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We are moving tomorrow (Monday July 27th) and I will have limited phone/internet until August 4th. After tomorrow you can find me here…

Turn up the driveway….

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And Arrive at our place!

5086 119174877628 612767628 3295257 Moving... Moving....

5086 119174902628 612767628 3295261 Moving... Moving....

If you’re looking for me I’ll be in one of these three places….

1) The screened in porch reading a book (ha ha – I’ll be unpacking for days but a girl can dream…)

5086 119175097628 612767628 3295288 Moving... Moving....

2) Or in the kitchen pretending I know how to cook…

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3) In the backyard having a bonfire…

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Goodbye city – hello country!

Celebrating life, love and our move!


July 26, 2009 John & Amanda

Planning a wedding is often stressful for the bride… planning a wedding from across the ocean…. can’t imagine! Amanda has been living in England for the last 5 years where she met and fell in love with John. But Amanda wanted to come home to Canada for her wedding.

Amanda was the epitome of cool – laughing, joking around all morning and afternoon leading up to the late afternoon ceremony. About an hour before the ceremony started when Amanda saw her dad for the first time… the tears and nerves arrived. From there on in it seemed “real” and Amanda started to get the jitters a little bit. But then you rush into the ceremony, and then photos with family and wedding party and then…. finally a moment alone as bride and groom.

As I stepped back to take this photo of John & Amanda in the window, John bent down and kissed Amanda’s head. I heard her say “that’s my favourite”. I “ahhh-ed” because I have no self control when it comes to sweet moments like that – I have no filter to stop me from reacting. Amanda explained to me that whenever she feels sad, or nervous, or scared and John kisses her on the forehead – it calms her.

I love this moment – a stolen quiet moment away from the busy wedding day, and a kiss to calm his bride.

amanda John & Amanda

Sigh. I love when couples know each other’s “love language” and what it is the other one needs. As you look through the slideshow you will see kisses on the head for Amanda and how John leans his head against Amanda’s shoulder. Sweet affectionate moments that speak volumes to their beloved. Love….

Okay, before I go force Mark to kiss me on the forehead let me share some of my favourite moments of the Big Day….

Got to say I love wedding venues where everything happens in one place. The wedding had booked the entire Westover Inn – so everywhere we went was friends or family. The staff was amazingly helpful and the inn was stunning! Amanda said that it had a calming effect on her. Love that!

IMG 2568 John & Amanda

Found this maple leaf with the rain drops on it and I carried it all over the grounds until I found Amanda to get her ring….

IMG 1765 1 John & Amanda

I love the moments of getting ready – such a team effort! Yay for great bridesmaids!

IMG 2585 John & Amanda

And I love how Isabella, the flowergirl, watches the process…

ContactSheet 005 8 John & Amanda

And Amanda could not have looked more stunning!

ContactSheet 001 48 John & Amanda

I have never met people who laugh so easily – so much fun! This is a shot of three generations of hilariously fun women! Love the bond between Nan, Mom and Amanda.

IMG 3108 John & Amanda

And it’s showtime! The walk to the ceremony had a magical feel to it!

ContactSheet 006 5 John & Amanda

A gorgeous spot on top of a hill for the wedding – did you know in England you can not get married outdoors? (unless under a gazebo or something). Supposedly there is a law you have to have a roof and 4 walls over you.

IMG 2664 John & Amanda

They’re married!!!

IMG 3359 John & Amanda

The groomsmen being boys…

IMG 3622 John & Amanda

Could Amanda be any cuter?

IMG 3797 John & Amanda

Even in the pouring rain the tent was an awesome spot for the reception

IMG 3254 John & Amanda

At the end I snuck the two of them away – first for a photo, and then to give them a couple minutes alone to soak in the Day!

IMG 3290 John & Amanda

Without further ado – here is the slideshow…

Celebrating life and love,


July 25, 2009 5 Delightful Years

We chose Eden’s name because it means “delightful” – there could not be a more suiting name for our munchkin. To know her is to love her. No, that’s not right. To know her is to adore her and be completely smitten.

Eden’s 5th birthday was on Monday. For weeks leading up to the Big Day, I would be jolted awake from my sleep by Eden pouncing on my belly (not a fun way to wake up) and showing me how many fingers left until her birthday. “5 more days until I’m 5!!!!” and so on… until the day arrived.

We celebrated Eden’s birthday party on Sunday. I let the kids pick themes – I give them some suggestions, they have some suggestions, we talk about what we could do for each idea of a theme… and Eden settled on a Halloween in July party. So, we prayed for no rain as our move date was a week away and our house is full of boxes – we definitely did NOT want to go to “plan B’. But although cool, it was warm enough for Eden’s bash!

Here’s the birthday girl. She has worn this fairy outfit every single day since she got it. Best purchase ever.

ContactSheet 001a 14 5 Delightful Years

And Madi as the scarry pirate….

IMG 2817 5 Delightful Years

Everytime a new kid arrived all the kids would race to greet them, hug and embrace… even if they didn’t know the kid. (when do we lose this method of greeting?)

IMG 2828 5 Delightful Years

yeah, so, apparently I can’t count. So we had a few more kids (like 25 kids total!) than we had planned for – fortunately Mark had brought along lots of Halloween library books which we’re great time fillers!

IMG 2877 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2885 5 Delightful Years

Instead of “duck-duck’goose” we played “pumpkin-pumpkin-padunkle” – bit of a tongue twister!

(thanks to Carolynn for grabbing my camera and snapping most of these pics!)

IMG 2831 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2838 5 Delightful Years

cutest boy I know…

IMG 2832 5 Delightful Years

When it was Eden’s turn she just kept doing laps around the circle

IMG 2849 5 Delightful Years

Until caught by a Ninja Turtle!

IMG 2853 5 Delightful Years

Playing “pumpkin says”

IMG 2859 5 Delightful Years

Playing “pin the padunkle on the pumpkin”

IMG 2871 5 Delightful Years

Eden cheered everyone on…

IMG 2875 5 Delightful Years

Mark carved this great pumpkin filled with melon balls!

IMG 2890 5 Delightful Years

The girls and I made a pinata last week – lots of messy fun!

IMG 2906 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2907 5 Delightful Years

Once it started to crack we let Eden have the final swing – she carefully placed her bag right under the pinata – ha ha

IMG 2912 5 Delightful Years

Eden opening gifts…

IMG 2901 5 Delightful Years

IMG 2902 5 Delightful Years

Sneaking back for another look while we cleaned up…

IMG 2943 1 5 Delightful Years

On Monday was Eden’s actual birthday. When Mark went in her room for a morning cuddle before work Eden said “Look! I’m bigger now! My arms are bigger (she held them up) and my legs are longer (she stretched them out). I’m FIVE!!!”

That night we made Eden’s favourite supper by request (hot dogs – that I can do) and had a family night. We decorated cupcakes…

ContactSheet 0012 5 Delightful Years

I wish I knew what she wished for – she takes forever to make a wish and blow out the candle!

IMG 2406 5 Delightful Years

And I love this smile in this one as she beams at Mark.

IMG 2417 5 Delightful Years

After supper we put on a Jonas brother CD and had a full out Jefferson dance party. It was great! Although I must admit – I did cry. It was so beautiful and fun. Tucking her into bed that night I cried again realizing that I have never seen a kid so excited for their birthday, and sadly, I might never again. She will change and lose some of her reckless abandon. For now, I’ll cling to the memories of my 5 year old Delight.

The next morning Eden woke up and said “I’m almost 6″.

Celebrating life, love & Eden,


On Saturday I shot Mike & Christa’s wedding – and I left a quick blog post up to hold you over until now because of the busy-ness of my daughter’s birthday and our move. Well folks, I hope you agree the wait was worth it!

I remember the Steve Martin movie “Father of the Bride“. Here the dad had spent all this time and energy into making his daughter’s wedding perfect – and he was all but forgotten. After seeing that movie it was imprinted on my mind the importance of making parents and special people in one’s life feel special, honoured and valued. Weddings are busy and stressful – it’s easy to overlook someone we take for granted, to talk rude to each other or to just “forget”. What I love about Mike & Christa is the importance they put on people. From the brother-sister dance, to the childhood drawings they had plaqued for parents they made sure their loved ones felt just that – loved.

Mike’s father was unable to attend the wedding due to illness. We spent time at the family home before the wedding and then after the wedding the first thing Mike & Christa did was return to the house to be with him. I loved this. To ensure they take the time on their wedding to honour those most dear to them. This photo is of Christa showing her new father-in-law her bouquet.

christa2 Mike & Christa part 2

Okay – I just watched some Father of the Bride video clips on youtube… big breath, Krista. Feeling a bit choked up now – and the photo of Christa with her dad dancing (in the slideshow) doesn’t help my emotional state. Sigh.

On to happier photos….

The handsome groom, Mike, getting ready. When we got to his house his om had it fully decorated – so festive and fun!

IMG 1795 1 Mike & Christa part 2

ContactSheet 001a 13 Mike & Christa part 2

Christa got ready at the Glen Erin Inn – great mirrors everywhere!

IMG 0757 Mike & Christa part 2

IMG 0802 Mike & Christa part 2

IMG 1892 1 Mike & Christa part 2

Christa is just gorgeous!

IMG 0962 Mike & Christa part 2

IMG 1883 Mike & Christa part 2
and happy…

IMG 0921 Mike & Christa part 2

Something about this photo makes me happy. Love it.

IMG 0935 Mike & Christa part 2

Christa and her dad are really close – this was her reaction when she saw him

IMG 0969 Mike & Christa part 2

And her dad looking at his baby girl…

IMG 0994 Mike & Christa part 2

Why hello gorgeous light!

IMG 1029 Mike & Christa part 2

Mike watching his bride

IMG 1034 Mike & Christa part 2

Could she be any happier?

IMG 1049 Mike & Christa part 2

The beautiful couple!

IMG 1393 1 Mike & Christa part 2

IMG 2185 Mike & Christa part 2

IMG 2382 Mike & Christa part 2

Okay – I loved this wedding! Before I show you every single photo individually – let’s get to the slideshow. Enjoy!!

Celebrating life and love,


I’m trucking away here in packing and editing…. who ever thought moving in the midst of wedding season was not thinking right. Anyways… today is pretty dull. I pack. I edit. I pack. I edit. Until I got an email from one of my clients, Jeff. The subject line was simply “celebrate life and love” and he told me to watch this clip on his blog. Can we just say I’m now beaming – and okay, I cried too. Just because I wouldn’t be Krista without a tear or two.

Now – a couple years ago I showed a video of the dirty dancing first dance and got a bride and groom to do that at their wedding (LINK). Any takers on this processional? Please?!?!

Without further ado… keep watching – seems dull at first but wait until about the 30second mark and you’ll be beaming too.


Celebrating life and love,


July 19, 2009 Mike & Christa

Part of the joy of my job, is being there to experience all the highlights of the wedding day. If something exciting is going to happen – I’m there! One of these key moments is the exchange of gifts between bride and groom before the ceremony. The groom may send flowers, or a gift via a bridesmaid… or the bride may sneak a gift over to the groom’s house. A last surprise before they meet at the altar.

A good gift shows how well you know someone. We’ve all had to buy gifts for someone we don’t know that well – what do you get a teacher, or a co-worker or an aunt who you do not know what they have, want or like. But to buy a gift for the people you’re closest to – sheer joy! It’s my youngest daughter, Eden’s 5th birthday on Monday (as I’m reminded every morning as she jumps on me to announce how many days left). Because she’s my munchkin – I know what she likes (all things girly, sparkly and tacky – ha ha) and what will make her squeal with glee.

When Mike was given his gift from Christa there was a note. Christa explained that the gift was Mike’s two greatest loves.

First, she bought him beer from each of the country’s they’re visiting on their month long European honeymoon – Germany, Poland, etc. And then part two of the gift… Pearl Jam tickets in Germany. Mike was floored! It was so cool to see that Christa knows Mike so well… she knew exactly what to get him that would make him the happiest. This is the expression I hope to see on Eden’s face at her 5th birthday party tomorrow….

christa Mike & Christa

Because it is Eden’s birthday party tomorrow (and it’s after 1am) the full blog post and slideshow for Mike & Christa’s wedding will be early in the week. Check back – you won’t want to miss this one! In the meantime here’s a couple teasers…

IMG 2305 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 2269 Mike & Christa

IMG 1393 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 1348 Mike & Christa

Celebrating life and love,


July 14, 2009 Dave & Vivian

I have been made increasingly aware of our global community. I can buy a shirt I like from a small retailer in California – while sitting at home. Ten years ago – this would have been near impossible or a real pain in the butt. But nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically for many businesses as your audience is the world thanks to the good old internet.

I love that people planning weddings are part of this global market. Your Big Day only happens once – so instead of being limited to the businesses only in your neighbourhood – your resources are stretched as far as the internet can reach. Last year I shot a wedding where the bridesmaid dresses came from Thailand for example. And more and more couples are choosing photographers they love rather than simply photographers who are the closest to them. I live in Hamilton (for less than two more weeks – eeks! Move is coming fast!) but shootmost weekends in Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara, and so on. Next month I’m shooting a wedding in Newfoundland because the bride fell in love with our style. This Fall we are going to Long Island, NY for Dave & Vivian’s wedding.

Vivian and I have been emailing for awhile and I could tell right away I liked her! She is a good mix of thorough organization – and fun goofiness. Love it! When she booked me to come and do her wedding in Long Island, NY this Fall we also agreed for me to come and do their engagement photos in New York. Vivian chose a neighbourhood in Queens – Forest Hill – where Dave had grown up. After spending all day Saturday and Sunday morning in bustling Manhattan – Mark and I were pleasantly surprised with the natural beauty of this location. Gorgeous!

We had a good time connecting face to face (rather than computer to computer!) and I’m excited for their upcoming Big Day – I mean come on! These two are gorgeous to photograph!

Stay tuned for photos of our NYC adventure and the “bloopers” or Dave & Vivian!

ContactSheet 001 45 Dave & Vivian

I love how intimate this photo feels….

IMG 1052 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1069 1 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1072 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1075 Dave & Vivian

Walk towards the light…. chasing the last rays of daylight!

IMG 1079 Dave & Vivian

Got a bit giddy when I saw the light here….

IMG 1087 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1096 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1177 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1221 Dave & Vivian

I love photographing these two – Dave with his big dimples and Vivian looks completely different at every angle – every way the light hits her. Stunning!

IMG 1273 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1284 Dave & Vivian

Quick change of clothes….

IMG 1322 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1357 Dave & Vivian

Then we went over to a great park – so much natural beauty!

IMG 1370 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1427 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1391 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1393 Dave & Vivian

ContactSheet 002 32 Dave & Vivian

IMG 1446 Dave & Vivian

Dave & Vivian – thank you for sharing all your “awesomeness” – so much fun!!!

Celebrating life and love,


July 11, 2009 Moonwalk like Jesus

My sister is watching our girls for us this weekend – thank you Marcie!!! I love that my sister gets almost as much of a kick out of the girls as we do. Before we had even gotten back home from dropping them off at her place she had emailed me a story…. I should start by saying I was giving Marcie ideas of things to do with the girls if it is in fact raining all weekend – they love listening to audio books, like watching Michael Jackson music videos on you tube, etc. Here is what she emailed me – so funny!

“We watched the ‘beat it’ video after you left. I was telling them about the moonwalk and showed them a clip of it.

Marcie: Michael Jackson was the first person to ever do the moonwalk.

Eden: How did he know how to do it?

Madi: Well, Jesus probably would have done it first….. when he was partying.

Then they both showed me their best moonwalk – not sure if it was MJ style or Jesus style.”

ha ha!! Love it!

July 5, 2009 Matt & Cait

I have always thought the opening lyrics to Faith Hill’s songs “The Way You Love Me” were strange. Every time I hear it I wonder if I heard right.

If I could grant
You one wish
I’d wish you could see
the way you kiss

Really? That’s what you would wish if you had one wish, Faith? And do you really think your hubby wants to see what he looks like when he kisses? I scratch my head over this every time.

As I looked through some of Matt & Cait’s engagement photos from tonight I had a recurring thought – “Oh! If only Matt could see how Cait reacts to his kiss!” Cait’s whole face beams – radiates! It’s powerful.

So I thought of the strange Faith Hill lyrics – and was thinking it would make much more sense to wish to see the reaction of your loved one instead of yourself when giving affection. I had to go look up the lyrics to see if I misheard them. Although the opening lyrics are still wrong to me – I think the next part sums up these two.

Ooh, I love the way you
Love the way you love me
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Ooh, to feel the way I feel with your arms around me

The point of my tangent? Simply this – looking at these photos I see the sheer joy and delight in each other. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be”. Love that.

Got to say – Matt & Caitlin were a lot of fun to photograph! Cait follows all the same photo blogs I do – so we like to gossip about our favourite photographers when we see each other. But this also meant Cait came prepared. Two outfits… Peonies from the Farmer’s Market… even a chair from her house! So fun! Take a look…

This was one of the first shots I took – and I realized, man! This is going to be great! Fun couple, good light, they adore each other… sweet!

IMG 0024 1 Matt & Cait

ContactSheet 001 44 Matt & Cait

IMG 0036 Matt & Cait

IMG 0092 Matt & Cait

IMG 0111 Matt & Cait

I don’t know what is being said here – I like to imagine Matt asked “How much do you love me?” icon smile Matt & Cait

IMG 0223 Matt & Cait

IMG 0248 1 Matt & Cait

IMG 0253 Matt & Cait

IMG 0257 Matt & Cait

I love that even her hair is doing a happy dance! And that look on Cait’s face – love!

IMG 0354 Matt & Cait

IMG 0390 Matt & Cait

IMG 0413 Matt & Cait

IMG 0329 Matt & Cait

IMG 0432 Matt & Cait

IMG 0139 Matt & Cait

And then a quick wardrobe and location change…

IMG 0540 2 Matt & Cait

IMG 0614 2 Matt & Cait

IMG 0641 Matt & Cait

IMG 0549 Matt & Cait

IMG 0593 2 Matt & Cait

IMG 0239 Matt & Cait

IMG 0208 1 Matt & Cait

IMG 0210 1 Matt & Cait

This picture cracks me up – this guy on the bike was so confused why they were on a chair on the busy road!

IMG 0312 1 Matt & Cait

And as we left – we had to grab a couple shots against someone’s fence – thank you for the use of your red fence!

IMG 0340 Matt & Cait

IMG 0346 Matt & Cait

IMG 0349 1 Matt & Cait

Celebrating life and love,


July 4, 2009 Telling a Story

While emailing with a bride this week who’s wedding is coming up in a couple weeks I smiled as I read: “I love how your pictures tell a story I’ve followed your blog ever since we met and just cannot wait to see how you document our day I have no doubt it will be fantastic!”

This year I took time to try to figure out my style. What is it that makes edison unique? I looked through photos, asked for opinions… and I realized that edison is all about the story. I have blogged more about that HERE and HERE.

Today I wanted to tell you a story (go figure!) about when I first really discovered the art of storytelling. This story takes place a few years ago – in my first year of weddings. If you haven’t heard my story – I had sworn I would not do weddings – too much responsibility! I’d stick with kids and families. But I kept getting requests – so I agreed I’d try it for ONE summer only. If I liked it – I’d continue. If I didn’t – NEVER again. I took some wedding photography courses as I wanted to be as best prepared as I could if I was taking on such a huge responsibility. But my best learning experience came from a friend.

A friend of mine was getting married. She had hired a photographer but asked if I could come and photograph during the cocktail hour. She recognized as the wedding party slipped away for their portraits, all the guests remained for the cocktail hour – and the couple who planned the whole thing would never get to see it! She wanted to experience what was happening when she wasn’t there – get the whole story.

So, I came to the wedding and ignored the bride and groom.

No, not really. But my focus was on what happened behind and around them – where normally my focus was on the couple alone. It was like the cartoons where a light bulb goes on over my head. I saw a whole story going on behind the bride and groom that was not being documented. I did not have to concentrate on the wedding couple, wedding party, family members – all I did was snap what I saw happening.

When I got in the car afterwards I was beaming! It had clicked – this is how I want to shoot! I want to tell the story so that the couple remembers and experiences their day – the emotions not just the facts.

Let me share some of those images from my first summer as a photographer…

Kids and older people – they always get my attention. One changes so fast, and one we want to remember as they are often taken from us far too soon.

ContactSheet 001 43 Telling a Story

IMG 0618 Telling a Story

IMG 0943 Telling a Story

IMG 0958 Telling a Story

IMG 0926 Telling a Story

IMG 0728 Telling a Story

The bride’s father….

ContactSheet 003 19 Telling a Story

Lots of laughs!

ContactSheet 001a 12 Telling a Story

IMG 0694 Telling a Story

IMG 0711 Telling a Story

IMG 0738 1 Telling a Story

Mother of the groom whispering to father of the bride…

IMG 1051 Telling a Story

Intently listening…

IMG 0496 Telling a Story

And I’ll leave you with one of my all time favourite photos….

IMG 0798 1 Telling a Story

Celebrating life and love,