May 24, 2009 Blair & Andrea

For the second engagement shoot of the day – we completely changed things up and went downtown for some urban photos. I smiled when I saw Andrea’s hot pink dress – the contrast of it against the bricks and decay of downtown would be great! I had not met these two before but was surprised how many mutual friends we had in common! I know Blair’s sister – and man! he is the spitting image of his little 5 year old nephew, Asher!

Without further ado…

Let me introduce Blair & Andrea!

IMG 7895 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7895 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7905 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7919 1 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 002 21 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7931 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7936 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 001a 8 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7988 Blair & Andrea

On the way to meet them I had to drive under the railway overpass… I was itching to come back there to shoot and was glad they were game!

IMG 8003 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7954 1 Blair & Andrea

Celebrating life and love,


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