July 25, 2009 5 Delightful Years

We chose Eden’s name because it means “delightful” – there could not be a more suiting name for our munchkin. To know her is to love her. No, that’s not right. To know her is to adore her and be completely smitten.

Eden’s 5th birthday was on Monday. For weeks leading up to the Big Day, I would be jolted awake from my sleep by Eden pouncing on my belly (not a fun way to wake up) and showing me how many fingers left until her birthday. “5 more days until I’m 5!!!!” and so on… until the day arrived.

We celebrated Eden’s birthday party on Sunday. I let the kids pick themes – I give them some suggestions, they have some suggestions, we talk about what we could do for each idea of a theme… and Eden settled on a Halloween in July party. So, we prayed for no rain as our move date was a week away and our house is full of boxes – we definitely did NOT want to go to “plan B’. But although cool, it was warm enough for Eden’s bash!

Here’s the birthday girl. She has worn this fairy outfit every single day since she got it. Best purchase ever.

ContactSheet 001a 14 5 Delightful Years

And Madi as the scarry pirate….

IMG 2817 5 Delightful Years

Everytime a new kid arrived all the kids would race to greet them, hug and embrace… even if they didn’t know the kid. (when do we lose this method of greeting?)

IMG 2828 5 Delightful Years

yeah, so, apparently I can’t count. So we had a few more kids (like 25 kids total!) than we had planned for – fortunately Mark had brought along lots of Halloween library books which we’re great time fillers!

IMG 2877 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2885 5 Delightful Years

Instead of “duck-duck’goose” we played “pumpkin-pumpkin-padunkle” – bit of a tongue twister!

(thanks to Carolynn for grabbing my camera and snapping most of these pics!)

IMG 2831 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2838 5 Delightful Years

cutest boy I know…

IMG 2832 5 Delightful Years

When it was Eden’s turn she just kept doing laps around the circle

IMG 2849 5 Delightful Years

Until caught by a Ninja Turtle!

IMG 2853 5 Delightful Years

Playing “pumpkin says”

IMG 2859 5 Delightful Years

Playing “pin the padunkle on the pumpkin”

IMG 2871 5 Delightful Years

Eden cheered everyone on…

IMG 2875 5 Delightful Years

Mark carved this great pumpkin filled with melon balls!

IMG 2890 5 Delightful Years

The girls and I made a pinata last week – lots of messy fun!

IMG 2906 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2907 5 Delightful Years

Once it started to crack we let Eden have the final swing – she carefully placed her bag right under the pinata – ha ha

IMG 2912 5 Delightful Years

Eden opening gifts…

IMG 2901 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2902 5 Delightful Years

Sneaking back for another look while we cleaned up…

IMG 2943 1 5 Delightful Years

On Monday was Eden’s actual birthday. When Mark went in her room for a morning cuddle before work Eden said “Look! I’m bigger now! My arms are bigger (she held them up) and my legs are longer (she stretched them out). I’m FIVE!!!”

That night we made Eden’s favourite supper by request (hot dogs – that I can do) and had a family night. We decorated cupcakes…

ContactSheet 0012 5 Delightful Years

I wish I knew what she wished for – she takes forever to make a wish and blow out the candle!

IMG 2406 5 Delightful Years

And I love this smile in this one as she beams at Mark.

IMG 2417 5 Delightful Years

After supper we put on a Jonas brother CD and had a full out Jefferson dance party. It was great! Although I must admit – I did cry. It was so beautiful and fun. Tucking her into bed that night I cried again realizing that I have never seen a kid so excited for their birthday, and sadly, I might never again. She will change and lose some of her reckless abandon. For now, I’ll cling to the memories of my 5 year old Delight.

The next morning Eden woke up and said “I’m almost 6″.

Celebrating life, love & Eden,


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