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October 18, 2009 70 Years Young

My dad is a bit of a MacGyver – he can make something out of anything! As kids dad made us a go kart with a fibreglass body designed to look like a Ferrari. He kept bees and we enjoyed fresh honey. He made us a wooden car we could drive which was battery operated that looked exactly like his 1930 Chevrolet he had restored. If we could dream it up – dad could make it happen. In his retirement from the airline he is now making his own dream happen – building his own airplane.

I remember one winter when I was probably about 11 or 12 and we were up in Nestor Falls visiting my grandparents and it was particularly icy and snowy. My grandparents road was all hills – and they were sheer ice. And there was a hill my dad just could not get the car up because of the ice. Try and try but it was a no go. I have no idea how we eventually got to their house because I was distracted by another thought. This was the first time I realized dad could not do everything. Since then I’ve realized dad can do MOST everything but he is not super-human as first thought as a kid.

I still call dad whenever I have a question about cars, the house, travel, food, gardening… okay, anything!

My dad has the same personality traits as his mother’s side of the family. His mom had 8 kids and all 8 kids say they never remember her yelling – although they gave her cause to! My dad is the same – he is calm, quiet and does not yell. I remember as a kid smashing his garden tractor into mom’s car and tearing up a tree… and dad just being calm and not upset.

My dad has his family’s love of poetry – writing his own or memorizing and reciting poems from heart. As a kid Longfellow’s “Wreck of the Hesperus” or “Casey at the Bat” were some of my favourites that he would recite all from memory. After supper we would memorize Scripture as a family – dad could rattle off entire chapters from the Bible as we struggled to memorize the first few verses.

Dad was always creative in the kitchen. Although he has his trusty favourites – every Sunday we would have dad’s roast beef or stew. But more memorable are the creative menu options. Dad is where I got my love for food colouring. We would have purple spaghetti or green pancakes – why not have some fun with your food! Dad’s most creative dinner was the supper all in one. He took a big bowl and lined it with crust. Then did a layer of potatoes, then crust, veggies, then crust, meat, then crust and then what put it over the top was he also included a layer of dessert! Suppertime when dad cooked was never boring!

Dad always encouraged our dreams. He never outgrew the childhood habit of thinking you could make any dream come true. We were reminiscing recently with my sister – how my parents let her at 18 take off to Europe for 6 weeks with no plans and only the occasional phone call home. I couldn’t imagine letting my girls do that – although we would have the luxury of cell phones and internet now. Dad would be the first to encourage us to take off to the Yukon for a summer, or any other trip we could come up with. Mom and him are always traveling and enjoying new adventures still.

Today my dad turns 70, but anyone who knows him knows with his smirk, eyes full of mischief and head full of dreams he will always be a kid at heart. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

5928 148713087628 612767628 3829393 70 Years Young

5928 148713097628 612767628 3829395 70 Years Young

Celebrating life, love and Dad,


October 16, 2009 Moments

I’ve had a grid of empty frames on my office wall for way too long, so tonight I decided I’d pick the photos to fill these frames. Since I’ll be looking at them everyday I wanted images from weddings that inspired me. That when I looked at them I felt proud to say “I shot that!” and that I would smile at when I saw them.

What surprised me was that it wasn’t the posed photos that generally made the cut. There are beautiful images of brides and grooms that were orchestrated… but the ones that grab at my heart strings are the moments. The stolen look at his bride as the groom sits through the ceremony. The big laugh between husband and wife as they enjoy their first dance. Interaction. Emotions. Moments.

And I realized – this is what gets me excited! People sometimes ask me if I ever get sick of weddings – and I’m always shocked by the question. No! I love weddings! Perhaps I would be bored if I just went in with my stiff list of “must-haves” and never veered off the list. But instead what gets me excited is the unknowns… I can go into a wedding knowing the outline of the day and all the planned details – but I can never, ever know the moments ahead of time. The story of each wedding is so unique – I love being able to share in it!

As I choose the photos to hang on my wall, I find myself reminiscing about the weddings, the couples and the moments I’ve shared in. I think I will have to rotate images as there are too many great people who have given me the honour of sharing their day and I want to remember each one!

Celebrating life and love… and moments,


October 11, 2009 Kirk & Lyndsay

We all know by now I cry at weddings – all weddings. What grabs me is the daughter-parent relationship. My girls are 5 and 7, but I imagine, dream and dread the day it will be me zipping Eden’s dress and watching Madison walk down the aisle. Parents speeches often are about their children growing up – right at the stage my girls are at right now. At the reception of Kirk & Lyndsay last night, her mother shared about Lyndsay wanting independence and wanting to walk around the block on her own at age 3. I could picture Eden doing the same thing. The slideshow played throughout the night of snapshots of growing up and I had to blink and take a double look as at times I could swear it was my own girls up there. No physical resemblance, but simply a photo of a young girl basking in her parent’s love. And then – here she is standing here, a beautiful bride.

Often times dads aren’t as emotional in day-to-day living as us women. So, on a wedding day seeing the tough, strong dad get choked up – always reduces me to a blubbering fool. I remember (13 years ago!) on my own wedding day when my quiet dad surprised me with a poem he wrote me… let’s just say it wasn’t the pretty cry I experienced.

Yesterday, as Lyndsay got her makeup done, dad sat in teh chair right by her cracking jokes. He was one of teh first people to greet me when I arrived. But then the moment came when his baby girl came down the stairs as a stunning bride – ready to commit herself to another man… powerful. Lyndsay had not shown her dad the dress ahead of time, so he had no idea what to expect. I don’t think he could be more pleased to see Lyndsay’s vision of loveliness. DUring his speech, her dad said that seeing her come down the stairs was one moment he would never forget. In case he does, here is the moment…

kirk2 Kirk & Lyndsay

Yesterday was the last wedding of my main wedding season – there are a few over teh winter months, but not like the craziness of the wedding season. And what a finale! I loved Kirk & Lyndsay since we met at their engagement session. Their willingness to do anything for a photo – like wade in ice cold water! – would make any photographer happy! And they are both so cute and sweet together… I knew I would love their wedding!

I got to Lyndsay’s parent’s home and she showed me her dress. I could not be more in love with Lyndsay at this moment – such a perfect dress. Then she pulled out her “something blue” amazing shoes…. I was smitten.

IMG 9274 1 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 9680 Kirk & Lyndsay

What a gorgeous bride!

IMG 8497 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 9756 Kirk & Lyndsay

The ceremony was at Binbrook United church – I’ve driven by before but never been in – such a great old church!

ContactSheet 003 Kirk & Lyndsay

Kirk had really wanted to be bagpiped out of the ceremony – so what a great surprise when Lyndsay arranged this for him!

IMG 8623 Kirk & Lyndsay

Last weekend I shot two weddings in the pouring rain – makes for great images but… I was happy to see the sun again!

IMG 8636 Kirk & Lyndsay

Off to Crosswinds Golf and Country Club for photos and reception. What a great Fall day!

IMG 9469 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 0192 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 0223 1 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 0232 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 9593 Kirk & Lyndsay

Hello gorgeous evening light….

ContactSheet 001h Kirk & Lyndsay

Oh – and sunset… hello to you too. You’re always welcome to pop by.

IMG 8831 Kirk & Lyndsay

IMG 0351 Kirk & Lyndsay

And I had to mention this… this photo is NOT of flower bouquets… it’s their cupcakes! Unbelievable! Great job from Roxy cakes! I have heard of the art that Roxy creates in the kitchen – but to see it… wow.

IMG 9656 Kirk & Lyndsay

And without further ado… take a look at Kirk and Lyndsay’s day!

Celebrating life and love,


October 9, 2009 Blair & Andrea

Again, a wedding from last weekend I get to expand on now!

If you were to ask Andrea last weekend who her wedding planner is, she was quick to reply “My dad”. Andrea’s dad was the minister – and main coordinator of their wedding! As Andrea told me a few days before the wedding “My dad will be doing the service with another minister – the other minister will do all the emotional parts because my dad likely won’t be able to get through them.”

The wedding had such a strong sense of family. Blair’s brother-in-law asked “who gave this woman”. Andrea’s father did the service. Blair’s sister sang at the ceremony. Both Blair and Andrea’s sisters were in the wedding party. And everything was very family focused – love that!

But what got me choked up during the ceremony was hearing all the family history of these two. I can’t remember all the facts from memory – but I do know that Blair’s parents and grandparents were both married in this same church. And that Blair’s family window is where they signed their registry – if you look closely you’ll see the name “Gunby” right above Andrea’s shoulder – which is Blair’s last name.

Beginning as a new family of two – I love how Blair and Andrea honoured their family’s past while stepping out to start their new journey. Beautiful!

blair Blair & Andrea

And without further ado – their slideshow!

Celebrating life and love,


October 9, 2009 Matt & Amber part 2

The other day I posted some photos of Matt & Amber’s wedding last Friday – but didn’t have the chance to tell you a bit about their story and share their slide show – but I do now!

Matt & Amber had planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Old Mill in Ancaster. But they woke up to rain. Rain. And more rain. When we started our day at Matt’s house he was just as chipper and happy as always – a little rain couldn’t dampen his day! And then Amber was the very same… as I’ve said so many times… no matter what happens, you’re just as married! These two had a great attitude knowing that no, they couldn’t proceed with their outdoor plans but they would be just as married if they got married inside or out!

During the ceremony, these two just beamed. Smiling, laughing… such joy! My job on the Big Day is to observe and document. The one thing I’m watching for is interaction – a connection. And I have o say these two have this great chemistry I love. Matt just adores watching Amber, and Amber’s big, happy laugh draws everyone in. They are so fun!

This photo was a favourite of mine as Matt just radiates love as he looks at his bride. Inside or outside ceremony didn’t matter at this moment. Only one thing really mattered to Matt – and he was standing right beside her.

amber Matt & Amber part 2

And let me share their slide show too!

Celebrating life and love,


October 9, 2009 Eden the fashion queen

I haven’t blogged about my kids in a bit – so wanted to bring you into the Fall life of the Jefferson girls!

I’ll start with Eden. Eden is now going full days every other day for Senior Kindergarten. She loves riding the bus – but was told she can’t sit with the high school kids at the back anymore. So she sits one row up so she can still be close to them. I mean – come on! teenagers are the coolest people EVER to a 5 year old.

She has taken to praying to Jesus alllll the time. You’ll be in the middle of a conversation and she’ll say “I just have to ask Jesus” and closes her eyes and prays and then will open her eyes and look right at you and tell you exactly what Jesus had to say on the subject. Funny.

Eden wakes up and puts on her dress up clothes. if it’s not a school day she’s got makeup on. The glitzier the better. This kid sings, dances and talks non-stop. NON-STOP.

Eden has a gift – to meet her is to love her. She just climbs up on your lap and gives you a big ol hug and melts your heart within the first 5minutes of meeting her. She is sheer delight personified.

Here are a few photos of Eden in some of her most recent fashion statements…

IMG 9605 Eden the fashion queen

ContactSheet 003 34 Eden the fashion queen

ContactSheet 001a 26 Eden the fashion queen

IMG 9617 Eden the fashion queen

IMG 9622 Eden the fashion queen

IMG 4115 2 Eden the fashion queen

IMG 9632 Eden the fashion queen

Celebrating life, love and Eden….


October 4, 2009 Blair & Andrea

It’s late after two days of weddings – but I wanted to share a few photos from Blair & Andrea’s wedding as it was such a great day! Today did it rain – and RAIN! – and I loved it! I love a challenge and having to think fast with my camera. Keeps things fresh!I’m so happy Blair & Andrea were brave to face the elements and “play”! These two are an incredible couple… watch for another blog post (slideshow and story) on Monday or Tuesday!

For now….

Blair getting ready…

IMG 8337 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 001a 25 Blair & Andrea

Blair decided to go with buttons instead of boutonnieres. Loved it!

IMG 6610 Blair & Andrea

Off to Andrea’s – where we found her loading the dishwasher! Even brides don’t want to come home to dirty dishes!

IMG 8387 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8388 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8403 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8407 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8479 Blair & Andrea

After a touching ceremony performed by Andrea’s dad – they danced out as husband and wife!

IMG 8511 Blair & Andrea

Blair and his nephew Asher look so much alike – had to try Asher with a mustache and glasses to get the full effect!

IMG 8857 Blair & Andrea

Blair and his “grooms people”

IMG 8915 Blair & Andrea

Andrea and her “bridal people”

IMG 8904 1 Blair & Andrea

And then it started to POUR – run!!!

IMG 8956 Blair & Andrea

After that – we got creative for photos in the car and in one very small covered brick walkway at the church…

IMG 8702 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8719 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8756 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8738 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 001 68 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8821 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8836 Blair & Andrea

IMG 8420 Blair & Andrea

And then it stopped raining briefly – to pop outside at the side of the road!

Not totally sure why – but I love this photo.

IMG 8876 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 9049 Blair & Andrea

IMG 9057 Blair & Andrea

And then a fun reception!

IMG 9187 Blair & Andrea

IMG 9195 Blair & Andrea

IMG 9198 Blair & Andrea

IMG 9227 Blair & Andrea

Celebrating life and love,


October 3, 2009 Matt & Amber

(I am heading off to Blair & Andrea’s wedding now so the slideshow will be on Monday – but had to share a few favourite photos from yesterday’s wedding!)

Yesterday was rain, rain and more rain…. but you got to love a couple who embraces it! Thank you Matt & Amber! We went outside in the rain for most of our portraits and it was great! I’ll share just a few for now.

You may remember Matt & Amber – and their baby (aka Samson the dog) from their engagement photos – they are a fun couple! Always laughing and enjoying life!

Here are a few photos for now – enjoy!

IMG 6578 Matt & Amber

IMG 7745 Matt & Amber

IMG 8138 1 Matt & Amber

IMG 7716 Matt & Amber

IMG 7756 1 Matt & Amber

IMG 7765 Matt & Amber

IMG 4614copy Matt & Amber

ContactSheet 001 67 Matt & Amber

How a groom should look at his wife during the ceremony!

IMG 7943 Matt & Amber

IMG 4863 Matt & Amber

IMG 8022 Matt & Amber

IMG 8096 1 Matt & Amber

IMG 8142 Matt & Amber

IMG 4900 Matt & Amber

IMG 8210 1 Matt & Amber

ContactSheet 003 33 Matt & Amber

Celebrating life and love,


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