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August 29, 2009 Matt & Cait

Yesterday I fell in love with the wedding of Matt & Cait. Lemon lined aisles, a late night bonfire (with smores), both of Cait’s gorgeous dresses and more! But I’m off to shoot another wedding so you’ll have to wait to hear more… but for now here’s a few teasers and the slideshow. I’ll blog about their story and more soon!!

IMG 8128 Matt & Cait

IMG 8168 Matt & Cait

IMG 8721 1 Matt & Cait

Celebrating life and love,


August 28, 2009 Sam's family

This week I’ve been reminiscing about how fast childhood goes. I read somewhere recently that we only have about 18 summers with our kids. Madi turns 7 soon. That means I only have 11 left? Stop the insanity!

Tonight I got together with Sam and his parents. I love this stage – Sam is 13months. The unsteady walk, the beginning of words, the forming of personality… such an exciting age! Sam’s mom, Jennifer, and I discussed how it all goes by way too fast. In a week she’ll be back at work – has a year maternity leave really flown by? Moments like this where I fell all sentimental and sad about the speed of time – I’m thankful for photos like these below that freeze this moment long after the wobbly walk, and baby words phase passes.

Here is the wobbly walk I mentioned…

ContactSheet 001 53 Sam's family

And the absolute sense of wonder… “wow” a tree! “wow” a bird! Love it!

IMG 7756 Sam's family

“wow” a crazy woman with a camera…

IMG 7803 1 Sam's family

This is Sam’s big brother Gus

IMG 7720 Sam's family

This is Sam’s mommy

ContactSheet 002 36 Sam's family

This is Sam’s daddy

ContactSheet 003 24 Sam's family

This is the family

IMG 7739 Sam's family

IMG 7747 1 Sam's family

IMG 7814 Sam's family

IMG 7866 Sam's family

This is the absolute cutest little muffin – Sam…

IMG 7746 Sam's family

IMG 7757 Sam's family

IMG 7883 Sam's family

Funny – I thought they only had one puppy…

IMG 7824 Sam's family

Sam pointing out his family to me

IMG 7772 Sam's family

And he’s off!

IMG 7777 Sam's family

I had taken a break from family photos over the summer to focus on my own family… but tonight reminded me just how much I love doing family photos! Looking forward to more this Fall!

Celebrating life and love,


August 27, 2009 My girl

Tonight I’m working on birthday party plans for Madi’s 7th birthday. SEVEN. I can’t even fathom my baby girl is entering into grade two in a matter of days. People tell you when you’re pregnant “it flies by” “enjoy each moment”… and like all the moms ahead of me, I smiled and nodded smugly thinking “I know”. But I had no idea. I blinked and my baby’s almost seven. Craziness.

People usually speak of their youngest child as their “baby” but to me Madi is my baby girl as she was my first baby. She introduced me to baby-hood and will always be my baby girl.

Here are a couple photos of my baby girl I snapped tonight as a reminder to enjoy each moment because it really does fly by!

This face absolutely melts my heart.

IMG 7697 1 My girl

As we walked from the paddocks over to the shed, Madi said “race you!” and took off running. I dread the day where walking across the yard is no longer a race and an adventure.

IMG 7711 My girl

The kid could not be more smitten with Olivia Queen of Dogs.

IMG 7714 My girl

I think God was smiling down on us – this was the sunset we enjoyed.

IMG 7690 My girl

Celebrating life, love and Madi,


August 26, 2009 Jeff & Pam

I had not had the chance to meet Pam & Jeff in person as they live in Edmonton – so it was great to connect with them on Monday in Burlington. I’m really looking forward to their wedding next summer!

We met around 6:30pm and this is why – look at this gorgeous light!

IMG 7317 Jeff & Pam

ContactSheet 004 16 Jeff & Pam

ContactSheet 002 35 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7341 Jeff & Pam

ContactSheet 003 23 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7596 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7602 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7404 1 Jeff & Pam

ContactSheet 001 52 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7638 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7649 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7665 1 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7632 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7351 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7383 Jeff & Pam

IMG 7674 Jeff & Pam

Celebrating life and love,


August 20, 2009 Newest Addition

I leave Mark and the girls for one weekend to go to Newfoundland – and they get a dog!!!

We had promised the girls a dog when we moved and have looked at several litters of labradoodles, goldendoodles and other “doodles” but Eden’s allergies always reacted.. so we had to go with a poodle. I have always been very “anti-poodle” but it’s actually a great dog! I can’t wait for her fur to all grow in (especially on her nose) and she gets all shaggy. She is so unbelievably well behaved and easygoing – yay!

We had quite the time naming her – so we compromised and combined the girls two top picks for names. Introducing… “Olivia Queen of Dogs”!

ContactSheet 001a 18 Newest Addition

IMG 7428 Newest Addition

IMG 7405 1 Newest Addition

IMG 7394 Newest Addition

Celebrating life and love and our new dog!


Since I am stuck at the airport and they have wi-fi… I was able to upload the slideshow while I wait. Without further ado – here’s the slideshow!

August 17, 2009 Lorne & Shauna-Lee

It has been on my “to-do” list for 15 years to go to Newfoundland. My good friend Monica and I spent a summer in the Yukon and hit all the provinces/territories West of Ontario along the way and during the months we were there (this was before Nunavut so I have to get there still). The next summer we headed East and hit all the rest of the provinces… except one. Newfoundland. I have been really wanting to get to Newfoundland so when Shauna-Lee emailed me last year to see if I could come shoot her wedding…. ah yes!!! I have been in Newfoundland since Thursday and am so in love. Already thinking the family has to come here next year for a vacation! It was the first time doing a trip like this on my own – very different from doing an all-inclusive type trip for example. Have to rent the car, figure out accommodations and do lots and lots of driving. And I loved it!!!

Shauna-Lee has lived away from Newfoundland for years now – moving to Ontario and then to Alberta for schooling. But she had always said that when she got married – she wanted to get married in her parent’s yard. And as she sent me notes as to where we would do photos I loved that each location had a special memory for her.

Her parents garden for the ceremony… her grandparents property where she had spent a lot of time… the beach down the street where she swam and fished as a kid… and so the list goes.

I LOVE locations that have special meaning to people. This photo here is taken on Shauna-Lee’s grandparents property. I should explain that this was practically off-roading to get back there – a very bumpy dirt road climbing the hills and property behind the house got us up on top of this beautiful hill overlooking the ocean and gorgeous Newfoundland scenery. HEr grandparents use to have a “U-Pick” business here as well as where you could purchase already picked berries. Shauna-lee spent lots of time picking berries up here. Shauna-Lee’s Grandpa had passed away a few years ago and they had been quite close as she had spent a lot of time here as a child. I love this photo on his land – a way of including him in the wedding celebration.

nelfd Lorne & Shauna Lee

Just have to tell one story – On the day of the wedding I mentioned to Lorne because I was shooting solo I would have to move around a bit more then I generally like to. I try to stay inconspicuous and out of sight during the ceremony – so usually Carolynn (my assistant) takes one side and I take the other side. But… shooting solo wouldn’t give me that luxury. Then Lorne said the sweetest words a photographer could ever hear….

“You are one of the most important people at this wedding. In 20 years all we have to remember today will be your photos. Do whatever you like, move as much as you want.”

He had me at “hello”.

Seriously! That is music to my ears. All day people kept telling Lorne he got “the best” and that he was marrying “up” – but folks, I think they both did great! They are absolutely wonderful together – the way they adore each other, constantly laughing and just celebrating life. Love it!

But let’s see some pretty pictures!

Loved her dress – and could not suit her better! Perfection.

IMG 6165 Lorne & Shauna Lee

And the shoes! Love!

IMG 5823 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Shauna-Lee getting ready…

IMG 6239 Lorne & Shauna Lee

She has an awesome laugh always ready to escape!

IMG 6251 Lorne & Shauna Lee

When Shauna-Lee got to the front, Lorne surprised her with a song he sung to her. Love how her parents look at her response to this great surprise.

IMG 6421 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Love how these two connect!

IMG 6474 Lorne & Shauna Lee

IMG 6481 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Beautiful ceremony location!

IMG 5857 Lorne & Shauna Lee

One of my favourite moments of any wedding is the processional – that triumphant first march as man and wife. Lorne surprised us all – including Shauna-Lee – when he literally swept her off her feet and carried her down the aisle. It was an absolutely joyous moment and was a perfect finish to the ceremony!

ContactSheet 001a 17 Lorne & Shauna Lee

What a happy couple!!

IMG 6630 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Up on her grandparent’s property…

IMG 6074 Lorne & Shauna Lee

IMG 6092 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Off to the beach by here house…

IMG 7000 Lorne & Shauna Lee

IMG 6194 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Another favourite location behind the baseball diamond….

ContactSheet 003 22 Lorne & Shauna Lee

IMG 6266 Lorne & Shauna Lee

Amazing old Eldorado they got driven in… a family friend collects very rare antique cars (he has 34!)

IMG 6221 Lorne & Shauna Lee

IMG 7131 1 Lorne & Shauna Lee

The slideshow will have to wait – I have a flight to try to catch! Check back soon!

Celebrating life, love & the beautiful Newfoundland,


August 14, 2009 Newfoundland part 1

Yesterday was my first day in Newfoundland. I don’t like to fly in the day I’m needed “just in case” so I came a full day early. I was suppose to pick up my rental car and drive an hour and a half south to the wedding area.

Instead… I rented a pickup truck as I could get unlimited mileage and drove 3 hours North to Gross Mornes National Park. During the drive I thought I had made a mistake. I was so tired and the drive although beautiful was the same scenery for hours. And then… I got to Gross Mornes. Seriously – when I started driving and seeing the beauty – I let out a “Woo-hoo!” and actually cried. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that – but the scenery was overwhelming in it’s beauty. It suddenly was all more than worth the long drive!

I’m tired and have a long drive down today so I’ll make this short. Here’s a few photos….

IMG 5757 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5877 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5761 1 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5911 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5916 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5949 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5989 Newfoundland part 1

IMG 5991 Newfoundland part 1

Celebrating life and love,


August 14, 2009 Friends

I’m in Newfoundland for a few days shooting a wedding – but wanted to leave you with some photos! Here’s a few photos from recent visits with friends….

My good friend and fellow phtoographer Sandra came up with her 5 kids on Tuesday….

We went through the whole visit with no cameras – and then as they were leaving I had to grab a couple!

IMG 5640 Friends

ContactSheet 001 50 Friends

And then Wednesday my longtime friends (from grade nine!) Carolynn & Cherie and their munchkins came to visit!

Five girls + one boy = Poor Caden!

IMG 5686 Friends

IMG 5693 Friends

IMG 5781 Friends

IMG 5782 Friends

IMG 5773 Friends

IMG 5854 Friends

IMG 5851 Friends

IMG 5869 Friends

IMG 5700 Friends

IMG 5714 Friends

ContactSheet 003 21 Friends

Pics of Newfoundland to follow soon!

Celebrating life and love,


August 9, 2009 Doug & Diane

One thing I absolutely adore about Doug & Diane is how intentional they are with people. I mean they take time to connect with every single person. During Catholic ceremonies they take time out for people to greet each other – I loved watching Diane take time to go and kiss her mother, her nonna, her uncle, every member of the wedding party, her friends… no one could be left out. So it was a perfect fit that instead of the busy rushing from place to place, they would stop and take time to connect with their guests following the ceremony.

After the ceremony, everyone went back to Diane’s mom’s house for a wonderful luncheon. Where typically we are rushing off to photos or to the next location – instead Doug & Diane took time out for the most important part of their day – friends and family. I think I saw them connect with every person there. And not just a simple hug and “thanks for coming” but in the craziness of the Big Day – they would take time to remember details about a person’s life and ask them how their trip was, how they’re feeling and genuinely make each person feel important and loved. Doug & Diane are obviously beautiful people as you will see below – but their inner beauty shone through just as bright!

Here they are connecting and laughing with friend immediately after the ceremony at Diane’s mom’s home.

diane Doug & Diane

And now here’s a few of my favourite photos!

The dress in one word – divine!

ContactSheet 001 49 Doug & Diane

I love this timeless shot of three generations (mom, sister and Nonna) preparing the bride….

IMG 4481 Doug & Diane

Whoa! Could she be any more stunning?

IMG 4569 1 Doug & Diane

This was moments before the ceremony began – groom and best man talking

IMG 4594 Doug & Diane

Just beaming!

IMG 4633 Doug & Diane


IMG 4575 Doug & Diane

ContactSheet 001a 15 Doug & Diane

IMG 5063 Doug & Diane

IMG 4812 Doug & Diane

IMG 4896 Doug & Diane

Their reception was at Eagle’s Nest and was just gorgeous!

IMG 4887 Doug & Diane

IMG 4888 Doug & Diane

And without further ado…

Now these two are off to Tuscany where they are having a private cooking lesson with an Italian Chef – going to the market with him to purchase food, preparing food in his home – how cool is that?! Loves it!

Have a wonderful time away!

Celebrating life and love,


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