May 19, 2009 Mike & Christa

Last weekend I was suppose to photograph Mike & Christa but it poured and stormed all day. So we rescheduled for the holiday Monday – and I’m so glad we did! A morning on a long weekend is nice and quiet! It was perfect for avoiding crowds and just to be able to enjoy the city of Toronto!

We went back to where Mike & Christa had their first date – at Madison Pub and then Massey Hall. We were pleasantly surprised to be let into the pub and be given free reign – sweet!

We started at the pub and these two were nervous! Mike wasn’t so sure about this whole photography thing – but they were soon laughing and we had a blast!

IMG 7404 Mike & Christa

IMG 7416 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 001 28 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 003 11 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 002 20 Mike & Christa

IMG 7647 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7519 Mike & Christa

This cracked me up! Mike wasn’t sure what to do, so I told him just to talk to Christa. His dialogue went something like this “So, how have you been keeping? It’s lovely to see you today. Thanks so much for coming out…” he had me cracking up!

IMG 7549 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7494 Mike & Christa

Then – they showed me this “LOVE” graffiti right beside where they had parked – good find! Christa has her ways of making Mike laugh (and blush)!

IMG 7688 1 Mike & Christa

And on to Massey Hall!

IMG 7548 Mike & Christa

IMG 7561 Mike & Christa

Mike would do these “Crazy Eyes” and make Christa laugh… had to show at least one crazy eyes picture!

IMG 7575 Mike & Christa

IMG 7579 Mike & Christa

IMG 7594 Mike & Christa

IMG 7636 Mike & Christa

And checking out the alleyway behind Massey…

IMG 7693 Mike & Christa

IMG 7709 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7717 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 005 5 Mike & Christa

Now, I usually throw out something ridiculous to see how people will respond. So, I said “Why don’t you just go stand in the fountain and we’ll finish with that.” And they started to go into the fountain! I love people who are game for anything! I didn’t make them stand in the fountain for real – but still got some fun shots!

IMG 7718 Mike & Christa

IMG 7719 Mike & Christa

Can’t wait for their wedding in July!!!

Celebrating life and love,


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