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May 29, 2009 Sister's Day

Awhile back I posted about “Sisters” and my girls idea of a “Sister’s Day”. Well, recent;y my sister and I took my two girls and we went to Niagara Falls for our first Sister’s Day! We swam in the pool, jumped on the neds, strolled around the Falls, explored and laughed. A great time away!

Here’s a few snapshots of our time together…

We have always taught our kids that the first thing you do when you get to a hotel is jump on the beds!

ContactSheet 003 12 Sister's Day

Eden’s skirt was perfect for jumping!

IMG 7302 Sister's Day

Then the next thing you do is lie in bed and watch TV. We don’t let the girls watch a lot of TV (we get no channels – everything is by DVD or on the internet at our house) so it’s a big treat to watch TV at the hotel!

IMG 7311 Sister's Day

IMG 7318 Sister's Day

Then I couldn’t find Eden. Typical of Eden – she had climbed up on the counter to admire her beauty in the bathroom mirror.

IMG 7316 Sister's Day

The girls each had a present (a Webkinz) to give each other – and I forgot Eden’s gift to Madi! Bad mom move. I thought Madi would be upset, but I was so proud of her as she said “That’s okay, I’d still like to give Eden hers as I know she’ll love it.” Love this kid! Hre’s Madi’s card and gift to Eden.

IMG 7320 Sister's Day

ContactSheet 004 9 Sister's Day

Eden with some bad post-swim hair at the Falls….

IMG 7331 Sister's Day

I’m sorry – but the Maid of the Mist terrifies me!

IMG 7340 Sister's Day

Sharing secrets…

IMG 7346 Sister's Day

My sister Marcie teaching Madi new dance moves…

IMG 7354 Sister's Day

Eden has her own cool dance moves too..

IMG 7374 Sister's Day

The girls climbing trees…

IMG 7357 Sister's Day

and falling out of trees….

IMG 7358 Sister's Day

Madi is my environmentalist – and so she loved this photo that looks like the tree is blooming out of her arms. (Her shirt says “Take Care of my World”)

IMG 7360 Sister's Day

The girls love to cuddle!

IMG 7368 Sister's Day

On the way home we took the scenic route between Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake and we found a great field to stop at – full of wishflowers!

IMG 7390 Sister's Day

IMG 7405 Sister's Day

IMG 7385 Sister's Day

Nothing like dirty socks for hand puppets.

IMG 7435 Sister's Day

Not the best pic – but the only one of the 4 of us!

IMG 7434 Sister's Day

It was great to take time out to celebrate Sisters! Make sure to celebrate someone special in your life – if it’s a special occasion or a made up one like this!

Celebrating life and love,


May 24, 2009 Blair & Andrea

For the second engagement shoot of the day – we completely changed things up and went downtown for some urban photos. I smiled when I saw Andrea’s hot pink dress – the contrast of it against the bricks and decay of downtown would be great! I had not met these two before but was surprised how many mutual friends we had in common! I know Blair’s sister – and man! he is the spitting image of his little 5 year old nephew, Asher!

Without further ado…

Let me introduce Blair & Andrea!

IMG 7895 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7895 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7905 1 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7919 1 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 002 21 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7931 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7936 Blair & Andrea

ContactSheet 001a 8 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7988 Blair & Andrea

On the way to meet them I had to drive under the railway overpass… I was itching to come back there to shoot and was glad they were game!

IMG 8003 Blair & Andrea

IMG 7954 1 Blair & Andrea

Celebrating life and love,


May 24, 2009 Kirk and Lyndsay

Saturday I had two engagement shoots and it was extra fun for me since I hadn’t had the chance to meet either couple yet! We had talked on the phone or email – but never face to face. It was also a fun day because in the morning we did a shoot in nature and in the afternoon was downtown urban grunge. Such contrast!

So – Saturday started off bright and early with Kirk and Lyndsay. I like to go as early as possible to get the best light – and they were game. Yay! Got to love people willing to do whatever it takes for good photos… like stepping in freezing cold water! Brrr…..

The first photos of the day and I was giddy…. cute couple, gorgeous light…

ContactSheet 001 29 Kirk and Lyndsay

Then we found a field of “wishflowers” as my girls call them. I love Lyndsay’s cute reaction in this first one. So sweet.

IMG 7764 1 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7771 1 Kirk and Lyndsay

Found this gate that had great lines!

IMG 7832 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7860 Kirk and Lyndsay

Had to do a nice headshot of these two!

IMG 7838 1 Kirk and Lyndsay

And these last few water photos make me happy. See what you think…

IMG 7864 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7867 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7822 1 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7882 1 Kirk and Lyndsay

IMG 7890 Kirk and Lyndsay

Celebrating life and love,


May 19, 2009 Mike & Christa

Last weekend I was suppose to photograph Mike & Christa but it poured and stormed all day. So we rescheduled for the holiday Monday – and I’m so glad we did! A morning on a long weekend is nice and quiet! It was perfect for avoiding crowds and just to be able to enjoy the city of Toronto!

We went back to where Mike & Christa had their first date – at Madison Pub and then Massey Hall. We were pleasantly surprised to be let into the pub and be given free reign – sweet!

We started at the pub and these two were nervous! Mike wasn’t so sure about this whole photography thing – but they were soon laughing and we had a blast!

IMG 7404 Mike & Christa

IMG 7416 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 001 28 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 003 11 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 002 20 Mike & Christa

IMG 7647 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7519 Mike & Christa

This cracked me up! Mike wasn’t sure what to do, so I told him just to talk to Christa. His dialogue went something like this “So, how have you been keeping? It’s lovely to see you today. Thanks so much for coming out…” he had me cracking up!

IMG 7549 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7494 Mike & Christa

Then – they showed me this “LOVE” graffiti right beside where they had parked – good find! Christa has her ways of making Mike laugh (and blush)!

IMG 7688 1 Mike & Christa

And on to Massey Hall!

IMG 7548 Mike & Christa

IMG 7561 Mike & Christa

Mike would do these “Crazy Eyes” and make Christa laugh… had to show at least one crazy eyes picture!

IMG 7575 Mike & Christa

IMG 7579 Mike & Christa

IMG 7594 Mike & Christa

IMG 7636 Mike & Christa

And checking out the alleyway behind Massey…

IMG 7693 Mike & Christa

IMG 7709 1 Mike & Christa

IMG 7717 Mike & Christa

ContactSheet 005 5 Mike & Christa

Now, I usually throw out something ridiculous to see how people will respond. So, I said “Why don’t you just go stand in the fountain and we’ll finish with that.” And they started to go into the fountain! I love people who are game for anything! I didn’t make them stand in the fountain for real – but still got some fun shots!

IMG 7718 Mike & Christa

IMG 7719 Mike & Christa

Can’t wait for their wedding in July!!!

Celebrating life and love,


May 17, 2009 Voting Reminder

A couple of weeks ago I told you about photographing Irena as Lou Lou Magazine and Smart Set’s next “It” girl. She’s done awesome in the voting and is one of the few remaining! If you have a second – stop by and vote for her! You’re allowed to vote once a day….



May 15, 2009 Mom of the Year

My mom just sent me this video – I laughed so hard! Thanks for the great pick-me-up, mom!!


May 10, 2009 I'm in love

Today – on Mother’s Day – I just have to write to tell you I’m absolutely in love. In love with my family.

On Friday we went out for an early Mother’s Day supper as Mark would be away today. One of my pet peeves is when you go to something like a birthday party or engagement party – and the person(s) in honour are never honoured. Mark knows me so well, he knew this and at the end of supper he asked each of them to say why they love me. This to me is a real gift – the words of love.

Today my girls woke me up with cards. And then every 5 minutes Madi would leave my room to let me sleep in (“sorry to wake you up on Mother’s Day – you sleep in, mom”) and come back in with something else. A bear paw cookie from the cupboard, a noodle bracelet she just whipped up, announcement she had cleaned her room, and a basket full of her things she wanted to give me as a gift. She is so great – she wants to make sure I feel loved and will do anything… and everything!

Mark sent an email directing me to my gifts. He had framed a picture each of the girls had drawn me – I absolutely love kid art so this was perfect!!!! And then he left me instructions to look on my blackberry for his gift… he had loaded it with music! I’m clueless with this sort of thing and am thrilled to now have music to take with me everywhere I go. I love thoughtful gifts!!!! I didn’t want “stuff” and these gifts are perfect!

The one gift I ask for each year is a family portrait. So – watch for that to come in a few weeks.

So today I feel absolutely spoiled in love. And I hope to share the spoiling…

Go and celebrate life and love today – with a mother or just someone you adore!

Here are a few photos of the ones I’m in love with… (taken after our Mother’s Day supper on Friday)

Cutest boy ever… can not believe this year will have been 13 years of marriage. I’m a lucky gal.

IMG 7201 I'm in love

Eden and daddy

ContactSheet 004 7 I'm in love

Eden is such a girly girl

ContactSheet 005 4 I'm in love

IMG 7254 I'm in love

IMG 7265 I'm in love

And Madi is such a tomboy – nature lover. Last night in a movie a guy pulled up a flower in a garden and Madi screamed at the TV – “you killer of nature!!!!” She posed for this photo and asked me to write below it as the caption “This is Madi, lover of the environment”

IMG 7209 I'm in love

ContactSheet 007 I'm in love

Seriously – these two are nothing alike in so many ways…

IMG 72291 I'm in love

And one of my all time favourite photos in honour of Mother’s Day… my mom, me at a few days old and my sister.

n612767628 181199 938 I'm in love

Celebrating life and love,


When I write on the blog here, I usually just sit down and write whatever comes to me – I don’t spend a lot of time searching for just the right word… I want it to be as if I was talking to you and try to write in my own voice.

But today I’m having a hard time. For the last couple days I’ve started, and deleted a post on Mother’s Day. I just can’t find a way to sum up how much I adore my girls and the honour of being their mom. I can not express how much I enjoy being a mom alongside such an amazing dad. And to put here all the thoughts I have about my own mom, mother-in-laws, Grandma and women in my life… it would be a novel.

My heart feels full as I think about the women in my life who love so well. I am thankful for examples of mothers that I can look up to all around me.

Recently I heard an interview with Kate Gosselin and she said “Every day do your best as it’s one day closer to your goal of reaching happy, healthy adults. If you make a mistake today don’t let the mommy guilt get to you. Wake up the next day and strive to do better.”

I love that. Reminds me of the line in Anne of Green Gables – “Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it… yet.”

I think this Mother’s Day that is what I am going to concentrate on. As a daughter, daughter-in-law and mother I have made mistakes. But tomorrow I can do better. I am going to celebrate life and love today.


Yesterday I heard an interview with Kate from “John and Kate Plus 8″ and she said something I loved. Let me summarize….

“I may not be the best mom. But everyday when I go to bed

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