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November 27, 2009 Baby Fox

In the early Fall I had the pleasure of photographing Greg and Kim as they waited for their little one to arrive. Last week little William Fox (referred to as Fox) arrived… and what a muffin! Sooooo cute! Greg and Kim are doing the baby package – where I photograph their maternity, newborn and one year and then we will create an album of Fox’s first year. Can’t wait to see this album!

For all you tech geeks out there (ahem… Greg)…. all photos were taken with natural light and almost the entire shoot was shot with the 50mm 1.2. This makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Cute little babies. So without further ado….

Yes, she had a baby a week ago. Looking amazing, Kim!

ContactSheet 001a 6 Baby Fox

IMG 9620 Baby Fox

The happy family

ContactSheet 002 8 Baby Fox

I remember those early days of parenthood where all you want to do is sit and watch your little one. Actually… that hasn’t really changed….

IMG 9657 Baby Fox

IMG 9702 Baby Fox

IMG 9730 Baby Fox

Then we went to the front lobby of their condo – perfect for shooting!

ContactSheet 003 6 Baby Fox

IMG 9693 1 Baby Fox

IMG 9714 Baby Fox

IMG 9751 Baby Fox

IMG 9780 Baby Fox

IMG 9776 Baby Fox

IMG 9723 Baby Fox

Love the eye contact here as they assess each other…

IMG 9800 1 Baby Fox

IMG 9795 1 Baby Fox

IMG 9810 Baby Fox

IMG 9817 Baby Fox

And lovved teh custom paintings in Fox’s room done by a friend.. beautiful!

IMG 9839 Baby Fox

Celebrating life and love,


November 26, 2009 Foggy Morning

The other day I was having a hard time waking up to get the girls to school. I was grumbling as I came into the kitchen and then I saw this out my kitchen window…

IMG 9558 Foggy Morning

Suddenly my tiredness was gone as I ran outside to try and catch some of the sunrise and saw this in my driveway…

IMG 9591 Foggy Morning

I took my camera with me as I walked Madi out to catch the bus and snapped these next three photos from my driveway as we waited for the school bus – I just love morning fog!

IMG 9562 1 Foggy Morning

IMG 9567 Foggy Morning

IMG 9566 Foggy Morning

I was so excited about the fog – I loaded Eden in the van and off we went exploring the morning glory!

IMG 9573 Foggy Morning

IMG 9608 Foggy Morning

IMG 9605 Foggy Morning

IMG 9572 Foggy Morning

IMG 9603 Foggy Morning

Celebrating life and love,


This weekend is the Santa Claus Parade and the Jeffersons start to decorate and bake – can’t wait! It’s our kick off to Christmas and I’m so excited!!

I thought while I’m in the Christmas Spirit I should take a moment to let you know of some important Christmas dates….

Our cutoff date for photos and Christmas card orders is Dec. 1st for a Christmas delivery guaranteed.

Also… last year we did “Cans for Comments”… for every comment made on our blog we donate a canned good to a local food bank. Watch for this to kick off on Dec. 1st!

I thought I would show you a sample of a recent Christmas card. All of our cards are custom designed and printed on a gorgeous paper – gloss on the front, matte finish inside for writing. If you ‘ve had a photo shoot or wedding this year and want cards – drop us a line soon!

This card below shows the front and back of the card…

webcollinscard4 Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Celerbating life and love,


November 22, 2009 Jason & Nicole

Jason & Nicole are getting married in the New Year in Barbados (sweet!) at Jason’s parents place. They were looking for engagement photos of the two of them – and some of their adorable little son, Nathan. When we discussed where to meet – Nicole had the great idea of going back to their old stomping grounds… by the campus at Ryerson University where they first met, the apartment building they use to live in, the park they frequented… love this idea! I was also pleased with how many cool spots we discovered in this location Nicole picked – great eye!

I love the moment before a kiss – so intimate!

IMG 9841 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9688 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9822 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9795 Jason & Nicole

I loved the look of this old window – like we are sneaking a peek…

IMG 9848 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9854 1 Jason & Nicole

Meet their two year old son Nathan – so cute!

IMG 9741 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9737 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9761 Jason & Nicole

Family cuddles!

IMG 9873 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9878 Jason & Nicole

We then went over to Ryerson University where they first met! So nice to have a quiet moment in the campus without them being trampled!

IMG 9983 Jason & Nicole

Gorgeous fall day out in the courtyard!

ContactSheet 001 11 Jason & Nicole

IMG 0020 Jason & Nicole

IMG 0026 Jason & Nicole

Dad’s always have a unique way of playing with their kids…

ContactSheet 001m 1 Jason & Nicole

ContactSheet 002 7 Jason & Nicole

The family that plays together….

(Somebody might have cheated and jumped the start…. hmmmm….)

IMG 9536 Jason & Nicole

IMG 9538 Jason & Nicole

Somebody stole dad’s scarf….

IMG 9460 1 Jason & Nicole

Cold and tired… signals the end of a fun photo shoot!

IMG 9549 Jason & Nicole

Celebrating life and love,


November 22, 2009 Baby Joshua

There is something so exciting about new life. It makes you stop and marvel – how small… how innocent.. how beautiful… how miraculous this little gift of life in your arms.

A couple years ago I had the honour of photographing Dan & Leslie as they waited for their first child, and then when baby Matthew arrived, and then at one year. Now, yesterday… I got a big case of de ja vu as I went and celebrated their newest arrival… baby Joshua. What a sweetheart! He is only 8 days old and is quite possible perfect. I thnk you’ll agree….

This photo warms my heart as it’s from mom’s view… wasn’t it just yesterday I was looking down at the little miracle of Madison in my arms?

IMG 9440 Baby Joshua

As much as Leslie adores Joshua – I think it’s safe to say he loves mommy. Just look at his smiling face!

IMG 9469 1 Baby Joshua

Sooooooo little and perfect.

IMG 9472 Baby Joshua

Chilling with dad.

IMG 9550 Baby Joshua

And who could forget Matthew?

IMG 9501 Baby Joshua

IMG 9518 Baby Joshua

“What is that thing and why does it always make so much noise?”

IMG 9601 Baby Joshua

IMG 9624 Baby Joshua

Little perfect Joshua – welcome to the world!

IMG 9656 1 Baby Joshua

Celebrating life, love and new life!


November 20, 2009 Carolynn

20 years ago this summer, my family moved from Thunder Bay to Stoney Creek. A good 18 hours drive away. I was to start high school not knowing one other person. This did not sit well with me as I dreaded the approaching start of grade nine.

I attended youth group at church once or twice before school and met a few people… but still felt so scared to start school alone. I remember walking to school that first day… no clue where to go once I got to school, no friends waiting to see if we got in the same class together… I felt so alone.

And then, as I got closer to school I turned the corner and saw her… a girl I recognized from youth group. Carolynn was a year older than me and quickly took me under her wing that first morning. She was able to show me where to go once I arrived at school and calmed my fears. For this… I am eternally thankful.

Fast forward two decades…

Today I was meeting with a group of photographers and constantly Carolynn’s name kept coming up as I talked. You see, that girl who showed a scared “minor niner” where her homeroom was… is the same girl who comes alongside me at nearly every wedding. Still calming my nerves and helping me get to where I’m headed.

Carolynn is a phenomenal assistant and I just wanted to take a minute to give her a big shout out.

Carolynn comes to a wedding – carries my bags, puts up with my grouchiness and demands, smiles throughout the long, hot days, pins on corsages, sews bride’s dresses, helps everyone and anyone, snaps photos, packs up my gear, gets me drinks, keeps me sane… and then on the way home will turn to me and say “Is there anything I could do better? How can I improve?”


Carolynn has been an absolute gift and I’m so thankful for her in my personal life as a friend, and on the job as a support.

Thank you, friend!

And because a post needs a photo… here’s one of Carolynn (on the far left), our good friend Cherie and myself from last Christmas.
IMG 8575 1 733125 Carolynn

Celebrating life, love and Carolynn,


November 19, 2009 Edison Workshops

I have recently had a lot of requests for workshops by Edison… so, as I prepare for 2010 I am planning to hold workshops in the New Year. I was planning for them today… and then I thought if I am doing them for YOU I should ask YOU what you are looking for! Please take a second and fill out this questionairre and pass along to anyone you think may be interested.

Click Here to take survey

I forgot to add to the survey…. are you a professional, beginner or avid hobbyist? Can you leave that in the comments on the survey or in the blog post here. Thanks!



Last week I had an email from a photographer, Beth, I had never met before in Michigan, Beth. She has a friend, Sarah, in Hamilton who was suppose to come down and visit and get family photos – but her husband a 1 year cancer survivor, has had a recurrence and has been diagnosed as Stage IV and was starting chemo again. This photographer friend asked around on the forums if anyone knew a photographer in Hamilton and a few people recommended me (thanks!). Beth wrote asking if I would consider a discount or helping out in anyway… not knowing I am a part of Smiling Eyes. Smiling Eyes is an organization where photographers volunteer a free photo shoot for people journeying with cancer. No strings attached. Beth put me in touch with Sarah to organize the shoot. Looking at Sarah’s information I realized we had the same phone prefix… so basically, it took a photographer in Michigan I had never met to put me in touch with a family living in the same small town as me almost an hour outside of Hamilton!

When James, Sarah and Maggie arrived at my house you could just feel the love between these three. Maggie, their four year old daughter, is full of giggles and cuddles. Cutest little thing!

As you look at these, please say a prayer for James, Maggie and Sarah and then go and hug your loved ones. And when you’re done… repeat.

Here are some of the photos from our time together…

IMG 9133 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9135 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9236 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

ContactSheet 001 10 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9178 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9208 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9215 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9217 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9171 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9277 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9297 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9304 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9322 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

Sarah and James just had their 6th wedding anniversray two days before our shoot

IMG 9353 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

ContactSheet 001a 5 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

ContactSheet 002 6 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

Then we came in to warm up and Maggie put on her “Dad is my superhero” shirt for some cuddle time with daddy.

IMG 9400 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

IMG 9427 Smiling Eyes: James, Sarah & Maggie

James, Sarah and Maggie – you were a delight to meet. My prayers are there with you as you journey through this chemo and uncertain path ahead.

Celebrating life and love,


November 16, 2009 Chase & Reese

I love photographing family’s over the years. To see the kids grow and change is so exciting! So I was thrilled when Mary called me up to photograph her munchkins Chase and Reese again. I hadn’t seen them in a couple years and couldn’t believe how much Reese especially had changed. Bye bye baby face – hello big girl!

The gang came up to our house last week wanting some images for Christmas cards…

IMG 9790 Chase & Reese

ContactSheet 001a 4 Chase & Reese

ContactSheet 002 5 Chase & Reese

IMG 9884 Chase & Reese

IMG 9891 Chase & Reese

Who knew my dad’s old car would be such a fun backdrop!

IMG 9918 1 Chase & Reese

IMG 9922 Chase & Reese

IMG 9932 Chase & Reese

IMG 9941 Chase & Reese

And some Christmas fun!

IMG 8970 Chase & Reese

ContactSheet 001 9 Chase & Reese

IMG 8963 Chase & Reese

This red barn series cracks me up – their facial expressions are priceless!

IMG 0003 1 Chase & Reese

IMG 0035 1 Chase & Reese

IMG 9972 1 Chase & Reese

IMG 9978 2 Chase & Reese

IMG 9993 Chase & Reese

Celebrating life and love,


November 12, 2009 Dana's Family

Last year, I discovered the miracle of Dana.

I love working from home and around the girl’s schedules… but as Eden was in JK last year just for the mornings, I found by the time I dropped her off – I just got home, opened up the photos I was working on and had to turn around and go pick her up. I try to be “mom” when my girls are home and awake – and so I needed to find more time to work.

Enter Dana.

I knew Dana did in-home child care but I always had so much guilt sending my kids to someone else. Then I watched Dana with the kids she watches – and I realized she loves them! I decided to try it out… well, i don’t know who fell in love first… Eden or Dana but there was a definite connection. Dana was amazing at loving Eden, and Madi on the occasion after school when I got stuck in traffic or was running late. The kids did crafts, had fun and just loved being at Dana’s!

It was great to have Dana and Thomas and their 4 children over on Sunday to do their photos and re-connect. Such a great family!

IMG 2046 Dana's Family

Do not adjust your monitors – his hair is really purple.

ContactSheet 001j Dana's Family

IMG 2088 Dana's Family

IMG 2090 Dana's Family

IMG 2093 Dana's Family

Love each of the kid’s faces in this one – especially little Tristan picking his nose!

IMG 1464 1 Dana's Family

IMG 2154 Dana's Family

IMG 2171 Dana's Family

ContactSheet 001a 3 Dana's Family

A couple of day’s after this shoot Spencer had a big birthday. This was Dana’s comment when she saw this one: “Thank you Krista. This one makes me me it shows he is all grown up. I can’t believe he will be 10 years old tomorrow”

IMG 1504 Dana's Family

IMG 2241 Dana's Family

IMG 2261 Dana's Family

Thomas & Dana are so cute together!

ContactSheet 006 Dana's Family

Love this family!

IMG 1517 Dana's Family

And one last sunset shot….

IMG 2257 Dana's Family

And today is Dana’s birthday. Hoping you feel celebrated and loved today!!

Celebrating life and love,


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