July 14, 2009 Dave & Vivian

I have been made increasingly aware of our global community. I can buy a shirt I like from a small retailer in California – while sitting at home. Ten years ago – this would have been near impossible or a real pain in the butt. But nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically for many businesses as your audience is the world thanks to the good old internet.

I love that people planning weddings are part of this global market. Your Big Day only happens once – so instead of being limited to the businesses only in your neighbourhood – your resources are stretched as far as the internet can reach. Last year I shot a wedding where the bridesmaid dresses came from Thailand for example. And more and more couples are choosing photographers they love rather than simply photographers who are the closest to them. I live in Hamilton (for less than two more weeks – eeks! Move is coming fast!) but shootmost weekends in Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara, and so on. Next month I’m shooting a wedding in Newfoundland because the bride fell in love with our style. This Fall we are going to Long Island, NY for Dave & Vivian’s wedding.

Vivian and I have been emailing for awhile and I could tell right away I liked her! She is a good mix of thorough organization – and fun goofiness. Love it! When she booked me to come and do her wedding in Long Island, NY this Fall we also agreed for me to come and do their engagement photos in New York. Vivian chose a neighbourhood in Queens – Forest Hill – where Dave had grown up. After spending all day Saturday and Sunday morning in bustling Manhattan – Mark and I were pleasantly surprised with the natural beauty of this location. Gorgeous!

We had a good time connecting face to face (rather than computer to computer!) and I’m excited for their upcoming Big Day – I mean come on! These two are gorgeous to photograph!

Stay tuned for photos of our NYC adventure and the “bloopers” or Dave & Vivian!

ContactSheet 001 45 Dave & Vivian

I love how intimate this photo feels….

IMG 1052 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1069 1 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1072 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1075 Dave & Vivian

Walk towards the light…. chasing the last rays of daylight!

IMG 1079 Dave & Vivian

Got a bit giddy when I saw the light here….

IMG 1087 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1096 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1177 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1221 Dave & Vivian

I love photographing these two – Dave with his big dimples and Vivian looks completely different at every angle – every way the light hits her. Stunning!

IMG 1273 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1284 Dave & Vivian

Quick change of clothes….

IMG 1322 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1357 Dave & Vivian

Then we went over to a great park – so much natural beauty!

IMG 1370 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1427 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1391 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1393 Dave & Vivian

ContactSheet 002 32 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1446 Dave & Vivian

Dave & Vivian – thank you for sharing all your “awesomeness” – so much fun!!!

Celebrating life and love,


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