October 24, 2009 Grandparents

Today was a very exciting day in the Jefferson household.

The Chirp magazine arrived!

My girls have their mom’s love of magazines. A subscribed magazine’s arrival in the mailbox is always a highlight! This month’s Chirp is all about Grandparents.

One of the activities was to answer some questions about your grandparents. I just loved the girl’s responses and had to share – it just shows their personalities so much. Eden is always looking for the laugh, Madi is always looking for a way to affirm or share “verbal love” to someone. (These answers they gave were about my parents, some of the other Q & A’s were about their other grandparents.)


What is something that Grandpa always says?

“that a horse is a chicken.”

What is something that Grandma always says?

“don’t pick your nose or your brain will cave in”


What is something that Grandma always says?

“Do you know how much I Love you?”

What is something that Grandpa always says?


I laughed and laughed when Madi said “yes” for my dad – didn’t realize she understood that she had Grandpa completely wrapped around her little finger!

Another activity in the book is doing a family tree – hope to do that soon with Madi (Eden showed zero interest). Last weekend when my family was over celebrating my dad’s birthday my aunt brought a family tree for me and some old photos for me to scan. Yay! So in the theme of grandparents, let me share this photo of my Grandpa Hall as a little boy with his parents – my great grandparents. I often miss each of my wonderful grandparents, and am so thankful my girls also know and love theirs!

grandpa 731180 Grandparents

Celebrating life and love and grandparents,


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