I’m trucking away here in packing and editing…. who ever thought moving in the midst of wedding season was not thinking right. Anyways… today is pretty dull. I pack. I edit. I pack. I edit. Until I got an email from one of my clients, Jeff. The subject line was simply “celebrate life and love” and he told me to watch this clip on his blog. Can we just say I’m now beaming – and okay, I cried too. Just because I wouldn’t be Krista without a tear or two.

Now – a couple years ago I showed a video of the dirty dancing first dance and got a bride and groom to do that at their wedding (LINK). Any takers on this processional? Please?!?!

Without further ado… keep watching – seems dull at first but wait until about the 30second mark and you’ll be beaming too.


Celebrating life and love,


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