… instead of engagement photos, they had me photograph their dress and tuxedo fittings. Such a fun idea! And then as as surprise, Bryce’s dad had me come to their rehearsal party the day before the wedding. Why not include all of this in the wedding album as it is all a part of the Big Day!

I want my clients to have not just photos online to share, but actual photos in an album they can look back on for generations. Every time the UPS man comes I get excited – after I do the mad scramble to find a hat or hairband to hide my wild hair… I run to the door and grab the box! And every time I am wowed all over again.

Anyways, in the rush to get all the albums to press for the Christmas cutoff we’ve gotten behind a bit… I have lots to blog about and share – so stay tuned!

Celebrating life and love,


November 4, 2009 Hammock Fun

My parents brought me back a hammock years ago from one of their missions trips. I never had anywhere to tie it in our postage stamp sized backyard of our previous house, so it sat on a shelf. It was dusty and almost forgotten. From time to time Mark and I talked about hanging it to a post or some sort of concoction… but then we’d get busy again and forget. It’s easier to be busy than to stop, hang a hammock and just sit.

When we moved – we wanted to make changes. It was a big change in our style of home – but we also wanted to change our lifestyle. Enjoy the simple things more. Stop. Breathe. Laugh.

So, one of teh first things we did was hang the hammock. This hammock has brought more joy to the family then I had imagined. The girls will go ut there with their toys and books, or just yse it as a giant swing and push each other on it. In the summer the ground underneath the hammock was covered by discarded shoes. The girls would come out in their proper footwear and then ditch it for the relaxing swing of the hammock.

The other day the girls and I all piled into the hammock with a stack of books and read, and sang and laughed as we swang (is “swang” even a word?).

It is these simple everyday moments I want to remember. So I had Mark grab the camera and snap a few photos. That’s the age old problem of photographers – we’re never in the photos! So I try to intentionally get photos of me with the girls periodically so they know I was part of this family too! icon smile Hammock Fun

I hope when my girls are adults themselves and looking back through their memories – that if their old mom taught them anything,it was to dust off the hammock in their own lives and celebrate the little moments.

IMG 0810 Hammock Fun

IMG 0815 Hammock Fun

IMG 0792 Hammock Fun

IMG 0768 Hammock Fun

IMG 0778 Hammock Fun

Celebrating life, love and dust-free hammocks,


November 4, 2009 Siblings

Growing up my brother and I fought. A lot. My sister was always “Switzerland” and would have to sit between us at church, in the car, at the table… or Dave and I would attempt to kill each other. Most of my childhood memories with Dave involve one of us inflicting pain on the other. My mom tells how she was so worried we’d grow up and never speak to each other.

Happy to report, I love my big brother today.

But I have that same fear for my girls. One of my biggest hopes is that they will grow up to have a good bond as sisters and friends.

This past weekend, Karen and her siblings came out to my place for photos. And I saw it again – adult siblings getting along! As they interacted you could tell they are close and involved in each other’s lives. There is something so special about the bond between siblings. I remember growing up Dave and I would fight like cats and dogs… but if anyone else ever said anything bad about me they would face the wrath of my big brother.

It makes me so happy to see adult siblings together like this enjoying each other! Thanks for making the trek out here, gang!

IMG 0050 Siblings

IMG 0691 Siblings

IMG 0014 1 Siblings

IMG 0679 Siblings

Thank you neighbour for the use of your barn and hay bale if you’re looking at my blog! icon smile Siblings

IMG 0743 Siblings

IMG 0746 Siblings

IMG 0085 Siblings

IMG 0080 Siblings

IMG 0106 Siblings

IMG 0073 1 Siblings

IMG 0062 1 Siblings

Thanks for organizing this Karen! Here she is with her new baby….

IMG 0122 Siblings

Celebrating life and love,


November 1, 2009 Things I've Learned

As I wrote the otehr day about recieving Reader’s Choice Awards for the third year in a row… it got me to thinking about what I’ve learned over these couple year sin business. Thought I’d share some of my insights.

-people are beautiful when in love. Not everyone is made to look like a super model. But you take a woman where she is fully loved – her man thinks she is the best, most incredible woman he’s ever laid eyes on…. and suddenly she is a supermodel. The confidence and beauty of love taht radiates from her… powerful.

-someting will always go wrong on your wedding. Know taht ahead of time – and be prepared to simply laugh it off. It’s part of your story of your day and you’re just as married.

-a wedding day is for the parents as well as the couple. The couple is celebrating tehir love. A parent is celebrating a new addition to the family, and one of the few occasions parents have to formally speak their memories, and words of wisdom to their child. The Bible had it right… “Honour thy Father and Mother”. Share some love with them – it’s a tough emotional day for them.

November 1, 2009 Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays! I know I’ve blogged about it before – but bare with me. I’m sappy.

The idea that people all over will stay home, turn on the lights, decorate and give out candy to kids just because it’s fun…. love. Really – it’s such a great tradition! When else do we just go around to our neighbours, knocking on their doors and simply enjoying kids and chocolate together.

Tonight we didn’t know what to expect with our first Halloween in the country. Let me summarize…

We were gone two hours.

We visited 5 houses.

The candy bags are full.

It was SO fun! I was worried the girls would feel ripped off – coming from a very busy Halloween street in the past. But as Eden said “I like this Halloween. People don’t just open the door, give you candy and then close the door.” We would stay and visit with the neighbours – most of whom it was the first time we met.

Some of the people we met…
…an 86 year old neighbour who was a war bride from England and has lived in her house 62 years.
…a couple who are avid square dancers who spend their winters in Texas square dancing.
….and the ultimate… a couple who have a horse farm! We spent ages there feeding and petting the horses – beautiful, beautiful horses. She and Madi I believe are kindred spirits and Madi is invited to come back and help out around the farm. This made Halloween the best night of Madi’s entire life at that point.

All in all, it was fun! And because most people only get 1 or 2 kids at their house… the loot is good! Full size chocolate bars, and their pick of candy and goodies! We wished we could have made it to more houses – but enjoyed taking the time to visit with all we met. Here’s some photos of the munchkins….

Some days I wonder if I could possibly love my girls more. I don’t think it’s humanly possible. Look at these cuties!

IMG 0257 Happy Halloween!

IMG 0258 Happy Halloween!

Madi is a vet -very hard to figure out how to make her a vet! Most people thought she was a doctor or nurse… her kindred spirit the horse farmer knew she was a vet. I think that’s when Madi first loved her.

aContactSheet 001 Happy Halloween!

ContactSheet 002 2 Happy Halloween!

Eden was an angel – in appearance only. ha ha!

ContactSheet 001 6 Happy Halloween!

ContactSheet 004 2 Happy Halloween!

Mark said “no!” but I had to….

ContactSheet 005 Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


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