November 22, 2009 Baby Joshua

There is something so exciting about new life. It makes you stop and marvel – how small… how innocent.. how beautiful… how miraculous this little gift of life in your arms.

A couple years ago I had the honour of photographing Dan & Leslie as they waited for their first child, and then when baby Matthew arrived, and then at one year. Now, yesterday… I got a big case of de ja vu as I went and celebrated their newest arrival… baby Joshua. What a sweetheart! He is only 8 days old and is quite possible perfect. I thnk you’ll agree….

This photo warms my heart as it’s from mom’s view… wasn’t it just yesterday I was looking down at the little miracle of Madison in my arms?

IMG 9440 Baby Joshua

As much as Leslie adores Joshua – I think it’s safe to say he loves mommy. Just look at his smiling face!

IMG 9469 1 Baby Joshua

Sooooooo little and perfect.

IMG 9472 Baby Joshua

Chilling with dad.

IMG 9550 Baby Joshua

And who could forget Matthew?

IMG 9501 Baby Joshua

IMG 9518 Baby Joshua

“What is that thing and why does it always make so much noise?”

IMG 9601 Baby Joshua

IMG 9624 Baby Joshua

Little perfect Joshua – welcome to the world!

IMG 9656 1 Baby Joshua

Celebrating life, love and new life!


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