July 4, 2009 Telling a Story

While emailing with a bride this week who’s wedding is coming up in a couple weeks I smiled as I read: “I love how your pictures tell a story I’ve followed your blog ever since we met and just cannot wait to see how you document our day I have no doubt it will be fantastic!”

This year I took time to try to figure out my style. What is it that makes edison unique? I looked through photos, asked for opinions… and I realized that edison is all about the story. I have blogged more about that HERE and HERE.

Today I wanted to tell you a story (go figure!) about when I first really discovered the art of storytelling. This story takes place a few years ago – in my first year of weddings. If you haven’t heard my story – I had sworn I would not do weddings – too much responsibility! I’d stick with kids and families. But I kept getting requests – so I agreed I’d try it for ONE summer only. If I liked it – I’d continue. If I didn’t – NEVER again. I took some wedding photography courses as I wanted to be as best prepared as I could if I was taking on such a huge responsibility. But my best learning experience came from a friend.

A friend of mine was getting married. She had hired a photographer but asked if I could come and photograph during the cocktail hour. She recognized as the wedding party slipped away for their portraits, all the guests remained for the cocktail hour – and the couple who planned the whole thing would never get to see it! She wanted to experience what was happening when she wasn’t there – get the whole story.

So, I came to the wedding and ignored the bride and groom.

No, not really. But my focus was on what happened behind and around them – where normally my focus was on the couple alone. It was like the cartoons where a light bulb goes on over my head. I saw a whole story going on behind the bride and groom that was not being documented. I did not have to concentrate on the wedding couple, wedding party, family members – all I did was snap what I saw happening.

When I got in the car afterwards I was beaming! It had clicked – this is how I want to shoot! I want to tell the story so that the couple remembers and experiences their day – the emotions not just the facts.

Let me share some of those images from my first summer as a photographer…

Kids and older people – they always get my attention. One changes so fast, and one we want to remember as they are often taken from us far too soon.

ContactSheet 001 43 Telling a Story

IMG 0618 Telling a Story

IMG 0943 Telling a Story

IMG 0958 Telling a Story

IMG 0926 Telling a Story

IMG 0728 Telling a Story

The bride’s father….

ContactSheet 003 19 Telling a Story

Lots of laughs!

ContactSheet 001a 12 Telling a Story

IMG 0694 Telling a Story

IMG 0711 Telling a Story

IMG 0738 1 Telling a Story

Mother of the groom whispering to father of the bride…

IMG 1051 Telling a Story

Intently listening…

IMG 0496 Telling a Story

And I’ll leave you with one of my all time favourite photos….

IMG 0798 1 Telling a Story

Celebrating life and love,


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