October 26, 2009 Martin Family

Cherie and I have been friends for years and years… over the last several years I’ve enjoyed photographing Cherie’s family. Reminds me of the days in high school when we would hang a sheet and put on funky outfits and do our own mini photo shoots. I hope those photos NEVER surface. ha ha!

This was also fun for me as it was the first photo shoot I shot at my house! It was fun to see my home and property through a photographer’s eyes and not just as a homeowner (seeing all the work to do!). Got to say I loved it… tell me what you think though. Would love to shoot more here… if you’re interested, let me know!

Since I had the couch out for our family photos (see previous post) I decided to use it for theirs as well – such a fun piece!

IMG 0139 Martin Family

Look at Caden’s face here…

IMG 0151 Martin Family

Then we headed over to the barn – to tell you the truth I NEVER go in there so it was fun to explore a bit!

IMG 0204 Martin Family

IMG 0239 Martin Family

IMG 0261 Martin Family

IMG 0280 Martin Family

My dad has his 1930 Chev parked in the barn – so Caden being your typical boy loved that!

IMG 3383 Martin Family

The horse stalls worked for a great backdrop! I opened the big garage door and got some great light!

IMG 3386 Martin Family

IMG 3405 Martin Family

Then we went around the back of the barn – not sure I’ve ever gone there before….

IMG 3438 Martin Family

When you start to lose kid’s attention…. play in the leaves!

IMG 3473 Martin Family

Although sometimes you’ll still lose them…

IMG 3490 Martin Family

IMG 0153 Martin Family

After a snack, we headed down to the tire swing and field.

IMG 0374 Martin Family

Jodey looking way too grown up!

IMG 0383a Martin Family

IMG 0423a Martin Family

This is a little pose called “tackle dad”

IMG 0489 Martin Family

And the two littlest ones are off and running!

IMG 0499 Martin Family

IMG 0500 Martin Family

IMG 0517 Martin Family

Afterwards they stayed for supper and the kids played… here’s the girls in their full dress-up glory! Eden and Aliah are just a few months apart – as toddlers they fought like crazy but have turned into good friends. Sometimes I think I prefer when they fought as I knew what mischief they were getting in to… now it’s always a surprise. Like trying out different toothbrushes – eeks!

IMG 0587 Martin Family

Celerbating life and love,


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