November 20, 2009 Carolynn

20 years ago this summer, my family moved from Thunder Bay to Stoney Creek. A good 18 hours drive away. I was to start high school not knowing one other person. This did not sit well with me as I dreaded the approaching start of grade nine.

I attended youth group at church once or twice before school and met a few people… but still felt so scared to start school alone. I remember walking to school that first day… no clue where to go once I got to school, no friends waiting to see if we got in the same class together… I felt so alone.

And then, as I got closer to school I turned the corner and saw her… a girl I recognized from youth group. Carolynn was a year older than me and quickly took me under her wing that first morning. She was able to show me where to go once I arrived at school and calmed my fears. For this… I am eternally thankful.

Fast forward two decades…

Today I was meeting with a group of photographers and constantly Carolynn’s name kept coming up as I talked. You see, that girl who showed a scared “minor niner” where her homeroom was… is the same girl who comes alongside me at nearly every wedding. Still calming my nerves and helping me get to where I’m headed.

Carolynn is a phenomenal assistant and I just wanted to take a minute to give her a big shout out.

Carolynn comes to a wedding – carries my bags, puts up with my grouchiness and demands, smiles throughout the long, hot days, pins on corsages, sews bride’s dresses, helps everyone and anyone, snaps photos, packs up my gear, gets me drinks, keeps me sane… and then on the way home will turn to me and say “Is there anything I could do better? How can I improve?”


Carolynn has been an absolute gift and I’m so thankful for her in my personal life as a friend, and on the job as a support.

Thank you, friend!

And because a post needs a photo… here’s one of Carolynn (on the far left), our good friend Cherie and myself from last Christmas.
IMG 8575 1 733125 Carolynn

Celebrating life, love and Carolynn,


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