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June 11, 2009 Black Beauty

My kids have super vivid imaginations. I love that! I can remember as a kid my good friend Sully in her little sailor outfit and blond ringlets… no one else could see her though. I remember playing with dinosaurs. I remember looking for fairies in the back yard.

Madi and Eden have both had several imaginary friends and adventures through their imaginations. A couple of years ago Madi insisted it was Clifford’s birthday, we decorated and hid and all jumped out and yelled “Surprise!” at her imaginary dog’s birthday party.

The other day on the drive home from school Eden lets us know it’s Black Beauty’s birthday. EEEKS! If there’s one thing my mom taught me – it’s being fair! I mean – you can’t have a party for Clifford and not Black Beauty, right? So, the girls and I quickly whipped up a cake. When Mark got home he and Eden decorated it. We sang “Happy Birthday” and Eden helped Black Beauty blow out the candle. Fortunately Black Beauty didn’t want presents (whew! What do you buy an imaginary horse anyhow?) and just wanted people to sing.

Without further ado – let me show you the craziness of the Jefferson Household.

This is the reason I go through with the chaos – look at this look of sheer joy

IMG 0126 Black Beauty

And they got a wee bit covered in cake mix licking the bowl and spoons clean

ContactSheet 001 36 Black Beauty

Mark and Eden decorating…

IMG 0138 1 Black Beauty

Happy Birthday Black Beauty!

IMG 0148 Black Beauty

I love this picture – what you can’t see is Eden is straight arming Madi to keep her away from the cake. ha ha ha!

IMG 0152 Black Beauty

Celebrating life, love and imaginations!


June 10, 2009 BirdCage

I’m dying for a bride with a birdcage veil. So – in case anyone wants to make one… I had to share this great link on a blog I follow full of fun do-it-yourself wedding ideas. Enjoy!


My new friend Jaime is a great wedding coordinator. We connected because she was coordinating at Graeme & Julie’s wedding (from this past weekend) – you can see her post about their wedding HERE. When Jaime and I met for coffee recently we came up with this idea to go and road trip twice a month visiting wedding vendors that we love. We’ll go, chat, snap photos – and then write up a feature here letting you know why they’re so great.

So – without further ado… let me introduce our first vendor we love!

We started with the lovely Jennifer at Vintage Design Co. in Jordan. Wow – Jennifer is awesome! She is so passionate about flowers and design. Jennifer shared her ideas how the flowers and decor are not just about “looking pretty” but set the mood and atmosphere for the whole wedding. The flowers reflect the personality of the couple, their likes, personality and lifestyle. Jennifer repeated several times about “appreciating your guests” – and one way to do this is by beautiful centrepieces and arrangements for guests to enjoy.

I really enjoyed when Jennifer went off a bit and talked about the spiritual aspect of flowers. How there is no “need” for flowers – they do not give us food or sustain us… yet there they are! Growing and blooming out of dirt by God to simply bring us enjoyment and beauty. It reminds us how special we are to be given such a beautiful gift.

When Jennifer speaks about flowers – it is as if she is talking about a close friend – her face lights up and she comes to life. She is not simply a floral designer – but an artist. Her artwork of flowers are amazing and would be masterpieces at any wedding or event!

When you arrive at Vintage Design – you will see Jennifer’s century old barn converted into a studio. Got to admit – so jealous!

IMG 0194 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0258 Road Trip: Vintage Design

And then you’re greeted by the most cheerful face!! Meet Jennifer!

ContactSheet 001a 10 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0208 Road Trip: Vintage Design

When you come to see Jennifer as a client, she takes time to get to know you – she has such an easy personality to connect with! She loves to listen – but also has an awesome contagious laugh!

IMG 0186 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0190 Road Trip: Vintage Design

I love when people do full body laughs – ha ha! Got to love her.

IMG 0184 Road Trip: Vintage Design

And what would be a visit to a floral designer without …. flowers!

ContactSheet 001 35 Road Trip: Vintage Design

ContactSheet 002 25 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0238 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0247 Road Trip: Vintage Design

IMG 0267 Road Trip: Vintage Design

And looky what I came home with! A great reminder to stop. smell. savour…. the flowers and the moment!

ContactSheet 003 15 Road Trip: Vintage Design

Jennifer – you were awesome to connect with! Thank you!

Celebrating life and love,


June 7, 2009 Graeme & Julie

templatefunhori 2 Graeme & Julie

One word that describes Graeme & Julie’s wedding – FUN! The DJ was amazing and people responded 110% to his music and games. When he had a “name the tune game” during the meal – he had guests participating with gust-o! Standing on cheers belting out tunes, dancing, cheering… at one point I think that most guests were on the dance floor dancing… and the dance hadn’t even started yet! Supper was still going on! And right in the middle of it all was Graeme & Julie. These people know how to have a good time! When we were packing up for the night and had given our hugs and said good-bye… the DJ started to play “Hey Baby” and lead everyone… and I mean EVERYONE!…. in a dance. SO fun!

What I loved is that these two know how to enjoy life. They have had some incredibly hard times in their lives, but they choose life. To celebrate and to love wholeheartedly.

I have a confession to make – I’m not a dancer. I tend to be the one sitting back and watching the dance rather than on the floor dancing. And you know what – I’m missing out! Last night watching old and young, family and friends out there dancing and having a good time together I was reminded that not only are Graeme & Julie dancing and having a blast on their wedding – but this is how they live life. They dance with joy and reckless abandon through life together. They inspired me to love life a little more and dust off my dancing shoes and join in life’s dance!

Now on to some photos!

We started with the girls at the salon – so beautiful and relaxing in there! The staff treated each girl like family – such a nice, calm way to start off the day!

IMG 9627a Graeme & Julie

IMG 9634 Graeme & Julie

Then I was off to Graeme’s family’s home to meet up with the boys.

IMG 9650 Graeme & Julie

And then off to meet up with Julie at her home….

Look at this ring! No wonder she said yes! icon smile Graeme & Julie

IMG 9376 1 Graeme & Julie

And her cute shoes are actually “Barbie” brand. Adorable.

IMG 9701 Graeme & Julie

IMG 9768 Graeme & Julie

Isn’t she gorgeous?

ContactSheet 001 34 Graeme & Julie

IMG 9496 Graeme & Julie

Then off to the ceremony! Could not ask for a nicer day! And their wedding planner Jaime did an awesome job coordinating everything!

IMG 9954 1 Graeme & Julie

ContactSheet 003 14 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0074 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0043 1 Graeme & Julie

IMG 9588 Graeme & Julie

I love kids in the ceremony – whatever they do is cute. The ringbearer Declan hiding in his mommy’s dress.

ContactSheet 002 24 Graeme & Julie

Annika danced to the music the entire time during the signing of the registry. Adorable.

IMG 0123 Graeme & Julie

The happy man and wife!

IMG 0164 Graeme & Julie

Julie hired a violinst to entertain guests during the cocktail hour. I got to admit that when she said a “violinist who played ACDC” I doubted… but it was amazing!!!

IMG 9986 1 Graeme & Julie

After the ceremony Julie surprised Graeme by bringing his best friend for a visit! Introducing their baby – Molson!

ContactSheet 004 11 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0205 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0227 1 Graeme & Julie

I love this moment of Annika mimicking her Auntie Julie!

IMG 9623 Graeme & Julie

Then off to the lake for a few photos.

IMG 9788 1 1 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0251 1 Graeme & Julie

And then the reception – here is the calm before the storm so to speak. icon smile Graeme & Julie

ContactSheet 002A 2 Graeme & Julie

And then the part-ay!!

IMG 0065 1 Graeme & Julie

IMG 0096 2 Graeme & Julie

And without further ado….

Enjoy Mexico for the next two weeks before Graeme heads back out West!

Celebrating life and love!


June 6, 2009 Inspired

When I was first starting out in photography, I took a couple of evening classes at Sheridan College. In one of the classes we watched a video by Joe Buissink. I had never heard of the guy at the time – but as I watched I was moved by his images. More than that I came away feeling like “I can do this!” He has a way of inspiring through his amazing images and encouraging you to go and do likewise at the same time.

Since then I’ve had a chance to see Joe a few times – and every time two things are true. 1) I cry like a little baby. His work is so emotionally charged – and he tells the stories behind the images… and I’m blubbering. 2) I leave inspired.

This past Thursday I saw Joe speak in Toronto and it was no different. Except this time my crying went into the “ugly cry” stage. Oh Krista! He told powerful stories of giving back to charities and those less fortunate. He showed photos of emotional moments. I love it.

And I left inspired. Encouraged. I love this guy. He is my inspiration.

If you’ve never heard of him – you may have seen his work. He’s photographed the weddings of Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Swank, Rebbeca Romijin and the list goes on and on. He was recently hired to photograph Steven Spielberg’s 60th birthday party. And yet he stays humble. He still calls Jessica Simpson “Jen” and as he told the story of Steven Spielberg’s daughter singing with some guy he had to ask… “Ben Harper? Is that the right name? Anyone ever heard of him?”

Oh! I love Joe. Thank you again for inspiring.

Here are Nataschia and I making a Joe sandwich.

webjb 20 2 Inspired

Celebrating life and love,


June 4, 2009 Baby Killian

My good friend Sarah had a baby a couple weeks ago and today I finally got to go meet the little guy! Killian is baby # 4 for Sarah – big brother Kagan was home but her girls were at school so I snapped a few photos of the boys. Kagan is the same age Madi was when Eden was born – how did I stay sane? Two babies at once really! But I’m so thankful now for the two of them close in age! And likewise, Sarah (who is an awesome mom!) will love it! Kagan adores Killian already – here’s proof in the photos.

ContactSheet 001 33 Baby Killian

IMG 6037 Baby Killian

IMG 6028 Baby Killian

What I love about Kagan is he doesn’t say much, but has this constant smirk and twinkle in his eye… MISCHIEF written all over his face. (just like his dad!)

ContactSheet 002 23 Baby Killian

ContactSheet 006 3 Baby Killian

But here is the newest addition… Killian!

IMG 6012 Baby Killian

IMG 6022 Baby Killian

Smiling for the camera already…

IMG 5996 Baby Killian

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Life is tiring for a newborn.

ContactSheet 004 10 Baby Killian

Posing for the camera.

ContactSheet 005 6 Baby Killian

My good friend (and wedding assistant!) Carolynn and her daughter Chloe came too – Chloe loved holding the baby!

IMG 6009 Baby Killian

ContactSheet 003 13 Baby Killian

And just as we left Grandma arrived!

IMG 6039 Baby Killian

Congrats again Bob & Sarah!

Celebrating life and love,


June 3, 2009 Beach Bums

I love going to the lake. Climbing on the rocks, throwing pebbles into the lake, just walking the shoreline….

I find that standing at the edge of the lake reminds me just how small I am. When problems seem huge, and life seems overwhelming – to stand at something so huge… puts life in perspective for me.

So we go to the beach a lot.

Recently we went with my good buddy Rosita and her boys.

This cracks me up – 5 kids and no two kids are playing together. ha ha!

IMG 7441 Beach Bums

I love Madi’s big laugh!

IMG 7444 Beach Bums

Little Blythe chasing the seagulls….

IMG 7454 Beach Bums

Future model here! Love Harley!

IMG 7470 Beach Bums

And Madi’s newest crush (my 6 year old is boy crazy!) – Quentin…

IMG 7502 Beach Bums

Run free!

IMG 7481 Beach Bums

A rare serious moment with Eden…

IMG 7498 Beach Bums

Madi deep in thought…

IMG 7468 Beach Bums

Celebrating life and love (and the beach!)


June 2, 2009 Up with laughter

up pixar render Up with laughterOne of my very first memories of Mark happened when my good friend Monica came to visit me at college. We were walking through the student lounge and there was a bunch of people watching a movie. At this point I had met Mark, and we had talked to him once or twice. As we walked through, we paused to see what movie was playing. I can still remember – Mark was in there and he was laughing SO hard. I guess what makes his laughing at a movie different – is most people snicker. He had this big laugh and could care less if he looked like a fool. He would laugh until he cried. And then laugh some more. He thought something was funny and didn’t care who knew. As we left the student lounge I said to Monica “see that guy over there with the big laugh? If he asked me today to marry him, I would.” Monica begged me to introduce her and I told her that I hardly knew him – I just “knew” we would fit.

Fast forward 16 years since that Fall… and last night we took the girls to see UP. As we watched my girls roared with laughter, and would yell out at the bad guys (“you stupid dummy head!”). The movie was so much fun – hard to find a movie for all four of us to actually enjoy.

But what I enjoyed more was seeing our girls had learned from Mark to laugh big, loud and often. Even if you look like a fool – laugh!

So today – just a reminder to laugh like no one is watching! Enjoy the day. As I read on a sign the other day “Don’t postpone joy!”

Celebrating life and love,


June 1, 2009 Doug & Diane

I spent Sunday morning in Yorkville with Doug & Diane. I had not been there in years and forgot how quaint it is! We had a great time walking around, getting windblown – and getting to know each other better. These two are not only gorgeous- but their connection is awesome! Can’t wait for their summer wedding!

ContactSheet 001a 9 Doug & Diane

IMG 8012 Doug & Diane

IMG 8008 Doug & Diane

IMG 8200 Doug & Diane

IMG 8210 Doug & Diane

IMG 8258 Doug & Diane

IMG 8271 Doug & Diane

ContactSheet 001 32 Doug & Diane
IMG 8302 Doug & Diane

IMG 8113 Doug & Diane

IMG 8116 Doug & Diane

IMG 8288 Doug & Diane

IMG 8290 Doug & Diane

IMG 8284 1 Doug & Diane

IMG 8373 1 Doug & Diane

IMG 8376 Doug & Diane

IMG 8393 Doug & Diane

Celebrating life and love,


June 1, 2009 James & Miriam

First – this wedding was shot for Lindsay Vanderbeek Photography. Lindsay is expecting her first child and was just put on bedrest and so I covered for her. Check out Lindsay’s site here – she’s great!!


You know what they say – people are often surprised where they find love. Meets you in the most unexpected places.

Take James and Miriam for example – they met at a dog park (like in 101 Dalmatians!). Who knew that day they went to take each of their dogs for a walk that day… that it would change their loves forever.

Likewise, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love last night at their wedding. I had no hopes of finding love… but it caught me by surprise.

I fell totally in love at first glance.

Yep, I fell in love with ‘Bubbie’ and ‘Zaide’ – Miriam’s grandparents. The way they love every single person they talk to. They way they laugh. But mostly how they are as a couple. If they were within a foot of each other they were holding hands. During the ceremony the congregation stood up – and when they sat back down the first thing Zaide did was reach for Bubbie’s hand. Love. When I had them sit for a photo they seemed so far apart so I asked if they could “cuddle in closer”. And Bubbie said “Oh honey, we love to cuddle!” And so I had to ask how long they have been married. 66 years. Last week Zadie celebrated his 90th birthday! To see love that has stood the test of time is powerful. It gives me a picture of what I want for Mark and I in 50 some years… I want to still be holding hands, laughing and loving life!

And when you fall in love at first sight – you don’t just leave it at that. You can’t let love slip away. That’s right folks, I got their phone number and we’re going to get together for tea.

templatefunhorimiriam James & Miriam

Now, back to the other happily married couple – James & Miriam!

I don’t think I’ve ever met two more laid back people. Miriam wanted time to hang out with people and enjoy the day rather than a lot of posed photos. Miriam is always laughing – usually at James’ corny jokes! They are so much fun to watch together! The whole day was fun filled, meaningful and an absolute blast!!

The bedeken before the ceremony

IMG 8716 James & Miriam

IMG 8722 James & Miriam

Beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Wonderful venue!

IMG 8366 James & Miriam

IMG 8832 James & Miriam

The happy couple

IMG 9044 James & Miriam

The father of the bride and father of the groom goofing off with some of the art at the Art Gallery…

ContactSheet 001 31 James & Miriam

The hora was unbelievable – so, so, sooooo much fun!

IMG 8533 James & Miriam

IMG 8691 1 James & Miriam

The best man and the rabbi

IMG 8665 James & Miriam

Groom and father of the bride

IMG 8682 James & Miriam

During the dad’s speech, he mentioned that because of all the preparation his wife had to miss her favourite singer – Leonard Cohen! – concert last week in Hamilton. So – he channelled his inner Leonard and performed a surprise song for everyone. Hilarious!!! (this is when you are glad they hired a videographer as well!)

IMG 9417 James & Miriam

And I got to give mention to the band – they were unbelievable – guitar player during the ceremony, jazz music during the cocktails, music for the hora, dinner music and then absolutely rocking the dance.

IMG 8768 James & Miriam

And without further ado…. the slideshow!

Celebrating life and love,


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