July 11, 2009 Moonwalk like Jesus

My sister is watching our girls for us this weekend – thank you Marcie!!! I love that my sister gets almost as much of a kick out of the girls as we do. Before we had even gotten back home from dropping them off at her place she had emailed me a story…. I should start by saying I was giving Marcie ideas of things to do with the girls if it is in fact raining all weekend – they love listening to audio books, like watching Michael Jackson music videos on you tube, etc. Here is what she emailed me – so funny!

“We watched the ‘beat it’ video after you left. I was telling them about the moonwalk and showed them a clip of it.

Marcie: Michael Jackson was the first person to ever do the moonwalk.

Eden: How did he know how to do it?

Madi: Well, Jesus probably would have done it first….. when he was partying.

Then they both showed me their best moonwalk – not sure if it was MJ style or Jesus style.”

ha ha!! Love it!

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