November 26, 2009 Foggy Morning

The other day I was having a hard time waking up to get the girls to school. I was grumbling as I came into the kitchen and then I saw this out my kitchen window…

IMG 9558 Foggy Morning

Suddenly my tiredness was gone as I ran outside to try and catch some of the sunrise and saw this in my driveway…

IMG 9591 Foggy Morning

I took my camera with me as I walked Madi out to catch the bus and snapped these next three photos from my driveway as we waited for the school bus – I just love morning fog!

IMG 9562 1 Foggy Morning

IMG 9567 Foggy Morning

IMG 9566 Foggy Morning

I was so excited about the fog – I loaded Eden in the van and off we went exploring the morning glory!

IMG 9573 Foggy Morning

IMG 9608 Foggy Morning

IMG 9605 Foggy Morning

IMG 9572 Foggy Morning

IMG 9603 Foggy Morning

Celebrating life and love,


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