October 18, 2009 Getaway

For our girl’s birthdays we have a tradition of memories rather than gifts. Meaning we give them a small gift (for Madi this year it was a $15 Cabbage Patch Kid, for Eden a $10 horse head on a stick) and then give them a memory as their main gift. FOr Eden’s birthday we went to the circus, in past years we’ve gone to the zoo, African Lion Safari and so on. This year Madi wanted one thing only. To go to a hotel with a pool.

Since we skipped family holidays this summer due to the move, we decided we’d spend a bit more and go to a hotel with a waterpark instead of just a pool. We went to the Americana in Niagara Falls with a wave pool, water slides and more.

But we forgot one thing – we have aimed to bring the girls up with low expectations. Meaning we want them to enjoy the small things in life and not have to out-do our last adventure. For example we enjoy the small parades – ignoring the glitz of the large parades. We try to keep them thrilled with all the small pleasures.

So as happy as they were to be here… I think they would have been just as happy to go to a a hotel with just a small pool where they could simply swim. For them coming to a hotel is about jumping on the bed, watching TV, and swimming in the pool. Because we spent more we thought they shoudl use the waterpark to it’s full extent – but they were just as happy swimming in the kiddie pool and then watching TV from bed. Funny kids!

We still had a great time but I was just reminded of my own lesson – I don’t have to try to outdo our last trip, but just enjoy the simple things in life!

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