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September 14, 2009 Kat & Janice

I met Janice and Kat when they first booked me a year and a half ago and have enjoyed getting to know Janice over Facebook. I did their engagement photos last Fall as Janice had never been out to enjoy the colours of Autumn. Such a fun experience as they left Toronto to meet me in Dundas and enjoy the colours of the season.

One thing I loved about Janice, was how she had incorporated her culture into her wedding. Kat’s family is originally from Sri Lanka but all he has known is Canada. Janice however is from Malaysia with her father and many close friends still back home. Janice did such a great job of incorporating her heritage and new Canadian traditions into her special day. I loved watching how Kat and his groomsmen did the games portion of the morning with no complaints or grumbling. It was simple – this was important to Janice, so it was important to them. The guys made fools of themselves, waxed their legs, drank ghastly concoctions without fail. To watch Kat attempt Chinese during the tea ceremony with Janice’s father and her relatives was touching (and humorous to those who could understand how he butchered the language).

But I think my favourite moment was when Janice had her dad come and place the veil on her. It just seemed like such an intimate moment and loved that in the hustle and bustle of the preparation, time was taken out for her father. It showed how much she honoured him, and her culture and for me was a favourite moment of the day.

janice Kat & Janice

Now let me show you a few more favourite moments!

We started a day with the guys – they had me laughing from my arrival at their hotel. What a great group!

IMG 2960 Kat & Janice

Meanwhile, back at Janice’s house – her cat is helping make sure her shoes are ready to go…

IMG 3039 Kat & Janice

Janice and her girls looking amazing!

ContactSheet 002 45 Kat & Janice

IMG 3369 Kat & Janice

And then the boys arrive at the house…

I love this shot Carolynn got of Kat waiting to find out what he’s up against.

IMG 0064 1 Kat & Janice

The guys did awesome singing, playing along – and waxing their legs!

IMG 0742 1 Kat & Janice

IMG 0775 Kat & Janice

Then on to the tea ceremony. There are lots of photos – a bunch of them can be seen in the slideshow below – but here are a couple that caught my eye.

IMG 3236 1 Kat & Janice

IMG 3252 Kat & Janice

Could the ringbearer and flower girl be any cuter??

IMG 3544 Kat & Janice

And the ceremony begins! Gorgeous day out at the Caledon Country Club.

ContactSheet 003 27 Kat & Janice

After the ceremony we grabbed a few photos around the grounds

IMG 3785 Kat & Janice

IMG 0253 1 Kat & Janice

We came sooooo close to getting hit by a golf ball… we used that as our cue to leave! We drove over to the badlands just two minutes up the road. And I’m so glad we did!

IMG 3846 Kat & Janice

IMG 3849 Kat & Janice

IMG 0301 2 Kat & Janice

And without further ado – here’s the slideshow!

Celebrating life and love,


September 12, 2009 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

Awhile back I shot the wedding of Shawn & Michelle and met Kim and Greg there. So fun to see them again and see their growing family as they wait for their firstborn! Such an exciting time! Kim is a professional dog trainer – so we had to get a couple of their other babies as well – two of their 5 dogs! And Greg had me laughing the entire time! Such a fun night! I remember (vaguely) those days of waiting and dreaming about our children-to-be. Such a great stage of life!

ContactSheet 001a 21 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

Why, hello gorgeous mommy!

IMG 0491 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0512 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0524 1 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

Ooohhh… I love you evening light. Happy, beautiful couple at peak light…. equals a happy Krista!

ContactSheet 002 43 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0557 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0566 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0573 2 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

The current children…

ContactSheet 003 26 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0587 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0629 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0648 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0638 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0665 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

IMG 0709 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

Look at that gorgeous baby belly! Can’t wait to meet the little one this Winter!

IMG 0724 Greg, Kim + Baby Bump

Celebrating life and love,


September 12, 2009 Janice and friends

Janice and I have gotten to know each other on Facebook since her engagement session last Fall. One thing I know about Janice is that she really misses her friends back home and was so excited to have “her girls” come for her wedding! So, a photo shoot of Janice and her childhood friends was a perfect idea the day before her wedding! This group hadn’t all been together for about a decade – but laughed and joked like only old, comfortable friends can. I thought this was a perfect stress reliever the day before a wedding!

IMG 0071 1 Janice and friends

Janice – I think she’s excited about the wedding!!!

IMG 0078 Janice and friends

IMG 0007 2 Janice and friends

Lots of love for the bride!

IMG 0089 1 Janice and friends

IMG 0102 Janice and friends

IMG 0134 Janice and friends

IMG 0128 Janice and friends

IMG 0042 Janice and friends

IMG 0334 Janice and friends

IMG 0343 Janice and friends

IMG 0398 Janice and friends

IMG 0145 Janice and friends

ContactSheet 001 58 Janice and friends

IMG 9985 1 Janice and friends

IMG 9988 Janice and friends

ContactSheet 00a1 1 Janice and friends

And a special shout out to Seth – the boyfriend of one of the girls who was the official purse holder and paparazzi. THANKS!!!!

Now I’m off to shoot the wedding for Kat & Janice – can’t wait!

Celebrating life and love,


September 10, 2009 First Days of School

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that I have been super nervous and worried about Madi starting grade two in a brand new school. Eden starts SK next week because of the staggered start they do for kindergarten.

It’s hard enough to start a new school where you know no one, but Madi is really shy, when she meets people for teh first time it takes her a long time to warm up. She tends to be scared and timid in new situations. Eden… well, she’s the polar opposite. She walks into a room, finds the first person with makeup or pretty accessories, and will climb up on their lap and tell them she loves them and then go perform sme random song and dance.

And not only is Madi starting a new school… she is riding bus for the first time in her life. I had visions of my little girl standing all alone crying at recess, or being picked on by the big kids on the bus or….

We decided for the first day I would drive Madi to school, and then she asked to take the bus home. This is the photo of Madi before school. When I asked her how she felt she said “happy on the outside, crumbly on the inside”

We also judge everything by thumbs – two thumbs up for a great birthday party, two thumbs down for getting in trouble… and when asked how Madi felt about starting school I got one thumb up and one thumb down.

ContactSheet 001k 1 First Days of School

So, the day dragged on but finally Eden, Olivia [Queen of Dogs] and I went to wait for Madi at the end of the driveway…

IMG 9989 1 First Days of School

Finally the bus came and out bounced Madi – with a grin from ear to ear! She immediately took off her tights and shoes and climbed up her tree…

IMG 0007 1 First Days of School

When asked how school went – this time we got thumbs up!

ContactSheet 001c First Days of School

Even Eden and Olivia were all smiles!

IMG 0017 First Days of School

When Mark tucked her in last night, Madi said “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” When he asked why she responded because she is excited to take the bus again. And again today she came home all smiles – loving her teacher and school. She still hasn’t really made friends – but she’s not bothered by that at all. All in time….

My heart is happy knowing my girl is brave enough to go into a school full of unknowns and come out smiling.

Celebrating life, love and my brave Madi,


September 8, 2009 Bye Bye Summer Vacation

Today was the girl’s last day of summer vacation. We did their very favourite thing in the whole wide world (Swimming at their cousin Hannah’s pool) and then just laid low. As I sat at the kitchen table I looked out and saw this image below. This photo makes me smile – a carefree childhood day where the biggest worry is if your sister gets a longer turn than you on the tire swing. Got to love summer.

IMG 0003 Bye Bye Summer Vacation

Tomorrow my shy little Madi starts grade 2 at her new school (Eden being in SK starts next week). Madi will do great – not sure I will. Don’t tell – but I’ve already cried a couple times. I’m blessed and cursed with an active imagination. I picture Madi all alone on the playground at recess without a friend and feel ill. Sigh. I know she’ll do great and prove my worst fears as nonsense… I’m actually excited about the new school also. Excited to sometime soon meet the new friends I know she’ll make. She made such great friends at her old school – I know that I’ll get to meet another batch of great kids!

In school or not, Labour Day marks the unofficial end of summer. If tomorrow holds change for your life also – I hope it’s great change and that you face it bravely!

Celebrating life and love,


September 6, 2009 Simple Pleasures

This long weekend I’ve been reflecting on our summer as the girls get ready to go back to the “s” word soon. I’m so sad to see them go back to school. Sigh.

This summer with moving, we did not do a big summer vacation. And our weekend camping trips mostly got rained out. I was feeling a bit guilty over the lack of summer activities… until Mark pointe dout the girls weren’t complaining. We asked them their favourite part of summer – swimming at their cousin’s pool was near the top. Who needs big, fancy vacations – sweet! We just have to mooch my brother’s pool! I was happy to hear they were content with the simple summer. We enjoy simplicity… from the time our girls were babies we have tried to teach them to be able to entertain themselves and use their imaginations. Instead of toys, TV and amusement parks, we try to encourage them to play, dream and roam. Often we do face whining…. but on the flipside, we also catch daily glimpses into their imaginations as they present plays, sing songs, or tell us stories.

The other day after supper the girls decided to put on a concert for us. They set up chairs for Mark and I. Madi brought in a box of cereal (for a snack for us), and they invited us to their performance. It started with Eden coming out to welcome us and to kindly remind everyone to turn off their cell phones. ha ha! And then the girls played drum and piano, sang, acted… it was perfect! Definitely a favourite summer memory for me and I wanted to share!

The Jefferson Sister’s Band

ContactSheet 001m Simple Pleasures

Eden’s wild drum dance

ContactSheet 001l Simple Pleasures

Madi playing “twinkle twinkle”

IMG 9863 Simple Pleasures

And the grand finale!

IMG 9881 Simple Pleasures

Looking forward to two more days of simplicity before school begins!

Celebrating life and love,


September 6, 2009 Bo & Krista

A couple of months ago I had the honour of shooting Glen & Krista’s wedding. I knew Krista was a piano player – but at their engagement photos I was blown away by her talent. To sit and be able to create music effortlessly – amazing! Krista’s best friend, and maid of honour, Bo is also a musician – a phenomenal opera singer! So when these two asked me to do their headshots I was thrilled! Both women thought they couldn’t work the camera- the camera proved them wrong though.

Here are a few of the lovely Krista….

IMG 9910 1 Bo & Krista

IMG 9939 1 Bo & Krista

ContactSheet 001k Bo & Krista

And Bo needed some with two very different feel to them. In her words she needed 1) warm, welcoming and fun headshots and 2) serious, intense and dark.

IMG 9992 Bo & Krista

IMG 9987 Bo & Krista

ContactSheet 001 55 Bo & Krista

It was so handy to have Krista there… she played happy music for the above photos, and then I hollered down when we needed “intense” music and she played some dark music… set the mood for the photos!

IMG 0045 Bo & Krista

IMG 0039 Bo & Krista

The two of them performing together – divine!

IMG 9901 1 Bo & Krista

ContactSheet 002 39 Bo & Krista

IMG 0176 Bo & Krista

And this is Tom – a music teacher of Bo’s – who was kind enough to let us use his gorgeous, art-filled home that would inspore anyone to go out and decorate their home! Thank you, Tom!

IMG 0120 Bo & Krista

Celebrating life and love,


September 5, 2009 Steve & Lindsay

Last weekend was a double header for me – Matt & Cait on Friday and Steve & Lindsay on Saturday. Amazing days both times for outdoor weddings – yay! Although I posted a few sneak peeks on Facebook I haven’t had a chance to do a post for Steve & Lindsay yet.. .and man! you’ll want to see this wedding. Gorgeous!

First, I have to share… I was really nervous about this wedding. You see, Lindsay is a photographer herself. Shooting another wedding photographer’s wedding is an extreme honour to say the least! Thank you , Lindsay!

I often think about weddings as a play – there are costumes, lines to memorize, rehearsals, an audience, etc. It almost seems “make believe” or like we’re playing dress-up. But then there are those moments that remind you – this is real. This is forever. We’re witnessing history.

Lindsay had gotten ready at home with her parents and bridesmaids. Steve was at the venue with his groomsmen and parents greeting guests. There was the usual rush backstage as everyone gets into place, and the stage is prepared. There’s the excitement and anticipation building in the air… and then the moment everyone has waited for. “Here comes the bride”. As Lindsay gets to the front and her waiting groom, they lock eyes only for a moment. A moment that snaps you out of the make-believe world of playing wedding to realize this is happening. Now.

As Lindsay said when she saw this image on Facebook: “Awe… this moment is what I remember most from the day!” That is the best compliment I can receive – to capture your memories. The moments that matter to you… forever.

lindsay Steve & Lindsay

I loved how Lindsay got ready – she had only her mom help her get dressed. None of her bridesmaids had even seen her dress. Once all dressed – then she had them come up to see her all ready. So fun!

Love how proud mom looks here.

IMG 8828 Steve & Lindsay

I just need to stop and mention Lindsay’s mom for a minute. She is not a baker, but took a baking class just so she could make Lindsay her wedding cake. And this wasn’t just a plain jane cake – it was amazing! What a gift! Take a look…

IMG 9772 Steve & Lindsay

Back to the preparation… here is the girl’s reaction to the stunning beauty…

IMG 8849 Steve & Lindsay

Lindsay had her two month old son a custom tux made – soooo cute!

IMG 8802 Steve & Lindsay

IMG 8842 Steve & Lindsay

Beautiful Lindsay!

IMG 8980 Steve & Lindsay

IMG 9424 1 Steve & Lindsay

The handsome groom, Steve, waiting….

IMG 9057 1 Steve & Lindsay

IMG 9177 Steve & Lindsay

Showtime! Love this father-daughter moment…

IMG 9239 1 Steve & Lindsay

This is where I pretend we’re in England and that’s not McMaster hospital behind them but a castle.

IMG 9270 Steve & Lindsay

A great first kiss!

IMG 9322 Steve & Lindsay

The happy couple!

IMG 9476 Steve & Lindsay

ContactSheet 002a 3 Steve & Lindsay

ContactSheet 002 40 Steve & Lindsay

The family

IMG 9493 Steve & Lindsay

I love this one as it shows Steve fun personality!

IMG 9262 Steve & Lindsay

I don’t usually include wedding party shots but I laugh every time I look at this one of the flowergirl!

IMG 9120 Steve & Lindsay

And here’s a closer look at this great wedding!

Celebrating life and love,


September 3, 2009 Morning Glory

This morning I was up way too early. I Was grumbling and not happy about the hour on the clock. But then when I stepped outside… well, sometimes God screams “STOP! Look at me!” and you have to pause and savour the moment. These next few photos were all taken this morning either in the driveway, yard or a bunch are from me sitting at the kitchen table. Enjoy – and remember to pause in the chaos of life and enjoy!

IMG 9923 Morning Glory

IMG 0219 Morning Glory

IMG 0222 Morning Glory

IMG 0220 1 Morning Glory

IMG 0243 Morning Glory

ContactSheet 002 38 Morning Glory

IMG 0250 1 Morning Glory

IMG 0259 Morning Glory

IMG 0274 1 Morning Glory

IMG 0278 1 Morning Glory

IMG 0283 1 Morning Glory

Celebrating life and love,


September 2, 2009 Matt & Cait part 2

As promised – here is part two of Matt & Cait’s wedding – I didn’t have much time to go into detail on the weekend! Stay tuned tomorrow for Steve & Lindsay’s wedding!

Matt & Cait did something that is a photographer’s dream.

They saw each other before the ceremony for their photos. I love this because for a lot of reasons – but the main two are this… the couple gets to connect one on one before going into the craziness of the day. That chance to connect allows them to relax and enjoy the day – which shows up in their photos! I know when we got married I didn’t see Mark until I came down the aisle – and then we spent most of the ceremony whispering back and forth because we were so excited we wanted to connect – something you don’t get a chance to do until the day is done!

The other reason I like this option, is it separates wedding from photo shoot. I like weddings to be that – a wedding. By doing the photos ahead of time, the bride and groom go into the ceremony, cocktails and reception with only one task – to enjoy themselves! They don’t have to be whisked away from their guests for photos – but can just savour and enjoy. Which again – shows in the photos.

I know this is not for everyone – but when it happens – it’s like a little gift. The main reason I hear people do not want to do this is they love the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time. At a ceremony, as soon as I see the bride, I quickly turn around and snap photos of the groom’s reaction. So even though matt & Cait had spent hours together at the point of the processional, I turned around to snap Matt’s reaction. I see him gulping… big, long blinks to hold back tears… and absolutely riveted to his approaching bride.

It didn’t matter that he had spent a couple hours hanging out with Cait – this moment was not about the surprise of what she was wearing.. but about the huge commitment to forever and the honour of being her husband. The emotion between these two was powerful! I just loved Matt’s face as he watches Cait’s approach (down the lemon lined aisle!)

0 1a0 Matt & Cait part 2

Sigh. I love how these two are together! Let me show you their Big Day in a bit more detail…

When we got to the Matt’s house this is how we found the guys. Singing, dancing, drumming… and Matt’s mom said they’d been that way for two days straight!

IMG 7834 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 7879 Matt & Cait part 2

Then we went on to Cait (side story… I was rear ended on the way! Eeeks! Fortunately it only put me a few minutes behind schedule!). Matt & Cait go to the same church as us, but we never really knew each other – just different friends. Then I found out that Cait, like me, is a photo blog stalker! Suddenly I had a friend at church to gossip – I mean talk with – about Jasmine Star and Jessica Claire and the rest of my photo heroes. Knowing Cait stalks the blogs I knew she’d have great details on her day – and she didn’t disappoint!

Matt’s cool attire…

ContactSheet 001h Matt & Cait part 2

Why Cait – thank you for the yellow and grey Edison shoes!

IMG 8036 Matt & Cait part 2


IMG 8001 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 7987 Matt & Cait part 2

the happy couple!
ContactSheet 003 25 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 8166 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 8168 Matt & Cait part 2

I don’t usually post wedding party photos – but… this group was SO fun!

IMG 8209 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 8241 1 Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 8346 Matt & Cait part 2

And teh ceremony! I loved teh yellow theme with teh lemons! Awesome idea!

ContactSheet 001v Matt & Cait part 2

IMG 8543 Matt & Cait part 2

Cait was a gorgeous “two dress” bride – loved her reception dress!

IMG 8632 Matt & Cait part 2

A great venue for the reception at the Kortright Centre

IMG 8612 1 Matt & Cait part 2

What wedding is complete without a bonfire and smores and an outdoor dance!

IMG 8721 1 Matt & Cait part 2

For the slideshow please visit HERE

celebrating life and love,


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