November 12, 2009 Dana's Family

Last year, I discovered the miracle of Dana.

I love working from home and around the girl’s schedules… but as Eden was in JK last year just for the mornings, I found by the time I dropped her off – I just got home, opened up the photos I was working on and had to turn around and go pick her up. I try to be “mom” when my girls are home and awake – and so I needed to find more time to work.

Enter Dana.

I knew Dana did in-home child care but I always had so much guilt sending my kids to someone else. Then I watched Dana with the kids she watches – and I realized she loves them! I decided to try it out… well, i don’t know who fell in love first… Eden or Dana but there was a definite connection. Dana was amazing at loving Eden, and Madi on the occasion after school when I got stuck in traffic or was running late. The kids did crafts, had fun and just loved being at Dana’s!

It was great to have Dana and Thomas and their 4 children over on Sunday to do their photos and re-connect. Such a great family!

IMG 2046 Dana's Family

Do not adjust your monitors – his hair is really purple.

ContactSheet 001j Dana's Family

IMG 2088 Dana's Family

IMG 2090 Dana's Family

IMG 2093 Dana's Family

Love each of the kid’s faces in this one – especially little Tristan picking his nose!

IMG 1464 1 Dana's Family

IMG 2154 Dana's Family

IMG 2171 Dana's Family

ContactSheet 001a 3 Dana's Family

A couple of day’s after this shoot Spencer had a big birthday. This was Dana’s comment when she saw this one: “Thank you Krista. This one makes me me it shows he is all grown up. I can’t believe he will be 10 years old tomorrow”

IMG 1504 Dana's Family

IMG 2241 Dana's Family

IMG 2261 Dana's Family

Thomas & Dana are so cute together!

ContactSheet 006 Dana's Family

Love this family!

IMG 1517 Dana's Family

And one last sunset shot….

IMG 2257 Dana's Family

And today is Dana’s birthday. Hoping you feel celebrated and loved today!!

Celebrating life and love,


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