November 22, 2009 Jason & Nicole

Jason & Nicole are getting married in the New Year in Barbados (sweet!) at Jason’s parents place. They were looking for engagement photos of the two of them – and some of their adorable little son, Nathan. When we discussed where to meet – Nicole had the great idea of going back to their old stomping grounds… by the campus at Ryerson University where they first met, the apartment building they use to live in, the park they frequented… love this idea! I was also pleased with how many cool spots we discovered in this location Nicole picked – great eye!

I love the moment before a kiss – so intimate!

IMG 9841 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9688 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9822 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9795 Jason & Nicole

I loved the look of this old window – like we are sneaking a peek…

IMG 9848 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9854 1 Jason & Nicole

Meet their two year old son Nathan – so cute!

IMG 9741 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9737 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9761 Jason & Nicole

Family cuddles!

IMG 9873 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9878 Jason & Nicole

We then went over to Ryerson University where they first met! So nice to have a quiet moment in the campus without them being trampled!

IMG 9983 Jason & Nicole

Gorgeous fall day out in the courtyard!

ContactSheet 001 11 Jason & Nicole

IMG 0020 Jason & Nicole

IMG 0026 Jason & Nicole

Dad’s always have a unique way of playing with their kids…

ContactSheet 001m 1 Jason & Nicole

ContactSheet 002 7 Jason & Nicole

The family that plays together….

(Somebody might have cheated and jumped the start…. hmmmm….)

IMG 9536 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9538 Jason & Nicole

Somebody stole dad’s scarf….

IMG 9460 1 Jason & Nicole

Cold and tired… signals the end of a fun photo shoot!

IMG 9549 Jason & Nicole

Celebrating life and love,


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